pending applications

have a pending application on the cutest studio in a brick building right above the book store and my favorite antique store in downtown!!! put down the deposit and i have to wait until tomorrow to find out if it’s mine!! i am so eager! i really hope everything goes through!!!

The DCP Application Process

*Note: This is pre-acceptance. Since I have not been accepted (yet), nothing about the process after will be included.

Terms to know before reading:

·         Initial application- The application you submit including all your background info and role preferences, before you are put into submission or in progress.

·         Submission- Where you don’t want to be. You’re still in consideration, but it is likely you will not move on. However, there is still a chance to get out, and you can heighten your chances by attending character auditions.

·         In Progress- Where you do want to be. This means you’re moving along in the process.

·         WBI- Web Based Interview. Comes after your initial application if chosen.

·         PI- Phone Interview. Comes after your WBI, if you pass it.

·         Pended- Your application needs more time to be reviewed. Sometimes comes after a PI.

·         NLIC- No Longer in Consideration. AKA, rejected, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.

My story: This will be my fourth time applying for the DCP. Yes, you read that right, the fourth. I’ve seen people in the Facebook groups tell others who’ve applied multiple times that there’s a reason they aren’t being accepted, and should just give up. I’ve thought about giving up before, but Walt wouldn’t appreciate that, and something he said comes to mind every time I doubt myself, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I have applied for Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017, and am once again applying for Fall 2017. I wish I would’ve found more posts explaining the process and had support when applying my first two times, which is why I’m making this post. The first time I applied was on a whim. Unlike a lot of people who’ve known about the program for years, I believe I just somehow randomly came across and ad somewhere for this, and decided to apply. I knew absolutely nothing about the application process, and didn’t even know the Facebook groups existed, so I was completely in the dark. I was put into submission immediately, and NLIC’d the last day. The second time I applied, I had done a little more research, as well as joined a Facebook group for those applying. Though dramatic at times, I recommend joining a page so you can find others to lean on while waiting. I was once again put into submission and NLIC’d the last day, and very hurt by this, because I had met some nice gals I wanted to room with if I had gotten in (we’ll touch on roommates in another paragraph). I did not apply the following season because I was involved with volunteer work. My third time applying was different than the last. Applications “accidentally” dropped early, and at midnight, so I applied immediately. When I saw I was put in progress instead of submission, I almost cried. I was finally being given a chance. I received a WBI invitation shortly after, passed it, and scheduled my phone interview all within the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, I was yet again NLIC’d the last day, despite being one of the first to have a phone interview.

How the process works & Tips:

·         There is no right or wrong time to apply. You will hear rumors that you should apply immediately, but to also wait a few weeks, and even that the later you apply the less of a chance you have to get in. People who have applied immediately have been accepted, as have people who applied last minute. Apply when the time is right for you.

·         Before applying: This is optional, but I encourage it. Go ahead and create an account on the Disney Careers website. You will be able to edit your profile ahead of applications dropping, which to me is great, because you save time and have a chance to look over everything before submitting. You will fill out your contact information, work experience, and education history. When you apply, this will carry over to your application, or you can easily copy and paste it.

·         Initial application: I’ve noticed this sometimes changes every season. It looked particularly different from the first time I applied to the last, so not all I write from my experience may be the same as yours. Here you will include contact information, work experience, and education history. You will also choose your program preferences here- Fall (August-January) or Fall Advantage (May/June-January), and which resort you’d like to work at (WDW, DL, or you can apply for both and have one as a preference). You will be asked for your role (job) preferences as well. You will rank all the roles from high, moderate, low, to no interest. Do your research on what each role entails. There is no secret to the amount of high or no interest’s you have determining whether or not you move on in the process. Just know that even if you put low or no interest in something, there is a small chance you could get that role. Double check everything before you submit! After, you will be placed in progress or in submission.

·         What to do if you’re placed in submission: Don’t lose hope. Unfortunately, yes, your chance of getting in is now slim, but people are indeed pulled out for interviews and accepted. As said in the terms, if you attend character auditions, you can be pulled out of submission if they consider you for a performer. I have not been to auditions, so I cannot give any advice on this. If you’re considering auditions no matter your application status, head on over to YouTube and search away. If you are a member of the Facebook groups, usually a “Submission Ohana” page will emerge for everyone who is stuck- this is also a great way for you to find support.

·         The WBI: Not everyone will receive one of these. People seem to think this is scary, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s basically a general personality quiz that’s trying to find out your work ethic to see if you would be a good match with Disney. If I remember correctly, you have three days to take this, and it can take you up to 40 minutes. The questions are just trying to get a feel for who you are, and what you would do in certain situations. Be honest. Some people will tell you to answer with what Disney would want to hear, but do you really think you should be working for Disney if you have to lie? Again, there are no right or wrong answers- the WBI is personal to you. You will have the options from strongly agree to strongly disagree to choose from for your question. Neutral is an option, but is not encourage to pick several of these- be confident with your answers. After you have finished, you will immediately find out if you have passed or not.

