Pendulums: A How To

Okay! I have gotten several asks about pendulums and how to use them. Here is a quick how to if you want to begin using them. This is how I was taught to do it about 15 years ago.

Step One: How to hold it

You want to be sure you are holding it steady so that you get accurate movement from the pendulum. You want to hold the end of the chain (some have a bead or charm that you can hold on to) between your thumb and finger so that the pendulum is hanging down freely. To keep it steady, you can put your elbow on a table. 

Step Two: Learning the Movements

Your pendulum might respond differently than someone else’s, so it is a good idea to learn how yours responds. 

Let the pendulum settle to the center and then ask “Show me yes”. I usually repeat it a few times until it’s swinging really well. Let it settle again and then ask “Show me no”. Repeat this process with “Show me unsure”. 

After you do this, ask it some questions that you already know the answer to so that you can see if it is accurate or not. Use questions like “Is my hair blonde?” or “Am I human?” as these you know for certain what the answer is. If these answers don’t come out correct, start over with asking it “Show me yes” and so on.

Step Three: Questions

Pendulums are better suited for “yes” or “no” questions. If you have a really complicated question, try breaking it up into several simpler questions. One thing I really like about this method of divination is that it gives you direct answers, compared to other methods that require you to try and decipher the answers given to you. 

After I finish asking questions, I always say “thank you”. It was a habit I picked up years ago and is by no means necessary.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message me! Also, I am currently wood burning a pendulum board. Once I am more familiar with it, I will share it with all of you. 

~ How to Use a Pendulum ~

Pendulums are wonderful little tools used to determine the answer to a simply phrased question. They typically answer yes, no, maybe, and don’t want to answer, but can also be used in determining numbers, dates, and letters/words. It all depends on the board you have.

So, the first step in using a pendulum is getting a ‘board’ to use.

This can be made out of a slip of paper, a nice piece of wood, or any other material you have lying around. For the sake of this post, I will direct you how to make a paper one.

Get a piece of paper, a pen, and your pendulum.

Draw a half-circle on the middle of the page. and break it into even sections of four or five. This board will only have the responses of yes, no, maybe, and don’t want to answer, plus ask again later if desired. You can add anything else if you would like. after you get the hang of using your pendulum for the first time :)

Now lean your elbow on a steady surface and hold your pendulum above the paper, directly on top of  the center of your half-circle. Take a few deep breaths, and then begin asking your pendulum questions.

First, ask the pendulum something like “Is my birthday (add birthday here)?” And record where it moved towards as ‘Yes’. Do this a couple times to get the most accurate response, and then repeat similar questions to fill in the rest.

For ’DWA’ and ‘Ask Again Later’, you may want to just direct the pendulum to show it to you, and write it down after it responds.

Alright, so after you make the board, your ready to use your pendulum! 

Formulate a question that can be answered by your pendulum, steady it above the paper, and ask away. The pendulum will swing towards the answer as long as you don’t interfere with its motion, providing an accurate response most of the time :) 

Record the answer, and do it a few more times to ensure that you receive the best answer ^_^

If you feel like the reading isn’t going well, you might want to cleanse your pendulum.

Salt water is okay for most pendulums, but if yours is made out of a crystal or stone, research if it is water/salt safe :)

If it’s not, passing it over the flame of a candle (not into it) or through the smoke of burning herbs with cleansing properties, are both ways that you can cleanse it. Just be safe and go with your gut :)

And of course, there are other ways to use a pendulum, this is just one of them! :D Find a way you like and enjoy doing, and try it out whenever you have to answer a question, find something that’s lost, etc.

Walter Russell - The Cosmic Pendulum, “The Universal One”, 1926.

Creation is but a swing of the Cosmic Pendulum from Inertia, through Energy, and back again to Inertia, forever and forever. It is but a series of opposing Pulsations of Action and Reaction, Integration and Disintegration, Gravitation and Radiation, Appearance and Disappearance.