penguin making nest


Yellow-eyed penguins make shallow, bowl-shaped nests of twigs, leaves, and grass and lay up to two eggs in them in early autumn.  The eggs take from 39 to 51 days to hatch, which is the most variable hatch time of any penguin.  Both parents take turns incubating the eggs, and later brooding the chicks, while the other goes out to sea to feed and bring home food for the young.  Come February, the chicks will be completely independent.

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I love your blog so much! I come here all the time to find more great fics :) do you know of any stories where Bucky is a dad? Thank you for all you put into this <3

Hey there!

Here are all the fics I’ve read where Bucky is a dad or where he acts like a dad towards kids:

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Patrochilles au where the both of them run a kindergarten

aahhhh i LOVE THIS

  • achilles is in charge of the morning kindergarten group and patroclus is in charge of the afternoon kids, but usually they both stay all day and act as each other’s aides
  • they’re both so good with the kids in their own way!! like achilles is silly and funny and leads them in outside games, and he brings his guitar to school once or twice a week for “music lessons” that are more like singalongs
  • and patroclus comes up with all the art projects, and he knows just how to help the kids do things on their own without doing the projects for them, and he tells the best stories at story time and he kisses boo-boos better
  • achilles and patroclus become really close because you don’t spend five days a week corralling five-year-olds without bonding with the person helping you through it
  • they hang out at the school after all the kids get picked up, partially to plan activities for the next day but also partially to relax and unwind together before they go home to their empty apartments
  • patroclus starts to suggest a book they could read tomorrow, but achilles blushes a lil bit and says “um, actually, i’ve got that covered” and he refuses to say anything else on the matter
  • patroclus goes home and forgets about it but then the next morning he comes back to the classroom after gathering snack supplies to see achilles, sitting in the rocking chair with the kids gathered around and a book on his knee
  • the book is about two boy penguins who make a nest together and raise a baby penguin together, and patroclus just stands in the doorway and listens and can’t take his eyes off achilles and he kind of wants to cry at how gentle but sure achilles’s voice is
  • achilles finishes the story and finally looks up and sees patroclus, and his cheeks go pink and he can’t look patroclus in the eye
  • achilles expected the kids to have some questions after a book like that, but one question he wasn’t expecting comes from a tiny blonde girl in the front row
  • “are you and mr. pat making a nest together?”
  • and achilles is stuttering his way through a denial when patroclus says, “that’s a good question, emily. there’s no one i’d rather make a nest with than mr. achilles”
  • and now both of them are screaming internally but they can’t talk about it until the kids go down for a nap which is more than an hour away RIP
  • [whispered, during nap time] “did you mean it? or did you just say that for the class?”
  • “of course i meant it. well, we probably shouldn’t actually build a penguin nest. that would be weird. but we could start with a date?”
  • a year later they read the penguin book to another class, hand in hand

i’ve added some new fics on my fic rec page! :)

My Arms Were Made To Hold You by portraitofemmy and rainbow_marbles

Tired of being kept awake at night by a screaming baby, Bucky decides to take matters into his own hands. Mostly he wants a good night’s sleep, but what he gets is beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes, a lonely father trying to move on from tragedy, and a chance at a family he never expected to have.

Penguins in New York making nests by Songstone

Bucky’s life has changed a lot in the eight years that he’s spent away from Brooklyn. In Russia he had found love and lived a happy life, until tragedy stole his wife from him. Now, with a three-year-old daughter to care for on his own, Bucky makes the decision to get back to his roots in the hopes of building a better future for his child.

Our story finds him adjusting to his life in Brooklyn. Life seems to be going well - until it gets better. Steve Rogers re-entering Bucky’s life is just the right kind of surprise. There is a new found attraction between the two that is near-immediate, and the possibility of a happy relationship is there. Bucky isn’t about to ignore it, especially when Steve makes it known that he very much adores Bucky’s ballet dancing, penguin-obsessed , daughter and wants to include her in his life as well.

However, feeling abandoned after Bucky took Vanya to the US, Aleksander Lukin - Vanya’s Grandfather - wants her back in Russia and will stop at nothing to see her ‘home’ again. In the midst of an international custody battle that holds the possibility of beginning another World War, Bucky needs to keep his wits about him and keep his family together.

Unwanted Celebrity by @kryptaria​ and @zooeyscigar

Fifteen years ago, a skinny kid from Brooklyn went to an arts summer camp, where he met child movie star Jimmy Barnes. Their unlikely friendship faded as the years passed. But now, a threat to Barnes’ career brings Steve back into his life, in the most unexpected of ways.

Or, the one where Bucky is a smooth celebrity, right up until Steve the snarky photographer shows up, and Bucky’s whole world gets blown to pieces.

Past Lives by @pesmenos

Steven Grant Rogers: Male, 32 years old, former Army Captain, present day art professor at NYU.

James Grant: Male, 33 years old, mysterious writer of a book that sounds a lot like Steve and Bucky’s life, told from Bucky’s point of view.

But Bucky’s dead. He died in action during the Iraq war- didn’t he?

(Or: The one where Bucky’s supposed to be dead, Steve’s supposed to have moved on, but there’s a book and two very amused friends.)

Middletown: A Study of Suburban Life by M_Leigh

In which Bucky is the new kid, Steve is the square who takes him in, Tony and Pepper fight over valedictorian a year in advance, Thor remains a golden god, Loki remains a drama queen, Natasha commits an act of vigilante justice, Clint somehow fails to make a your mom joke, Darcy is a Satanist, Jane is a goth, Sif is fine thank you very much, Sam climbs a tree, Peggy says no, Rumlow is a bully, and Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Coulson, and Ms. Hill are all very long-suffering.

Or: the story of the year Bucky Barnes finally learned how to talk to at least one other human being, discovered J. D. Salinger, started to try in school (kind of), got a haircut, landed a punch, almost got arrested, and kissed a boy on the mouth.

I’m Not Sick (But I’m Not Well) by @captainbeardburn

Steve Rogers doesn’t meet Bucky Barnes in the 1930’s. Instead, Steve meets him April 17th, 2012.

Well…sort of meets him.

In actuality, Bucky had almost hit him with his truck.

Or: The fic where millennial Bucky Barnes nearly runs over a freshly thawed national treasure, and what Steve Rogers did to adjust to modern NYC during those two weeks before the events of The Avengers.

Two Supersoldiers and a Toddler [series] by @biblionerd07

Steve and Bucky didn’t know HYDRA was working to breed a new supersoldier from their DNA, but they’re pretty glad they get to keep the little boy, even if things aren’t exactly smooth sailing all the time.