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sup @eduardoartc sooooo uh here’s my entry

I chose poweredd because, well ! it’s the episode where we just see the true extent of eduardo’s stubbornness ! nothing will quite be ever as hillarious yet touching as a character wanting revenge for a lack of respect that happened years ago- it’s endearing really.

I chose to illustrate that by, well, showing the way he’d stand right in the rain getting absolutely soaked to the bone and facing nature itself if he could make a point thanks to it ! but of course that also hides something else : trying to make up for that crappy bullying his tiny self went through- with a stronger persona, made strong with his efforts and a lot of things gone wrong gone right

I’m someone who always has wished I could’ve gone and defended my tiny self, so in a way I can’t help but empathize with what eduardo does in that episode, and I probably see too much depth in the kiddie pool but that’s another story- 

anyway I can’t draw satellites, good luck to everyone !!

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion about the red leader/tord design?

ohhh, I’ll give it to you with pleasure anon ! I hope you’re ready, long rant ahead bc im an art student and that means, I’m Overly Technical, I Throw Personal Opinions Around, And I’m Probably Too Mean For What Eddsworld Is

for those who did not see it :


so let’s start with starters. shape. when you first look at the design you notice immediatly : it’s triangles and rectangles (aside from the lonely ass knee pads. and belt which are just “shield” coded) what the fuck this mean ?? well, triangles = DANGURUS, S H A R P n shit. you get it, the codes for danger and stabby shit. it’s also the code for hierarchies n such cause pyramids. this guy is high in the hierarchies, this guy is made to step on people and shred them. curvy + pointy = teary. simple designs maths. its ideal for cartoon characters who are pretty outside = inside coded. after, ngl, they went /super basic/, whats “expected” when you go with that. rectangle legs and feet, triangle torso, square jaw, yadda yadda… they laid down the stereotypes and called it a day.

now let’s see the colours, which are treated pretty much the same. you have classic black for darkness, evil and death, classic red for blood, war and yadda yadda, eletric blue for electricity and basic robot aesthetics, gold for power and wealth and royalty, and of course because tord is a basic tankie bitch who wears the communist colours. theyre p average but at least they aren’t at full saturation so-

anyway. next layer of rant. the “themes” for the clothes. ok its just, obvious magneto copycat with a mix of the clothes from typical centurion outfit but robot and your average modern army clothes. we get it, honour, strenght, war, evil, yadda yadda. extra average. looks like the phantoms from the zelda franchise too. symetric but not too much cause arms. and tbfh they bother me- the robotic one just…. doesn’t make sence ? you have precise groups of muscles that are set in a precise way to move one way or another. and this arm simply just doesn’t respect them at all and they dont seem to be any sort of functional whatsoever in their setup. I’m not sure how he could lift his arms with his shoulders pillons setup this way. I also fail to understand how the robot exoskeleton on the other arm works, and I honestly find it God Damn Ugly like bitch ! that aint following no movement whatsoever. it’s fucking shapeless, yikes ! yea point being, nice try but it’s super average and the arms would need a Lot of work. also capes are terrible in modern fights because they get stuck everywhere and if there’s wind they can make it harder to be stable which is shit if you need to aim at stuff but w/e.

however, what’s interesting is a winks about the previous stuff, namely the black hoodie. it’s funny cause tord’s developpement went a bit like this, when you look : nerd who faps at hentai and loves guns -> asshole who doubles as miracle scientist with dreams a little too big to be good -> kylo ren- okay okay that was a joke. but point stands still, total dictator who is a little too edgy for his own good, literally wants to rule the world as an absolute god. it’s very stereotypical but if they had made part 2 of tord’s developpement a lil more funny, I bet it’d have gone well. they switched tones and its where it just didnt work. eh well.

so yeah summed up, its a very average design. hard to distinguish from your average mary sue. but, guess what ? mary sues can be pulled off with the right universe. they can go and make him a villain that smashes everything with little thoughs and… itd be perfectly in line with what he did previously. I mean, cmon. we’re talking about “I moved in the house of my ex friends and bugged them for ages and bullied them and blew up their house when i couldve just pretended to come for a visit of a day or just broken in to get the robot and be done with it, aka im an edgelord doing unecessary shit just for the sake of wrecking stuff”. of course that guy would want overdone outfits that barely look functionnal ! of course hed be like these stereotypical brute leaders ! hes a walking parody of them- after yeah, couldve done it better. couldve either pushed the evil even deeper into the stereotypes to make it ridiculous just like that outfit. i could see it with the new costume. that or, tord trying to be evil, but his outfit just… keeps getting in the way. stepping on the cape/getting it stuck in doors, barely being able to move his arms, constantly suffocating under the headgear, etc… could work. but I can’t see tomska make it work, sorry. i say a lot of things here but ngl, I’m 90% sure they didn’t think of even half of what I said when they did the design. so lol.

anyway, hold my faygo. i have the rep of being a wizard able to make anything look good n hot. so sit down and watch while i demonstrate. see also : tweaking a lil the design

(didnt turn as good as planned so will give another shoot tommorow. i still cant draw hoodie hoods fdjskdjdsk)

Big Sib, [06.02.18 23:30]
he goes out and poledances in the same outfit, probably