penguin pinch

Highlights for S2ep4

These are just off the top of my head from the 1st watch cuz we all know imma rewatch this ep many times:

  • Dia is adorable af
  • 3rd years shenanigans
  • calamari being shit bffs to penguin
  • 3rd years’ various expressions
  • Dia is so friggin’ cute I can’t breathe
  • Hanamaru glomping Kanan afsgagahdga
  • Yoshiko & Mari the dream combo
  • Chika and Sera FaceTiming *screech* I totally guilty-ship them aaaaahhhhh
  • All those subtle YouChika tidbits (mikan’s various outfits… Watanabe-san please)
  • Dia being adorkably condensed carbon
  • DiaYou wallpaper
  • Mari’s “Really?”
  • Mari’s goddam statue lmfao
  • Chikanan mini convo
  • Loli Dia is beyond precious protect her
  • penguin pinching shiny’s squishy cheeks
  • KoiAq Easter egg and You as Ucchichii bless
  • Dia saving Riko & Ruby
  • Riko saying Dia is cute ffffffffff the DiaRiko fan girl in me has ascended
  • Jimoai and Smile duo ChikaMaru being scared shitless by awkward penguin turtle Dia
  • Kurosawa Dia extends my life
  • Dia-chan
  • Dia-chan
  • Dia-chan hnnnnggggg

Conclusion: I have ascended another cosmic realm in my love for Kurosawa Dia also 3rd yrs pls get married

Problem: can YoshiRiko ojisans survive ep5? X”D