Suede's 'Dog Man Star' Album As A Series Of Books

This is my new print. It’s Suede’s album Dog Man Star as if it had been written as a series of novels instead of songs. It’s available now in the Standard Designs Etsy shop.

Ah, 1994. Across the road from the hideous brown office tower known as the IPC Building, home to the music magazines NME and Melody Maker, and where I would often go for meetings at the time (I was in my second ‘badly-paid job in advertising’ to paraphrase Neil Hannon), I spotted the words DOG MAN STAR sprayed in black on a nearby wall. 

Was it really necessary? Because Dog Man Star, in all its battered and defeated and resilient glory, is a huge step beyond its forerunner Suede (which, though great itself, was a mish-mash of singles-material songs and… others, bringing to mind another eponymous debut album, namely The Smiths).

We Are The Pigs is the stand-out track, but the atmospherics of so much of the rest of the album give it a really troublesomely empty feel - in a good way - like a lot of early 1970s British films. It’s a slow-motion version of A Clockwork Orange.

If you’ve not heard it - go and hear it. Now! I command you! And if you have… this print’s for you.



Artist, illustrator and textile designer Sarah Howell is a master of mixed media and has been creating beautiful surrealist artwork and textiles for more than 2 decades for commercial clients, collectors and galleries alike worldwide. Her layered, collaged images are as whimsical as they are subversive, with a bold and vibrant design aesthetic.
Sarah is originally from Sydney, where she studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting until she got kicked out. To date, some of Sarah’s clients include Nike, Penguin Books and Orange, Siemens phones, Bodyshop, Diet Coke, Vodaphone VH1 and MTV and the Grammy Awards, Topshop and London and Sydney Fashion Week.

She has also created campaigns for Nokia, Martini, Jameson, Procter and Gamble to name a few. Always in demand for editorial her work has featured in art, fashion and lifestyle magazines and newspapers with clients always coming back for more.

Sarah exhibits her mixed media artworks and silk textiles regularly, has been the subject of magazine articles and her unusual paste-up murals are sort after by private and public clients alike.