penguins be awesome

This anecdote from the Rangers feed is hilarious. Sid was probably caught between being offended because that’s how you generally react to chirping and whispering that he agrees and would totally pick Geno first (as evidenced by exhibit A below).

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Glitterpants (Club Penguin) and Mrs. Snoodle (Moshi Monsters)

This is old art from back in 2014 I decided to colour.
Glitterpants was released to promote this Candy Crush like game Club Penguin developed. (fans were a bit miffed this puffle wasn’t a girl). At the same time Mind Candy did not put Mrs. Snoodle -their freshly introduced rare pony hot shot- in THEIR Candy Crush rip-off Moshling Rescue.
Anyway fast forward to now, they are both in the abyss. None of them have been included in their respectable App reboots. Yet. Lol.
Why say forgotten when you can say your appearance is tres exclusive!

Fleury gave the Penguins 14 years of awesome saves, hilarious pranks, and the biggest smile. We owe him everything. I hope he thrives in Vegas, and I hope he knows how much we appreciate everything he’s done.

Imagine Oswald Introducing You To His Mother

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“Oh, Oswald, it’s so wonderful that you stopped by,” Gertrude clasped her hands together, although her cheerfulness faltered as soon as she noticed you, “Oswald, who is this?”

“Mother,” Oswald said happily, “This is Y/N. She means a great deal to me, and I thought you’d like to meet her.” You felt yourself tense at her calculating gaze. You knew she was judging you, and you desperately wanted her to approve.

“…Come in,” Gertrude walked you inside ahead of Oswald, whispering carefully, “Do you love my son, Y/N?”

“Of course,” you nodded.

“Will you take care of him?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And do you promise never to break his poor little heart?”

“I promise,” you looked into her eyes. Gertrude smiled, and Oswald beamed at the sight of his two favorite women getting along.

“She’s perfect! Now, tell me, dear, how do you take your tea…?”

All you did was smile in relief and gladness.