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This. This right here is Selina Kyle’s transformation into Catwoman. Again, we’re shown her willingness to kill someone if they cross her, and yet we’re still seeing a bit of good in her for wanting to tell Alfred that Bruce 2 isn’t the real Bruce.

Here’s to the birth of one of DC’s most iconic anti hero.

vintage club penguin things part 2 (part 1)

  • popcorn everywhere when the veggie villain plot happened
  • similar effects for other missions, like the malfunctioning snow forts clock for clockwork repairs and the abyss for mysterious tremors
  • the recycling center
  • dig out the dojo
  • the dojo being an actual empty room before that and having a giant octopus in it for the water party
  • snowballs turning into water balloons for the water party
  • the winter fiesta
  • the 2008 penguin games to tie in with the beijing olympics
  • rock the iceberg
  • wave cutouts from the migrator catalog
  • new year fireworks on the ski hill
  • throwing snowballs at the gongs in the ninja hideout
  • the medieval party quest where you could get potentially infinite numbers of the treasure pile furniture item (I took 37)
  • the festival of flight where the entire fucking island got lifted into the air
  • the box dimension
  • the fall fair and getting teddy bears, candyfloss and candy necklaces
  • related: forgetting that you lost all your fair tickets when you logged off
  • puffle shuffle
  • puffle paddle
  • that one game with the hairdryer where you had to blow the hot air balloon around and avoid the cacti on either side
  • the old coffee shop music

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Male! Reader comes out to BTS

When they comfort their little sister who’s nervous about her first day at Junior High

H Y U N G  L I N E (🌿)

BFFs with an Avid Penguin Lover (1, 2)



Namjoon’s Name in Your Phone Contacts is “Daddy”


Namjoon dating an idol on dating ban in secret



You’re his little heartbroken sister and Jin is too protective and extra for this world

The Adventures of Jin the Drug Dealer and Fem!Reader (1, 2)


Dating Seokjin



You’re too shy to talk to him (ft. Hoseok)


Yoongi’s savage good night snap 



Hoseok and his Ex Girlfriend (and you shit talking her)

You’re too shy to talk to Yoongi 

He leaves hickeys on you


Hoseok motivating you to study well

M A K N A E  L I N E (🌱)

BFFs with an Avid Penguin Lover



Jimin finds out you hadn’t slept for two days


Daily Jimin Snaps



Taehyung spoils his s/o too much

He sings you a lullaby because you can’t sleep while he’s at the BBMAs


Daily Taehyung Snaps



He (unintentionally?) body shames you (1, 2, 3 is coming soon)


Daily Jungkook Snaps

This picture on the set of Gotham is actually a big clue to what I think will be the appearance of a primitive form of Catwoman. In the picture, you can see that Camren is in character wearing this really catwoman-ish outfit which we have never seen her wear. (seriously, it’s been all leather jackets and boots for her since season 1) I think we’re actually going to get a glimpse of Catwoman this season… What are your predictions?


2016-17 Goals Game 63/82 (vs Pittsburgh Penguins)

Goal 1: Kane
Goal 2: Panik
Goal 3: Kane
Goal 4: Kane (Empty Net/4th career hat trick - 2nd in a one week span. 1st player to score 2 hat tricks in a 3-game span since 1991)
Bonus Gif: Darling’s AMAZING save on Cullen completely robbing him of a sure goal.


What rivalry?

William Nylander - The Blonde Smoke Show

Anon Request:  Hey! Can I request a willy nylander where ur at the game when they make the playoffs with like steph(Mitch’s gf) , lex and Sydney (matts gf) and then just being super cute after the game . Maybe you play for the Toronto furies too?

i know this took long but i hope you like it, i also added in a few of the plaers because who doesnt love them!! 

requests are open!!

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here i was cheering at the top of my lungs at a toronto maple leafs game. i found myself wearing a blue jersey with the number 29. i made the transition from a washington fan to a toronto fan because of one very special blonde.

“this is so exciting!” sydney, matts girlfriend gushed. i nodded in agreement my eyes focusing on the puck. we were leading the pittsburgh penguins 2-1 half way through the second.

