penguin pooh

Penguin and Pooh walk through the Hundred Acre Wood

illustrated by Mark Burgess

This year, the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood are to get a new companion– none other than a penguin.

A new, official Winnie-the-Pooh sequel will introduce a forgotten friend to Christopher Robin, after its author found inspiration in a long-lost photograph of the real-life child and his toy.

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speaking of personal, while i’m here here’s a quick small card i drew for my baby sister raine, who is currently in the hospital for nineteen days

before i ask something, to give a bit of background info…when i mean it’s been a long few days, it’s been a long few days. a lot of bad things have happened

my baby sister raine was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, and it took so long to get her properly diagnosed because every doctor she was sent to kept sending her back and saying everything was fine. she wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t been sent to the ER at 4:30 in the morning

though she’s recovering and doing better than she was before, she still has to stay in the hospital for 19 days. it’s really miserable. she’s away from most of her family, including her twin brother. i bought her some tiny tigger and pooh plushes and printed out this card to hang in her room, but it’s still a crummy situation

my parents made posts about this on facebook but what they’re proposing is a “rainbow request”, and they asked if i could spread word too 

we’re just asking for anyone to send encouraging words and/or if they want, to draw a small picture that can be hung in raine’s hospital room. it doesn’t matter how “good” the picture is, raine is a baby and she simply likes looking at bright vivid colors and winnie the pooh and tigger (the latter because we would play winnie the pooh for her before painful checkups to distract her)

if you’d like to draw a picture for raine please either submit it or tag it with my url, or if you have any kind words for raine you can just send me a message to print out to her too

either way i appreciate it on her behalf, she’s only four months old and i want for her to have better things to look forward to. even if you can’t do anything signal boosting is appreciated too 

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Did you know Tom did an audiobook of The Red Necklace? It goes perfectly with your Bedtime Stories With Tom post, he even does all the voices 💕


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Yes, I am aware! 

For anyone who needs it - Youtube link with full audio.

I wish he’d do more of this kind of thing.  He’s so very gifted at it.   They could just set up a camera in the studio while he’s recording and sell that.

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Imagine some children’s books…James and the Giant Peach, Amelia Bedelia, Charlotte’s Web, Mr.Popper’s Penguins, Winnie the Pooh…

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I think we’d all be happy with more poetry.  I’d love more Byron, some Bronte; but I really want him to do some Frost.  I think he would personally love it and he would be perfect.  Imagine After Apple-Picking.  I would bawl my eyes out.