For the next 3-4 weeks we’re re-laying the floors of our Middle Studio and Generating Chamber.

Today, in the Middle Studio, we found vintage copies of the Daily Mirror and a penknife, lost by then-trapeze-teacher and rigger Matt Costain when the floor was originally laid in the 90s. We will be returning the penknife to Matt, with a small ceremony, later in the week.

This is my everyday penknife, presently. My dad found it in a car park at work or Morrisons or something. It sat around the house a while, then I just took it. It’s surprisingly useful, actually.

Objects of Desire

Adrian Forty

“One of the most significant contributions to design history in recent years."—Financial Times

Objects of Desire looks at the appearance of consumer goods in the 200 years since the introduction of mechanized production, whether in Josiah Wedgewood’s use of neo-classicism for his industrially manufactured pottery or the development of appropriate forms for wirelesses. The argument is illustrated with examples ranging from penknives to computers and from sewing machines to railway carriages. In opening up new ways of appraising the man-made world around us, Objects of Desire is required reading for anyone who has any involvement with design and a revealing document about our society. 272 black-and-white illustrations