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Maggie was settling down for the night, curling up in her now better-made pine needle nest. Of course, she still didn't like birds too much, but on the Island, why not make one? It was certainly better sleeping than the ground or logs. Then, suddenly, as she was drifting off... "Oof..." It felt like she fell down from a few feet to land on cold, hard, laminate flooring. She didn't even look up, but her stomach was already shot with sickly dread.

Connor looked down at the girl, fiddling with his pocket watch in his lap. “Ah, 
petit oiseau!” He lifted his legs onto the throne and sat criss-cross with his hands in front of him, examining her like an early birthday gift. 

“Maggie,” he sang mockingly, grinning childishly as a shadow hand reached out and poked her.

A few weeks ago I requested Tumblrians for advice on the VIVE/Tilt Brush.

Update (!!): technology acquired and his name is APOLLO the sun god, patron of music, truth, prophecy, healing, light, plague, poetry and then some. Twin brother to the chaste huntress and goddess of the moon, Artemis. Son of Zeus and Leto. Protector of innovation and the arts.

Link to my initial practice as it’s too big to dump on tumblr (very wobbly and naive imagery as I’m a thumbsucker at this).

Thank you everyone for your advice!

@the-wanderer-willow ​Continued from here [x]

“Boring!?” How dare anybody even try to insinuate that!? If Willow was anything, it certainly wasn’t boring.
“Connor, you’re not gonna stop me from setting my fires! Fire feels good, it keeps me sane, it’s the reason I don’t freeze in Winter, and it keeps the night monster from catching me. It’s who I am, mister, and you don’t just give up such a big part of yourself!” She huffed. “And I’m not boring. I eat ice cream for dinner most days. That’s not boring at all…”
As he kept talking, the offense Willow had taken faded into worry. “Children aren’t all ‘frail and weak’…You have to be made of tough stuff to survive this place, you know that! And sure, maybe you’re a king, but that’s not a good thing…”

Connor blinked, running everything she said through his head over and over. He glared at her with narrowed eyes.

“Being the ruler is better than being some crazy fire lady like you!” He jerked forward and swiped at Willow to try and get a grip on her somehow, before a shadow hand gripped him by the neck and pushed him back against the throne.

He closed his eyes and looked down, sighing softly.

“My head hurts, keep your voices down…”

Connor opened his eyes to look at Nuage, his gaze lingering on her for a while, before chuckling.

A tear ran down his face, even as the giant smile on his face remained. He looked back at Willow.

“You…I miss you…”