·         The PI: If you passed your WBI, you will schedule your phone interview typically for the week or two after. If it’s your first time receiving a PI, it can be terrifying. I don’t like phone calls, so I was particularly stressed about it, but my recruiter (as well as everyone else’s) was kind and encouraging. They want to see you succeed, so don’t stress more than you have to. Do your research before your call. Make sure you have background info on the roles you’re interested in (you will be asked your top three choices), be prepared to answer why you want to participate in the DCP, know how your past work experience will help you in the future, and be prepared for situational questions. It is also recommended to have a few questions for your recruiter at the end of your call, and to also remember their name and thank them- it is polite, after all. Some people choose to have notes with them during their call, and some do not. People have been accepted who did have notes, and people who didn’t have notes have been accepted too. I had several pages of notes by my side, and was not accepted. I will never know why I wasn’t accepted, but speculate that maybe I was too rehearsed with my answers. While it is good to be prepared, try to keep the conversation as natural and flowing as possible.

·         Facebook Groups: Can be good, can be bad. The second time I applied I joined one and wasn’t very involved- I just creeped when I needed help or advice on anything, and made occasional small talk. The last time I applied, I joined again, and it was interesting to say the least. Some days everyone would be kind and chatty, while other days drama would emerge and things would be said or done that the big cheese himself wouldn’t approve of. It is rumored there’s recruiters hiding on the groups every season- no one really knows if there are or not, but it’s always safe to be smart with what you post.

·         Finding Potential Roommates: Also can be good, or can be bad. Roommate surveys will be posted even before applications drop. It’s a good way to get a feel for people you’re interested in living with. The second time I applied, I found a group of girls, and only half of us were accepted, and while everyone was supportive at the time, we all lost touch. The third time I applied, I told myself I wasn’t going to get involved until I found out I was accepted, but I went ahead anyways. Similar situation to the second time I applied- only half of us got in. However, I still keep in touch daily with these girls, and have wonderful friendships now. It’s very bittersweet when someone you’re talking to gets accepted and you don’t, so be prepared for this if you chat people up before you’ve been accepted or not.

·         Waiting: It’s awful. You’re going to want to check your dashboard and/or email every single day, multiple times a day, to see if there’s any update for you. As much as you’re going to want to do this, I don’t recommend it. The first two times I applied, I constantly did and was almost obsessive, and it only would upset me. The third time I applied I tried to limit myself to mornings only, if even. The DCP will be all you want to think about while you’re waiting, but continue on with your life- it will make time go by faster anyways.

·         Do not try to contact recruiting: If you’re wondering when you’ll hear back, do not email them. If you have a genuine concern or question, find the proper number or email to call.

☆ — reserved until 01/14

  • kim jongin (kai), exo – lead rapper, main dancer, sub-vocalist of diamond
  • *lee luda, wjsn – leader, main vocalist of lady

☆ — reserved until 01/15

  • **park chaeyoung, blackpink – acting trainee
  • kim myungsoo (l), infinite – maknae, main dancer, sub-vocalist of prime
  • park jimin, bts
  • park shinhye, actress – manager of diamond
  • im yeojin, loona
  • kim hansol, toppdogg – leader, main vocalist of diamond

☆ — reserved until 01/16

  • jung soojung (krystal), f(x) – maknae, lead vocalist of heaven
  • kim jisoo, blackpink – lead vocalist of lady
  • seo joohyun (seohyun), snsd – heart2heart

☆ — pending applications

  • jeon wonwoo, seventeen – main rapper of diamond

So the apartment we thought we’d be getting fell through, so now we’ve packed everything (though we’re leaving quite a bit behind), we’re still leaving tomorrow only now we don’t know where we’ll be living.

I booked us a week long motel extended stay, which gives us time to sort stuff out. We’ve got another application pending, so fingers crossed we hear good news from them.

So currently super stressed, still sick, getting ready to embark on a 19hr drive with my hubby, cat, dad and his dog, with the hopes of finding a place to live when we arrive.

So if you guys could pray, send good vibes, chant or whatever you do in the hopes that we get a place before we start work and things get crazy, I’d really appreciate it!

Spillover numbers and inventory reduction discrepancy

Frog says: I have been wondering why the spillover numbers do not match the number of pending cases eliminated that I see in the graph. The clue is in the graph itself. The EB2 visas are always being given throughout the year and yet the graphs show only extremely minute flucuations during most of the year. Only when spillover is applied it contorts massively. Therefore the lower number of clearance must mean that spillover + actual allocated visas were consumed by those who were not in the line at all. My previous posts show that Dec'09, Mar'10 and May'10 visa reports contain data for EB2 India that have not dissolved a bit. Therefore during the previous 10 months and even after the spillover, it looks like 2800 + ~700 visas were consumed by mysterious claimants. Are they the EB3 to EB2 porting individuals? If so then there are ~3500 individuals in FY10 during the dates we are looking at (Oct'09 to Sep'10). And this is for India alone. Will attempt to combine the data for China as well in the next post. However, the total visa allocation for China and India is 5600 and I expect the porting cases to be approximately around that figure or less as cutoff dates for India did not move in the first three quarters and China’s dates moved at the least by 5-15 days a month.

References: As in the prior posts.

Pending Applications

I have decided to start a new thing. I will be making a post every time we receive an application that we haven’t yet approved. This is to make sure people know that we received their application and that we are currently looking over it. I will be listing the character names and the player that way they are aware that we received it and our currently looking it over.

Applications correctly pending.

  • Caleigh Hawthorne (Maggie)
  • Cain Norwood (Malin)