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BB Skin/Taunt Wishlist

These are just some random ideas I had that I wanted to share with anybody who sees this. So…enjoy!

- Oscar Mike/Whiskey Foxtrot/Galilea/Rath: No Helmets!

- Garden Gnome Boldur: Can you just imagine him swinging a giant trowel around? Ha!

- Shark Mecha Toby: Who doesn’t want to see an adorable penguin inside the mouth of a mechanical shark?

-Steampunk ISIC: Letting off some steam about existing

- Moon Priestess Ambra: PRAISE THE MOON!!!!

- Steampunk Caldarius: Letting off some “steam” by killing Rendain

- Hobo/Rogue Marquis: What a hypocrite

- El Dragón del Sur: El Dragón with stone arms and dirty peasant pants

- Vulture Benedict: It fits his personality

- Pirate Queen Phoebe: I know technically Reyna is the pirate queen, but who’s gonna deny wanting a pirate Phoebe?

- Technomancer Shayne & Cyber Aurox: Basically Gaige and Deathtrap

- Sorceresses Shayne & Specter Aurox: Shayne already plays DnD so…:-\ it fits


- Deande: (Seductress) Deande walks away from the camera swaying her hips slightly, looks over her shouolder, at the camera in a seductive way, then quickly turns around and throws a fan at the camera.

- Alani: (Tadpole) A fly buzzes around Alani while she meditates, it annoys her a little, but she tries to ignore it, but it keeps bugging her until she finally had enough. She then whips her freakishly long tongue at the fly and catches it, zipping it into her mouth, she then proceeds to cover her mouth while having a shocked and embarrassed expression on her face.

- Mellka: (You gotta call) Mellka says “ring ring”, makes a finger phone out of her bio gauntlet and says “Hello, uh huh, ok” turns to the camera and yells “It’s For You!” and punches the camera, covering the lens in cracks and venom.

- El Drágon: (Want an autograph?) El Drágon gets out a picture of him flexing, signs it and slams it on the camera.

- Rath: (Are you sure you’re not a vampire?) Rath pulls out mirror to see if there anything in his fangs, but when the camera moves to the mirror, it sees no reflection. Rath panics, pushes the camera away and throws the mirror somewhere else, then says “You saw nothing!”

- Attikus: (Killing makes me gassy) Attikus roars at the camera then burps, he covers his mouth, pats his gut and apologizes.

- Orendi: (Shaking with excitement) Orendi jumps and latches onto the camera like a freaking demon spider monkey and starts shaking it rapidly until she gets dizzy, falls off and giggles manically on the ground.

- Pendles: (Jump Sssscare!) Pendles smiles maliciously at the camera then disappears, the camera looks for him for a moment until finally, he jumps out of nowhere, hissing at the camera with his gaping fang filled mouth right in front of it.

- Galilea: (Into the abyss) Galilea chuckles menacingly, then starts to laugh hysterically right before dissolving into a puddle of darkness.

- Marquis: (He wants kisses) Marquis let’s Hoodini fly at the camera and peck the lens

- Shayne and Aurox: (The Queen on her throne) The camera looks up at Aurox as he crosses his arms, while Shayne backflips then sits on his head and smiles smugly down at the camera.


Where are the other, like, 9+ members of Law’s crew? Bepo, Penguin, Shachi, and Jean Bart are great and all, but they aren’t the only members of Law’s crew. I want to know where the rest of Law’s crew of fanboys are.

and more importantly I want to know who they are.

I want to know if Law’s relationship with the rest of his crew is like his relationship to Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi, Or if they are the only three that Law concerns himself with on a personal level while the rest of his crew leans more towards a purely professional and/or celebrity-fanboy relationship. I want to know the story. Tell me Oda. Tell me the secrets of the Heart Pirates.