“yeah! they really need this win” steph smiled, steph and i had come to be really close friends over the past few months due to our boyfriends being on the same team. a few minutes passed and before i knew it sidney crosby had the puck, with a swift shot on goal the game was tied.

the second period ended and us girls went to go get some food. “i’m starving” lex laughed as we walked past a couple of food places in the ACC. i ended up buying a couple slices of pizza and some drinks for all of us.

once we got back to our seats a bit of the third period had started and we were all talking and laughing and having a good time. “wait guys look!” i said pointing to the ice. pittsburgh had possession in our end of the ice. there were a few passes made and a shitty shot was taken. but that shot found gardiners skates and from there i saw the few pittsburgh fans jump up in joy and jake smash his stick to the ground in anger.

i leaned forward as if the team could hear me. “common boys you got this” i mumbled focusing out on the game. i could hear the girl chatting about the new clothes got or how they wanna go for mani pedis but i was so focused on the game that when kapanen got the puck and got it behind fleury and in the net i jumped up along with all of the other blue jerseys around me.

“yes!” i shouted pumping my fists in the air and the girls joined in with me, we were all sporting big smiles on our faces. “now we just gotta break the tie!” lex shouted in excitement over all of the booming fans. there was only five minutes left in the third and a goal needed to be scored to break the tie but the question was whose gonna score it?

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a soft playlist… ❤️ 

1. Bloom - the Paper Kites (1, 2

2. Love Like You - Rebecca Sugar (1, 2

3. La Vie En Rose - Cristin Milioti (1, 2

4. Dream a Little Dream of Me - the Mamas & the Papas (1, 2

5. Moonlight Serenade - Frank Sinatra (1, 2

6. As the World Falls Down - David Bowie (1, 2

7. Fly Me to the Moon - Hwasa (1, 2

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart (1, 2

9. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley (1, 2

10. Earth Angel - The Penguins (1, 2

Bonus: Calico Skies - Paul McCartney (1, 2)


2016-17 Goals Game 77/82 (vs Pittsburgh Penguins)

Goal 1: Panarin
Goal 2: Panik
Goal 3: Kruger
Goal 4: Hossa
Goal 5: Kero
Bonus Gif: Kanarin celly

**Game Notes**

- This win was Coach Q’s 850th win (He leads active NHL coaches and ranks second in league history)
- With Kane’s assists on Panarin & Kruger’s goals, he hits the 50th assist mark and becomes the 4th Blackhawk (Mikita, Savard, & Roenick) to register 50 assists in four seasons
- With this road win the Hawks tie a single-season franchise road record from 2014-15

There was a time where I wanted to legit become an evil cartoonish supervillain and take over the world …..but I played it off as a joke when I talked about it.

anonymous asked:

You should do a post about how to ask a good question haha. Like, it could apply in more places than this. Questions are an important skill in life. HOW DO WE ASK A GOOD QUESTION?

I realize you might be fucking with me, but I’m gonna answer this anyway. Because you don’t ask questions like this of a pretentious writer with an English degree unless you expect an answer.


  • Be clear. If I don’t know what you’re asking, then how the fuck do you expect me to answer.
  • Be clear, pt 2: figure out what is giving you the most trouble. Yeah you want information about apartments, but what about apartments do you want to know?
  • Ask the right people - Alright stop. Think about this for a second. Are we/he/she/ze really the best person to ask about this? Like, I’m happy to tell you how to look for apartments, but I am not the person to ask about your mental health. I’m also not the best person to ask about your legal situation. But at the same time, maybe your doctor doesn’t know about MLIS programs on the East Coast. Figure out who is qualified to answer your question.
  • Know what you know - “I know how to write a check…
  • And know what you don’t know - “…but how do I balance a checkbook?”
  • Be concise. Do not give your entire life story. Listen to Kurt Vonnegut and start as close to the end as possible. You need information on moving. Okay. Got it. Do not tell me why and how you are moving from Detroit to Chicago but how you originally thought about San Francisco. I don’t fucking care.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling. Seriously, y’all. Just do it. It matters.
  • Ask one question at a time. If you ask too many questions, you’re probably gonna either confuse or piss off the person you’re asking. Ask one question, maybe they’ll answer the others, and if they don’t, ask a follow up question.
  • Be patient. Not all answers are immediate, especially here. To quote the Bible 3-2-1 Penguins: “Patience: it’s a virtue!”

