The best opening scene of Criminal Minds I’ve ever seen.

No opening ever will give me chills and tears like that.

Season 2 Episode 19 of Criminal Minds, titled “Ashes and Dust”

Song: “Boadicea” by Enya

Criminal Minds Fans Sign this petition!!

We the undersigned would love nothing more than to see the brilliant writer and producer Andrew Wilder writing for Criminal Minds once again. With the series moving into its 11th season, and Executive Producer Janine Sherman-Barrois leaving for another production deal, and several of the series writers moving over to the spinoff, we feel it is time to reinstate the finest writer the show has ever seen.

Andrew has shown time and time again a deep understanding and respect for the characters and an innate gift for bringing quality and depth to each character’s storyline. Some of the most memorable UnSubs in the show’s history - like George Foyet (Omnivore) Floyd Feylinn Farrell (Lucky) and Owen Savage (Elephant’s Memory) as well as fan favorite episodes like North Mammon, Ashes and Dust, and Minimal Loss were credited to Andrew. We sincerely feel it’s time to bring his skill and enthusiasm for our beloved BAU back to the show.

Please, Mark Gordon, Erica Messer, ABC Studios, and CBS Network Brass, we implore you to at least sit down and talk to Andrew about a limited engagement at the very least. Bring back some of the former glory of classic Criminal Minds for the fans who have loved the show this entire past decade. Reward our loyalty by restoring our favorite writer to us, and to our heroes at the BAU.

Follow this link, it only takes a minutes to do!

the entirety of criminal minds season 2
  • *two to five minute intro scene to show slightly bad acting and a bitch gettin shot tf up* *still more intense than s1 could ever hope 2 be*
  • *episode plays*
  • hotch:*still has a full head of hair, surprisingly* “i don't get paid enough for this”
  • morgan:*abs abs abs abS ABS ABS AB S* *kicks down door* “garcia baby girl mama honey baby babe love of my life darling hot sexy goddess can u do something for me”
  • elle:*haircut* *kills a man but looks badass while doing it* “i will fuck u up with me bare hands don't even look at me like that m8 yOU WANNA FUCKING G O LETS GO BITCH U THOUGHT”
  • reid:*helpful yet slightly mind boggling fact* *is the best cream filled cupcake to ever exist* “hey wait what are u doing what no wAIT WAIT NO PLEASE NO STOP I DONT WANT THIS PLEASE DONT DO THIS I DONT WANT–”
  • jj:*is an actual cinnabon, 2 pure 4 this world* “all of u are my bitches also i control nearly everything you do so chill for a second”
  • gideon:*is going more bald on the back of his head by the episode* “what the fuck am i even here for what am i doing why am i like this i h8 my job–”
  • garcia:*is fabulous always* “morgan love of my life sweet hunk of dark chocolate honey baby lemme tell u a thing”
  • prentiss:“i don't trust any of yall fuckers”