pending ship tag

NEAL~> || i’ve updated a rule in my rules, so
i would appreciate if it was read. i also changed
the password, and fixed the link that will take you
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So Mi has been around in several different verses && I’ve decided upon some possible discussion about possible ships surrounding her. So please give this post a like && I’ll privately im you about what type of ship you’d like to explore. Note, ships aren’t limited to romance, platonic is welcomed as well && encouraged greatly! Also note, if I don’t see our muses connecting in a certain ship I have the right to say no. 

There are a few rules with romantic ships 

  1. I will not be shipping with multiples of a character, I just don’t like to. I’ll stick with one specific character for romantic relationships. 
  2. I’m a very invested person when it comes to this, If you seem disinterested or even bored there’s a chance I’ll just drop the ship altogether, I’d wouldn’t want to waste both time and effort on something I don’t see happening. 
  3. I’d rather keep this with people I’ve interacted before, but up for discussing any sort of relationship if we haven’t interacted either.