Oswald kissing Edward just to have the feeling of kissing him once. Out of no where, just a darted kiss to ed’s lips. He keeps the kiss there for a sweet 5 seconds trying to imprint Ed’s lips into his memories because he knows he might not get the chance to kiss the man he loves again. It’s a cute soft kiss yet passion fills it as well, for Oswald it lasts a life time especially when Ed seems to respond to this kiss by kissing back. Finally when the two pull away, Edwards face is built on confusion and Oswald’s is painted with a bright fiery red. Os runs off in a hurry almost embarrassed for what he did wondering if he was just imagining that Ed kissed him back. Edward is standing there, star eyed and dazed with his mouth still slightly open. He touches his lips and finally feels the romantic connection that Oswald has felt all this time, he finally realizes that he loves him.