SO I saw Wreck it Ralph not to long ago and HAD TO MAKE FAN ART I used it as an opportunity to practice my coloring skillz and I got this, next I wanna draw Felix and Calhoun 8D That movie was just plain amazing. Perfects character designs, gorgeous animation, fantastic plot and character development AND THE REFS OH MY GOSH SO MANY

It has now become one of my fav movies and I just wanna draw tons of fan art but have no ides T^T so please if you have one send me an ask and I’ll draw it if I like it :3

((OOC: finally finished drawing Rapunzel heading out on her own with Pascal and her trusty frying pan. This will be added to her about, as well as her current situation and “deviations from canon” which will hopefully be added soon, but here’s the lovely picture first))