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Ed Ruth Peak Wrestling Highlights

By: Peak Wrestling

3x NCAA national champion and Penn State alum Ed Ruth (2-0) is set to get his 3rd fight. 3rd fight in 6 months, I can appreciate him starting his career off active. The middleweight prospect will look to remain undefeated as he’s set to face off with Aaron Goodwine (2-0) on the prelims for Bellator 178 this Friday (April 21).

My mother imparted to me as a child: ‘Always strive to be clean. If somebody smells you, no matter if you become an astronaut or the President… They’ll always remember the time you smelled.’ That advice is harrowing to a kid. I’ve never forgotten it.
—  Day 304: Kevin Spencer, 39, Penn State Alum, running machine, star gazer and faithful student of history