penn ward


Remember that Penn Ward interview where he said he was obsessed with The Simpsons growing up as a kid? And that his mom brought him to meet the creator of The Simpsons and he gave him some advice on how to get into animation?

Also remember when Pen said The Simpsons opening is what inspired the Adventure Time opening sequence???!!!

Part 2 here.


Howdy, new followers! Thanks for jumping on board! Maybe now is a good time to re-post this old short I made, for those of you who missed it. It features the voices of Jackie Buscarino (Susan Strong), Thurop Van Orman (Flapjack), Penn Ward (creator of Adventure Time), Justin Roiland (Lemongrab) and Eric Bauza (Lord Stingray from Superjail plus much more… you will be hearing Eric’s voice elsewhere soon, but I won’t say where). It also features the wonderful Abed Gheith, of Channel 101 fame. It has a couple bad words in it, kids, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.