~Class of 2015~

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Grad gifts for all my teachers (aside from my chem 35 teacher sorry man i didn’t have time but you’re still really awesome (even if you still can’t tell the difference between me and katie after 3 years)) 

Penguin + Blue Dragon: Chem 20IB/30 IB

Blue Jar(sonobe + merengue) + Silver Dragon: French 20IB/30IB

Red Jar (rose + sonobe) + megapolis + yellow dragon: Bio 30IB

Green Jar (fluffy rose + estrella) + kusudama + mint dragon: Social 10-30 R

Kusudama Amaryllis + red dragon: English 10-30IB

STUVWXYZ star + green dragon: Math 10-30IB

STUVWXYZ star + grey dragon: Math 31R

Graduating Duck + gold dragon: Physics 20IB/30IB

Folded by me


Goofing off in my fursuit because I love her.

Watched the pilot to this cute new children’s show from the Jim Henson Company on Amazon Prime! They say the more good feedback you leave means it has a better chance it’ll be picked up so I wanted to plug it! It’s pleasant, funny and has potential and I’d love to see Henson have something like this in roster so…rate it and review it if you like it too!