penguin by design

I’m FINALLY happy to announce that I had the treat of illustrating the brand new paperback editions of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching adventures. This job was truly an honour, and it’s the first time a female artist has illustrated a book by Terry Pratchett! Hurrah!
The first book ‘The Wee Free Men’ will be released April 27th.


good design

If you need to watch one animated penguin movie, watch Surf’s Up.

It’s the best written penguin movie, has fun character design, a nice soundtrack, and a pretty dang impressive environment/lighting/rendering considering it was made in 2007. The animation team needed to make a new program to create their wave and water physics to work, and another to give the cinematography a mockumentary look. 

It’s a little gem a lot of people overlook because of the silly premise and the fact that it was released by Sony Animation only a year after Open Season..