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Seeing as I have this Sunday off work, I’m spending my morning delving into some records of ‘witchcraft’ and witch trials. The Penguin Book of Witches collects historical texts from England, 1584 to texts well after the Salem witch trials in North America (all the way up to the early 19th century). Katherine Howe provides some references for further reading, introduces readers to each text, and provides helpful footnotes throughout. It seems to be a decent jumping off point for further reading, and I now have my eye on Mary Beth Norton’s In the Devil’s Snare, an examination of the Salem witch trials.


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He had been through some different playoffs, but getting hurt at the time he did, knowing how important it was, he had told me that he went to see his mom in between series and stuff. She wasn’t doing well. She wanted to see him with the Cup. That was important to her. I think that kind of stuck with me after he told me that. We were motivated to get it for him, even though he had to watch.