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Watch Me Run - Part 1

Masterlist  -  Part 2

Summary: You inherit a family relic that gives you the gift of foresight but there are others who are interested for more nefarious reasons. You turn to the Avengers for help. (Bucky x reader… eventually. I love a slow burn okay?!)

Prompt: The nightmare comes frequently and at the same time every day - one day you manage to sleep peacefully only to be greeted with the morning news by a story of a gruesome murder. The victim is the same person that’d appeared in your dreams

Warnings: graphic descriptions of death

Word Count: 1378

Author’s Note: A strange idea that has come out of Cumin’s Halloween Writing Challenge @rotisserierogers. This part reads like a prologue, but you really shouldn’t skip it so… it’s Part 1! (gif is not mine)

The air had the cold bite and that electric tingle of a pending storm. Grey clouds roiled over the mountains, seeming to absorb the darkness from their granite peaks with ever increasing depth. The darker they looked, the closer they marched to the ancient cabin whose chimney puffed white smoke to fight off the cold.

On the porch, wrapped in a thick wool blanket, stood The Seer with his green eye on its long copper chain hanging heavy around his neck. He watched the storm approach with a faraway look. The cataracts that clouded his once clear dark eyes meant he perceived the coming danger in the sharp wind and the cut of the ice crystals in the air. But mostly he knew of its presence from his dreams. The same dream. Night after night it had woken him at exactly the same time with this same biting cold nipping at his soft round nose, freezing the air in his tight lungs, and making the warm steam of freshly spilled blood that much more unnatural.

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Iron Web Photo Shoot

Last Sunday we went out to this little town here Winter Garden to shoot some Iron Man and Spider-man shot with a guest appearance by Gwen and Mary Jane. The town its self is old and on the creepy end like Pleasantville which lent to the vibe of the shoot. We all had a good time despite the pending thunder storm and a creepy little fan of spider man. Also had some good post shoot old fashion ice cream and found a creepy ass hotel for a shoot that will be comming up  soon. 

Iron Man : Billy C  

Spiderman : Zackattackcosfit 

Photographer : Matthew David Photography 

Preparing for Irma

Guys, Augusta Ga is in the projected path of the hurricane.

Ramsey Ringnecks will be busy this weekend battening down our hatches.

Space has been made and Highland has been called, as we anticipate a LOT of stormfalls!

Because Dianne’s flock is out doors, I’m going to try to arrange a ride out to her loft to pick out my frill backs and get them safely inside before the storm hits.

All pending visits are being postponed due to concerns for the safety of travelers through bad weather.

We appreciate your positive believing during this stressful time and will resume answering questions as we can.

If you have an urgent need, my phone number is 706-993-7452. I have unlimited texts, please do not hesitate.

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Hunting vampires in car-parks was not one of her favourite things to do, not given how it tended to go. The car alarm blaring courtesy of her prey’s last attack was giving her a headache, and her already strained patience was being sorely tested.

Broken glass crunched underfoot as she strode forwards, her hand flashing out and sending a dagger into the man’s throat. Once that was done it only took her a moment to finish the job, and her attention turned to the only other person in the place.

“Please tell me that you do not have a gun, I do not fancy getting shot.”