penguin scores


gotham vs. smallville: breaking your bff out of an asylum

penguin: [carefully placed extortion, strategic power plays]

superman: I will punch every bitch in this facility I swear on the fucking sun try to stop me


Nice guy, tries hard, loves the game. 

it’s a zimbits ficlet! ldr’s can be rough, but these two make it work. just a load of fluff and hockey excitement. this is literally inspired by nothing other than me watching the penguins game earlier tonight.

He wouldn’t call it a tradition, but it’s become a habit of Bitty’s to live-text Jack his thoughts while he watches one of his games. Of course, Jack isn’t able to see the texts until he finishes his post game routine, but he always looks forward to reading them when he gets home, or in this case, on the bus before he gets to his hotel room. 

The Falconers are currently in Pittsburgh to play the Penguins and they’re three games into a five game roadie (2-1-0). Bitty is currently curled up under a blanket in the corner of the couch in the Haus with readings for his women’s studies elective in his lap and his phone in his hands. Despite the fact that he should be doing his homework, the TV is tuned to NHLTV (that subscription was money well split between the hausmates). 

How is it possible that your scruff has grown in that much more since we FaceTimed yesterday morning? Bitty texted as he watched the Falconer’s warmup interview featuring none other than the Falconer’s leading goal scorer Jack Zimmermann. 

It looks good honey :))) 

From the initial puck drop the first period is relatively uneventful, both teams are scoreless and no one has been sent to the penalty box… for now.

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