Sing our love and loyalty,

Sing our hopes, which bright and free,

Rest O, Mother dear with thee,

All with thee, all with thee.

i started this the other day and i’m nowhere near happy with it yet but this seems like a good day to post it as a work-in-progress.

(please oh please oh please keep the source with this if you reblog, i’m hoping to make prints of this and others i’m working on when it’s finished and you can have one! i am a poor class of 2011 alumna and i thank you for your decency)

“Penn State Football doesn’t define us. We are so much more than that. We are the number one school in the country among recruiters from leading companies, according to the Wall Street Journal. We are a leading research institution accredited by the National Science Foundation. We are over 94,000 students across campuses, with alumni in every state and 87 foreign countries. We are the creators of the number one student-run philanthropy in the world, raising over $78 million for the Four Diamonds Fund since THON’s creation in 1977. Don’t forget how incredible this university is, and don’t allow irresponsible oversight to destroy our reputation. For the Glory.” ♥

Dear all Tumblr Followers,

I apologize for my constant posting about JoePa and the scandal.
I just want to show my support for JoePa, one mistake should not make him have to step down from his position, his legacy that he has been for the past 40 years.
If JoePa leaves Penn State because of someone else’s disturbing, disgusting actions I will be heartbroken and so will the rest of Penn State.

Please be patient with me because I am just so mad about this whole thing and want to have my opinion heard.

Thank you so much for understanding. <3