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I will burn for you, with fire and fury. 

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Sami heard the other man yell out, somewhat loud but muffled groan leaving his lips, eyes squeezing shut for a few seconds. “Can ya not be so fuckin’ loud, man? fuckin’ christ my head feels like it’s gonna explode right now,” he said, body moving up just slightly against the headboard of the bed, slim fingers running through unruly, raven colored hair.  “You alright, man or is your face just stuck like that now?” the sarcastic question easily ell from his lips, small laugh following bfore he followed the others gaze. “I…what the fuck is that? Please tell me we didn’t fuckin’ do what I think we did.”

CONTINUED FROM ( x ) - @av3ngersassvmble

Dean turned just slightly, unruly curls covering his closed eyes, his face still half buried into the comfortable pillow tucked beneath his head. eyes fluttering opened, he looked up at the large samoan male who was looking straight down at him. “Everythin’ okay there big guy?” he questioned and his own gaze dropped just slightly, a ring coming into view and his blue eye all but shot opened. “H-holy shit, did we fuckin’ get married, Ro?”

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“What do you want me to do Simon? Pinkie swear?“ Jace asked with a small huff and nodded . “Fine, whatever. I won’t say anything to anyone. Not like I care anyway” It wasn’t his business that the young vampire decided to have a night to himself away from everything. After everything that happened just a few days ago with Alec and finding out about his possible relation to Clary Jace  couldn’t be around the Institute. 

He needed time to clear his head.

“Wedding of the century like promised though” he muses leaning against the wall next to the vampire in an attempt at conversation. 

Yes, he was trying to keep Simon under his supervision. Once a Shadowhunter always a Shadowhunter.  

That was his excuse to himself and he was sticking to it.