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Marauder's YouTube Channels

Remus Lupin with his wee Hozier cover songs channel (and the occasional ukulele tutorial) because of that one time he managed to get his curls into a tiny man bun, a friend said he looked like the singer and he belted out the words to Take Me To Church jokingly but by the time he had finished, he’d gained fifty bucks and a free coffee. His username is Howlin-at-the-Moony and he occasionally appears in Firelily’s videos, bringing with him his ukulele and sarcasm at full max. His fans love it when he goes off topic and ‘gets his claws out’, his video suddenly a sassy overview of the latest news. They also have a conspiracy theory about him secretly being a werewolf.

James Potter has a cooking video blog called Mama’s Secret Indian Recipes under the username DeerOhDeer. People don’t watch it for the recipes (which are still really good) however, but for the wildly enthusiastic discussions he diverges to whilst trying to explain his process. The videos usually consist of a passionate James, covered in flour and sauce, ranting about gay penguins or his favourite footie team and his best mate siriuslybetterthanyou ‘taste testing’. They especially love it when James forgets about whisking or whatever and starts to sign along furiously with his argument, which once resulted in him almost burning his kitchen down.

Firelily, or Lily Evans, is an up and coming singer/songwriter who occasionally does collabs with other YouTube stars, her videos are often random mash ups of songs she has come up with, book reviews, movies she’s recently read or funny videos of her friends reacting to various things. She also organizes a lot of inter YouTuber events, and appears on a lot of other peoples channels; nobody will forget the time she showed up on DeerOhDeer’s channel and the the two ended up making out on the naan after a massive debate about whether or not New Zealand should be allowed gerbils. There’s a whole fandom dedicated to them.

Sirius Black (siriuslybetterthanyou) is a self proclaimed, Radical Degenerate Queer™, who started a channel after fans of James’ begged to see him more. It’s mostly pranks and How To makeup tutorials, all done in sign, or with someone signing for him if his hands aren’t free. siriuslybetterthanyou also does a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers, one of his more famous things being the invention of ‘Pranktember’, where all YouTubers who signed up would be randomly pranked over the course of the month. One memorable incident involving a bucket of ice water, a white shirt and Howlin-At-The-Moony (not to mention a whole lotta flirting in the comments of their vids) and Remus and Sirius get a fandom almost as big as James and Lily.

anonymous asked:

THIS IS 100% BASED ON YOUR TAG IT WAS SO CUTE. Ok so could you do one where like, Lucas has been on tour and he's not supposed to be around for Christmas. But you go to spend Christmas with his family and when you wake up in the morning you find him under the tree with a bow on his head. PLeASe

Your family was out of town and you were alone so it was natural for Liz to call you up and invite you over for Christmas at their house while Luke was away on tour and you probably spend Christmas Eve sharing stories with his parents and two brothers and blushing under their constant teasing until you’re scurrying off to the guest bedroom to call Luke and quietly informing him that his old room isn’t as cool to sleep in without him and you probably can’t sleep at all and simply lie flat on your back studying the slight chip in the ceiling where Luke said Michael thought it’d be cool to throw a pick into the fan and that was the result and it’s in your late night insomnia that you hear the back door creak open in the middle of the night but you’re choosing to ignore it until you’re finally drifting off to the music playing quietly through your earbuds and you probably wake up to Liz gently knocking on the door and staring at you with an all too giddy smile as she chides lightly, “Aren’t you gonna get up and see what Santa left, dear?” and you’re pushing a frown of your lips as you yawn out a sorry and shove your feet into some stupid fuzzy slippers Luke bought you for your birthday as you pad down the hallway to the living room that’s virtually deserted as the sound of the coffee pot and mugs can be heard in the kitchen and you have to blink a couple times to get the big black blob in the corner of the room to focus but you’re certainly not dreaming up you’re slightly more tanned boyfriend adorned in a black tanktop, black sweats and that stupid snapback with a glowing red bow plastered to the bill and he’s just grinning as you stand, stunned, shocked, and dressed in penguin footie pajamas before you’re rushing into his open arms and happily collapsing into his lap as he’s squeezing you tighter than ever before as his lips find the top of your head, “Merry Christmas, babe,” and you’re gushing something about how much you missed him until he’s cutting you off with a chaste kiss to the lips that’s ruined by none other than that red bow as the adhesive is failing and it’s bobbing you in the nose and Luke’s simply crinkling his nose in a fond grin as he plucks it from your features and pastes it to the top of your head, insisting, “You’re my present anyway..”