Additional tips for asking a question here:

  • Do not send us 3-part asks. I will cut you.
  • Do not submit via fan mail. 
  • Do not ask a question we’ve already answered.
  • Definitely do not reference a question we’ve already answered, and then ask the same fucking question. (Seriously. Why do you people do this to me.)

- J

SCF 2017: Pre-Gm 2 Fun Facts

Hi Everyone! I will be continuing to make my “Fun Facts” posts for this Stanley Cup Final. 
Please Note: All of the following stats were taken prior to Game #2.

Penguins won Game 1: 5-3 and lead the series 1-0.
Game 2 is on Wednesday May 31st at 8pm ET at the PPG Arena in Pittsburgh

  1. Pens has Zero SOG during the entire second period of Game 1.
    ***Preds are the 1st team since SOG started being tracked (in the 1957-1958 season) to hold a team to 0 SOG in a period during a Stanley Cup Final***
  2. This is the first time in the 2017 playoffs that Nashville is down in a series. They had won every Game 1 in the playoffs before now.
  3. Preds won 24 faceoffs vs Pens who won 33
  4. Nashville was 2/3 on the PP while Pittsburgh was 1/3
  5. Preds had 37 hits compared to Pens’ 31
  6. Preds had a total of 26 SOG (1st-11, 2nd-9, 3rd-6)
  7. Pens’ had a total of 12 SOG (1st-8, 2nd-0, 3rd-4)
  8. Subban’s goal was called off in the 1st period when it was ruled that Forsberg was offside, during a 4 minute review.
  9. Pens’ got a 5-on-3 for 2 minutes in the 1st period when both Neal (cross-checking) and Jarnkrok (interference) were penalized, which lead to Malkin’s 8th goal of 2017 playoffs. (Pens lead 1-0)
  10. Sheary’s goal in the 2nd period was his first in 18 games and his 1st of the playoffs. (Pens lead 2-0)
  11. Bonino was credited a goal (3rd of the playoffs) in the final seconds of the 1st period when a puck went off of Predator’s shin pad and into the net. (Pens lead 3-0)
  12. Ellis scored his 5th goal of the playoffs on the PP in the 2nd period.
  13. Fisher’s assist was his 1st point of the playoffs. (Pens lead 3-1)
  14. Sissons scored in 6th goal of the playoffs on the PP in the 3rd period. (Pens lead 3-2)
  15. F. Gaudreau scored his first NHL Playoff goal in the 3rd period just as a Nashville penalty expired (Game time 3-3)
  16. Guestzel scored his 10th goals of the playoffs in the 3rd period. (Pens lead 4-3)
  17. Pens went 37 minutes without a SOG from the 1st period to the 3rd period
  18. Bonino scored his 4th goal of the playoffs with an ENG in the 3rd period (Pens lead 5-3)
  19. Pens scored 5 goals on 10 shots during Game 1
  20. Murray is now 4-1-0 during these playoffs. Pekka Rinne is now 12-5-0.
  21. Murray faced 26 SA, 3 GA for 23 SV and a SV% of 0.885
  22. Rinne faced 11 SA, 4GA for 7 SV and a SV% of 0.636
  23. Sissons lead the Preds with 7 SOG. Crosby lead the Pens with 3 SOG.
  24. Coming in to the game: 
    1. Preds have a 2.90 GFA vs Pens’ 3.39.
    2. Preds average 31.2 SOG vs Pens’ 33.5
    3. Preds have a 2.68 GAA vs Pens’ 2.79
    4. Preds were 8th in the league in faceoffs with an average of 51.4% vs Pens were were 28th in the league with an average of 47.6%
  25. There aren’t any expected lineup changes for either team for Game 2.

The winner of this series will be making history, regardless of the winner.

If the Preds win: It will be their first Stanley Cup win in Franchise History

If the Pens win: It will be their fifth Stanley Cup win in Franchise History. It will be Crosby’s, Malkin’s (and several other players’) 3rd championship. It will also mean back-to-back championships which they haven’t done since 1991-1992. It would also be the first team since Detroit in 1998 to win back-to-back championships.

*Please note* I make these posts for my own interest and because I want to share my interest with my fellow hockey fans. I am not doing it for attention. Unlike most of the anon hate messages I am getting, I am not a “wannabe fan” a “puck bunny” or a “attention whore”. If you don’t like these posts, just ignore them. Just continue scrolling.

If you enjoy these posts, please let me know! Every like, reblog and reply means a lot to me.