penguins and roses


[1/9] Quotes:

“I’m not sure what they see, but something in my gaze makes them hesitate. Their swords stay drawn, hanging in the air, unmoving,
 “How can you seize me,” I say calmly, “If you cannot see me?

- Adelina Amourteru, Marie Lu, The Rose Society

Name: Rosemarie
Nicknames: Rose, Trutje, the walking encyclopedia
Zodiac sign: libra
Height: 5′6
Orientation: heterosexual
Ethnicity: dutch/german
Favourite fruit: blueberries, raspberries and black-currants
Favourite season: autumn
Favourite book series: harry potter, balefire & penguin classics
Favourite flower: thistle, roses, peony, cornflower & blossom
Favourite scent: vanilla & cinnamon 
Favourite colour: teal, blue and naturals
Favourite animal: bumblebees =) as pet: a cat
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: cold cocoa? I try to drink more tea now-a-days, but hot things are not my thing
Average sleep hours: either around 5 hours or as long as possible =)
Cat or dog person? cats!
Favourite fictional characters: charmed ones and merlin
Number of blankets you sleep with: always 2, as thick as possible
Dream trip: all time dream trip: new zealand, but any road trip to any place is fine
Blog created: October, 2012
Number of followers: ~2,000 

I got a new shelf🎉