Happy Feet is now available on Netflix.

Reminder that this 10 year old Oscar winning animated movie isn’t just “cute dancing penguins” its entire film is about separation of Church and State. Political, Educational and religious corruption. Cults and Environmentalism. all in a way little kids can understand.

-I guess the director caught on to his intense story telling because he later went on to direct: Mad Max: Fury Road

-The animation is 10 years old and still looks better than alot of modern CGI films being made in 2016-2017

-Mumble has Autism Spectrum Disorder. His son Erik, has Anxiety disorder

-the two krill in the second movie Bill and Will are gay. They are voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. “Were both men.” “We’ll adopt!”

-The creators did there research. Almost all the creatures are scientifically accurate and built their culture around their natural behaviors in the wild. My only complaint was that with emperor penguins, their is actually a imbalance of too many females for every male so the high priests and the scenes where the woman are being followed by huddles of men would be gender swapped.

-Alot of people think the Adelie penguins are racist because of their Spanish accents and Hispanic culture but heres the thing. the southern most human settlement in the word (before science bases on antartica) is Chile….they speak Spanish there. Geographically speaking it makes sense

-Initially, Prince refused to allow the use of his song, “Kiss”, for the film. However, after seeing footage of the film, he not only changed his mind and allowed the song to be used, but also wrote an additional original song for the film to use in the closing credits.

-Robin Williams, Brittney Murphy, and Steve Irwin are all lead voice actors that passed away after working on the film

-Norma Jean and Memphis are obviously named for Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Elvis lived in Memphis, Tennessee and some of Memphis’s movements are like his. Norma Jean is Marilyn Monroe’s birth name and Norma Jean sings like her.