In 2013, Hubble Space Telescope captured this beautiful phenomenon. This photograph is generally called the The Penguin and its Egg!

In reality, these are two galaxies 400 million light-years away from Earth in the southern constellation Hydra.

The blue spiral galaxy, NGC 2936 (which has fondly earned the moniker of ’Penguin Galaxy’) is twisted by the gravitational pull of the smaller elliptical galaxy NGC 2937 (‘The Egg’) below it.

The amazing fact here is the realisation of mammoth gravitational pull of a relatively smaller David-like galaxy, which has the “guts” to deform another bigger Goliath-like galaxy!

Inspiring, indeed.

References: Photo: Hubble Spies Galactic Penguin and Egg


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Gotham isn’t as Timeless as it Seems

So I’m rewatching Gotham season 1 for the 5th time now, and I’m watching it for the first time on 55″ 4K TV and I noticed something for the first time that I never noticed on my smaller TV. 

They stated Gotham is supposed to be timeless, which is why nothing is ever dated, there’s technology and things ranging from the 40′s to the 90′s …. But apparently according to Season 1 Episode 1 it takes place at least after 2006. 

When they open the box Mario Pepper had, when they find the necklace there’s a Certified National Bank Visa Card which is dated 08/06 - 08/10 … I don’t see a reason why he would keep an expired card in a box of shit he finds important *his gun, a knife, a wade of money, and his cocaine* so reasonably speaking, Gotham starts between 2006 and 2010.