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hello! i had the day off of school today, so i’ve been catching up on some homework. i managed to get 12 pages of my world history textbook down into 6 pages of notes, which was exhausting. also here are pictures of my desk setup, my bullet journal, and my puppy. i’m heading up to penn state for the homecoming game this afternoon. i’m super excited (penn state is my dream school!).

heres what i’ve been listening to: x

So today at the penn state football game it was pouring rain and freezing and I only had a sweatshirt on so I was soaked and turned into a literal ice cube and I was so dead and everyone was sitting and dying from the cold and then at half time they played LWYMMD and omg I literally jumped up and was shaking my fucking pompoms in the air and waving my body everywhere and was screaming and crying along to the lyrics and I was the only one standing up and going nuts and literally the whole section I was in was looking at me like I was crazy but like I didn’t even care and I lost my shit and I heard someone a few rows back goes “I think someone may be a Taylor Swift fan” and I think this was the best moment of my life

10 Best College Game Day Experiences

How much can the atmosphere at a college football game vary from one location to another? After all, it’s the same sport. At each campus, the tailgating and game will feature the same major players: students, alumni, beverages, bands, beverages, food, beverages, cheerleaders, and beverages.Despite these common elements, the game day experiences at college campuses across the country reflect vast regional differences in food, fun, and temperament. Here’s a list of the 10 best game day experiences for your consideration.

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Leah Still arrives in Cincy to see father Devon play for first time

Thursday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns will be one of the most important games that Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still will ever play in. Not just because the Bengals are playing to hold on to first place in the AFC North, but because Leah, the four-year-old daughter of Still will be in the stands to see her dad play an NFL game for the first time ever.

Leah and Devon’s story is well known. The adorable little girl hasn’t been able to watch her dad yet this season because she’s been in Philadelphia where she’s being treated for stage 4 neuroblastoma, a form of pediatric cancer. Devon has spent the past five months deeply involved with his daughter’s care, and her fight through surgery and chemotherapy after doctors found a cancerous growth in her abdomen. “It will probably be the most special game I’m ever going to play because I know my daughter is going to be here to watch me play,” the third-year player from Penn State said.

During Thursday’s game, Leah will be front and center as the Bengals are scheduled to make a donation of $1.25 million to pediatric research between the first and second quarters of the game. The Bengals raised the money from the sales of Still’s jersey over the period of two months. Leah arrived at the airport late Wednesday night, ending a long journey to watch her dad. -

And how does one celebrate with their awesome four-year-old before the big game? With a tea party