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Tumblr RPG community recommendations

So my previous recommendations post was getting a little dated, listing some blogs that have sadly been shuttered while leaving out some really good folks I’ve more recently discovered.  Here’s an updated version.

Official Blogs:

  • @dndwizards - Wizard’s of the Coast’s official blog for D&D
  • @catalystgamelabs - Official blog of CGL, the publisher of Shadowrun
  • @officialpaizo - Official blog of Paizo, the publisher of Pathfinder
  • @wesschneider - Official blog of Wes Schneider, game designer & editor-in-chief for Paizo
  • @jessicalprice - Official blog of Jessica Price, Gaming Project manager for Pathfinder
  • @prokopetz​ - Official blog of David J. Prokopetz, game designer & author at Penguin King Games (@penguinkinggames)

Content Blogs:

  • @char-portraits - lots of fantasy art & character portraits, mostly of women, reasonably depicted & regularly sourced (there’s lots of other similar art blogs out there, but char-portraits does the best job of a) avoiding unnecessary cheesecake & b) sourcing)
  • @dndmusings - General RPG content
  • @fuckyeahdnd - More general RPG content
  • @outofcontextdnd​ - there’s lots of similar blogs out there, but OOCDND is my favorite
  • @rpgliving - Reaction gifs for RPGamers
  • @tabletopresources - Sourced art, articles, & various asks regarding RPGs

So you like Critical Role

Here are some RPG-related podcasts, youtubers, and/or twitch campaigns on Tumblr.  I haven’t checked them all out, but they each have their fan bases and I’ve seen lots of requests for more of this sort of thing, so here you go!

Quality People with Quality Blogs

  • @aztechnology​ - Throwing in some much-needed cyberpunk into the Tumblr RPG mix.
  • @gamergeek322​ - Regularly shows up as one of the blogs I reblog from the most, so definitely deserves a shout-out.
  • @geekgirlsmash - Basically me, only as a Chaotic Good introvert.  So like… the opposite of me?  Or perhaps just the inverse of me?  Not sure, but follow for good content as well as reblog fact-checking
  • @ladytabletop - Runs the annual Tumblr Tabletop RPG community gift exchange, among many other awesome things
  • @wearepaladin - This somewhat in-character blog of the Paladin Tarek spawned the “We Are Adventurers” (WAA) collective and is great for inspiration, as well as ethics, philosophy, and encouragement.
    • @weareadventurers - The central blog for the WAA Collective, a group of blogs each dedicated to a different RPG class.  WAA helps the various blogs coordinate efforts, plus gives writing prompts & asks to the other members in the group.  Blogs for each class may contain artwork, RP stories, memes, general aesthetic, or other content focused on each particular class.
    • @we-are-rogue​ - Probably the most popular member of the WAA Collective (also runs @char-portraits​ mentioned above).  If lock-picks and sleight-of-hand are your thing, you should definitely be following Rogue.
    • @wearecleric - My shoddy Cleric-focused blog as part of the WAA Collective.

anonymous asked:

I checked the P.K. Games Tumblr page, but there hasn't been any activity there for a month and a half, so I thought I'd come here to ask; is your company by chance looking to hire a writer/editor/proofreader at the moment?

We have regular staff handling the editing and proofreading, but if you’ve got a proposal for a project you’d like to write, feel free to drop us a line:

We’re primarily interested in proposals for Playsets, supplements and accessories for our current flagship game, Costume Fairy Adventures, but if you’ve got something else in need of a publisher - even a standalone game - we’d be willing to listen to your pitch.

junkieofdata  asked:

What is Love & Labyrinths and why can I not find anything about it on the Penguin King site?

(With reference to this post here.)

In a nutshell, Love & Labyrinths is a forthcoming tabletop RPG about teenage drama and dungeon crawling. It aims to integrate old school logistics driven dungeon diving - think OD&D - with VN style “life sim” play in a single package. Play is divided into Life and Dungeon phases, with events and resources gained on each side contributing to the other.

It’s still very early in development, so we’re not quite at the point where we’re ready to put out any set-in-stone information about it. However, you can see several past teasers by checking the relevant tag on our blog, and there’s also some basic information - including an overview of the game’s planned high-level structure - in a Q&A thread on

Back in November, we’d asked what folks would like to see in the Core Costume Deck for Costume Fairy Adventures, and while there were a number of excellent suggestions, there were also a number of… puzzling ones. One of the latter read as follows: “Illegal Frog Doctor”.

Now, we’re not sure what an “Illegal Frog Doctor” is, exactly, but it sounded like a fun warmup for the New Year.

On second thought, maybe we’ll just stick with chicken soup.

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