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Love Square Prompts

It looked like a department store had exploded on Marinette’s bedroom floor.

Everywhere you turned, there were skirts and jeans and shorts. Dresses had been flung about with careless abandon. A T-shirt hung from the pennant that decorated the wall. And yet despite the overwhelming mess, still more outfits were flying from the closet where the small blue-eyed girl had been hiding ever since she’d placed the call to her partner about her scheme, forcing Tikki to preform some impressive aerial maneuvers to avoid shirts, skirts and sweaters as they were rejected one after another.

“No no no no NO!” Moaning in dismay, Marinette collapsed face first on top of a white hand-knit sweater dress. “It’s HOPELESS! I’ll never find anything in here that can impress Chat!”

“Marinette.” Tikki sighed, disapproval and sympathy warring in her tone. “You’re supposed to be focusing on capturing the akuma, not flirting with your partner.”

“Can’t I do both though?” Marinette asked in a small voice, looking up at her Kwami with big, hopeful eyes.

The glare Tikki shot her in return was far from impressed.

“Marinette…” Tikki began again.

“I know, I knoooow!” Marinette groaned, faceplanting into the dress once more. “It’s just… this is the first time I’m meeting Chat as me instead of Ladybug, and I’m really, REALLY nervous! I want him to like me!”

“I’m sure he’ll like you just fine, Marinette.” Tikki placated her charge. “But don’t forget that your duties as Ladybug comes before romance. People are counting on you, remember? Chat Noir is counting on you, too.”

“I know.” Marinette repeated, more solemnly this time. “You’re right, Tikki. I can’t let myself get distracted by silly things like this.”

“There’s my girl!” Tikki cheered, beaming up at Marinette in approval. Marinette smiled back, but then froze when a knock came from her trap door.

“Marinette, sweetie?” Her mother called up to her uncertainly. “Chat Noir is here to see you. Something about an akuma…?”

The high pitched shriek that Marinette emitted at that could be heard for miles. 

“What?! NO! I’m not ready yet! I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear!” The girl panicked, diving back into her closet. Tikki gave a long suffering sigh as she watched her charge disappear and clothes were tossed out once more.

Well. She tried, anyways.

(26) It also emits a light called “Adornment of Fragrance”:
This light can awaken all beings,
Causing those who sense it to be pleased
And assured of a fulfilling enlightened virtues.
Spreading the ground with exquisite incense
To offer to the supreme Guides,
And also therewith making shrines and icons
Is how this light can be made.

(27) It also emanates a light called “Various Adornments”:
With jewel pennants and canopies beyond number,
Burning incense, scattering flowers, playing music,
Filling cities, inside and out.
Having originally presented the Buddhas with various adornments:
Wonderful dancing and music,
Perfumes, flowers, pennants, canopies, and such,
Is how this light was made.

(28) It also radiates a light called “Purification”
Which causes the ground to be flat as one’s palm.
Adorning the Buddhas’ shrines and their surroundings
Is how this life can be made.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 351, 352

Note on the image: Amitayus, Nepali tradition.

Felt Camping Signs | Lia Griffith

I’ve seen so many of these banners and signs in stores now for ridiculous prices and thought ‘surely they wouldn’t be so hard to make with some felt at home?!’. Of course Lia Griffith and her amazing team have read my mind and created this great set of pennants, flags and bunting, perfect for any kids room (or large kids who like them too!).