penn relay


:25 second PR this weekend in the 3k. I am so blessed that I got to compete at Penn this season. I’ve come so far in my running career and I know I’m not done yet :)
Next week is conference! Let’s do this. 3.5 laps until season is over!

my time at Penn Relays was not even close to my best. I was pretty disappointed with my race overall. But yaknow what? I got to run my favorite event at Penn Relays - and that’s amazing. I remember being there in high school for my slow 4x4 and watching the college hurdlers and thinking “wow I can’t believe those girls go that fast” My high school self would have been in awe watching me run this race. She wouldn’t believe that she would one day be capable of running that fast. So yaknow what? “Success isn’t about how far you got, but the distance you’ve traveled from where you started”