Two pieces I’ve made specifically for the Penguin Doctor Who illustration competition. Fingers crossed! 😍🤞

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I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but why did Dia quit the Quidditch team? Also the interlude was amazing, you really captured Riko's charm in her point of view which differed from our fallen angel

errr I don’t remember if I’ve actually mentioned it in a post or in tags or anywhere either Anon XD! Anyway, Dia chose to quit Quidditch in favor of taking more courses. While she enjoys flying, she was never a fan of the sports compared to Kanan and Mari, and even their fervor pales in comparison to You and Chika’s passion for Quidditch. Truth is, Dia only joined the team because shiny onee-san provoked her and penguin’s competitive side kicks in

Glad you enjoyed Riko’s POV though ^_^ It was a nice change of pace to write full scenes in her POV (there had been a few short segments in her POV from Arc1) While I still enjoy writing Yoshiko best, Riko is fun to write too!


Penguin Competition Brief: The cover design is about the struggle between sanity and insanity and order versus chaos. The inner cover is an image of a medical form which represents order and uniformity but it has been destroyed. The liquid represents the loss of control experienced by the inmates of the mental ward.

The outer cover represents the drug induced ‘milky haze’ described by the narrator Chief Bromden, which may or may not cause him to misinterpret what he sees.

This is a reworking of an earlier mock-up. 

I need to decide which idea I am going to fine tune to enter in to the competition. This one or the lino print version, I posted earlier.