penguin cake


it’s not thursday but i’m throwing it right back


13/11/2017 ~ 9:03 PM [ 31 & 32/ 50 peachy days of productivity ]

My Mildliners finally came in! Super excited to use them more in my bullet journal spreads and notes 

Recently visited the city with a friend and while I was there I picked up some stationery along with the most adorable penguin black sesame cake!! I had a good time and that weekend I finished a PPT presentation and today I am working on a research task.

Currently listening to ♪ :  Without You / SEVENTEEN 


Animal Sweets NOT taken by the Precure! (Will add more)

  1. Giraffe Mille Feulle
  2. Bear Pancakes
  3. Flamingo Churro
  4. Panda Cookies
  5. Strawberry Melon Bread
  6. Swan Cream Puff
  7. Dolphin Jello
  8. Hedgehog Fruit Tart
  9. Poodle Chococake
  10. Otter Cookies
  11. White Whale Strawberry Daifuku
  12. Whale Gummy
  13. Sheep Cupcake
  14. Kangaroo Cupcake
  15. Red Panda Cupcake
  16. Bird Cupcake
  17. Hamster Cupcake
  18. Cherry Blossom Daifuku (Swedish Fish)
  19. Shaved Ice Penguin
  20. Chick Cake Pop
  21. Alpaca Cookies
  22. Pumpkin Hamster Pudding