Dota secret santa: part 3

  1. Wing buffet’s gift for 99 hunters
  2. Enzyme-attack’s gift for penguingaming
  3. Tartaricing’s gift for Ziarendrawingspree
  4. 99 hunter’s gift for Notreallythememe
  5. Ketonezone’s gift for Diagohasablog
  6. Rou Rou’s gift for Windginger
  7. the-marf’s gift for kittiofdoom
  8. Anjael (subsitute artist) for Silentman
  9. Harin Lee’s gift for Ketonezone

Part 4 will take longer as I will have to put the fics, leftover art and nsfw art posts together from all of this, so will host the fics and link via a blogpost or something.