penelope craft


‘Lost Object’ piece for the new Penelope Craft space opening soon on Kerkstraat.  This is the 'softest’ and most feminin feeling of these installs I’ve made.   Had a number of old spinning wheels stacked up waiting for the right moment to become part of a piece…this is a good match.  Photos courtesy of Alexandra Feo.  

MLYS: My Local Yarn Shop

My most favourite place to buy yarn in the whole of Amsterdam has got to be Penelope Craft. I love the name, the owner is young(!), super friendly, the selection of yarn she carries is wonderful(!!) and the whole store has this great cosy feel to it(!!!). It pretty much embodies the Dutch word gezellig.

I wish I could spend a whole day there, trying out new yarns, looking at colours and also seeing which other people shop there.

For me personally, Penelope Craft has really given my knitting skills a boost, because more quality yarns for me meant that I wanted to improve my knitting skills and make whatever I was knitting worth the yarn that had gone into it. Also, I now own things, like a swift and a ball winder, that I didn’t even knew existed two years ago.

The store has an online shop, from which I order sometimes for convenience, but the store is only a 15 minute bike ride from my house, so I prefer to cycle there on a Saturday when my supplies are running low (or, more frequently, when I feel the need to buy more yarn).

Penelope Craft also offers workshops, but I have never actually gone to one. I am planning to go someday, it just hasn’t happened yet.

If you love your LYS, I would love to read about it! Share the local love people!