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The Pack Survives (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

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Writing Masterlist

Summary: Andromeda has spent years overseas trying to outrun her past. She finally decides to come back to Florida to try and settle down in the house her grandmother left her. She meets Leati and feels instantly drawn to him; but there’s something he’s not telling her, a secret he’s hiding. A secret that may cost Andromeda her life if she can’t accept it.

Warnings (for the fic over all, not specifically this chapter): cis-female OC, 18+, mentions/flashbacks of previous physical and/or mental abuse, smut at some point, werewolves. I will be switching between their wrestling names & their actual names in this fanfic, im sorry if it gets confusing (I’ll make sure to mention who’s who below so yall dont get the twins mixed up lol)

Andromeda Drakos (OFC) Face Claim: Naomi Scott

Word Count: 2019

A/N: Did I really steal the title from that Game of Thrones quote? Yes I did lmao, dont @ me. I don’t really know where I’m going w this fic, I’ve had about 3 chapters written since may, so we’ll see where it goes lol. I love my werewolf shit, but I also love my Hellenic/Greek stuff so it might get confusing im sorry. Also idk why it wont let me tag some of yall, dont hate me.

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Roman = Leati
Jimmy = Jon
Jey = Josh

Andromeda’s house:

Andromeda huffed as she hauled box after box into her new home; a large house in Tampa left to her by her grandmother when she passed. Meda was beginning to wish she’d just sent all of her stuff with the moving trucks that would arrive in a day or so, but she needed stuff for that day itself.

As she walked back out to get the third box from the back of her truck she spotted two men standing by it. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized them. 

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anonymous asked:

Ooohh definitely 'sob' but like I challenge it to be totally happy/sexy in its origin! Already feeling worried over the S/G angst-fest coming out soon!

For the other anon that asked for this as well! 

This is a small part of my upcoming Model!GenoAU that I am working on. 

I’ve posted some other snippets here and here. 

At this point in the fic Sid and Geno have hooked up at a few times, the Pens have just lost to the Rangers in the 2015 playoffs. Sid’s very emotional. 

NSFW text under the cut. 

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Boys (Reddie)

Word Count: 2,136
Trigger warnings: transphobia, panic attacks, implied alcoholism
Tags: trans!richie, reddie, first kiss
Dedicated to: @reddiestenbrough, for being an absolute Gem and sticking with me through every single stage of writing this fic and being pretty much solely responsible for my happiness recently 💚
Also available: Here

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Hello!!! I read a fic from @kazliin from the RIVAL series. And in Viktor version, there was a particular point I didn’t notice but a few days ago. AND SHE IS RIGHT!! OK, in the fic:

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts

There is a moment in which they compete in the Olympics, and (of course!!!) Yuuri gets reaaaaaallly drunk lol! and becomes THE party. By the time Viktor arrives, Yuuri is already half naked on a pole. -again, lol!
So!!! Later, Viktor and Chris take care to NOT let anyone post any picture of Yuuri while been the crazy sexy katsudon he is ♥

After remembering this moment on the fic, a realized that … Well, that DID happen in the anime. In the pictures above, Yuuri dance with Yurio, Chris and Viktor. But they are not the only ones there. I mean, its the banquet!! All the skaters are there right??? We don’t see many phones though, does that mean they didn’t take pictures??? Not likely, by the time Yuuri is asking Viktor to become his coach, we can see a women and a man with a phone in their hands. Are they taking pictures or filming?? We don’t know, even so it didn’t reach the social media. We know that because Yuuri had no idea what he did in the banquet in almost the entire anime. So, the question is why? The people who got to have some pictures wouldn’t miss the opportunity to post such amazing ones, right?? I mean, forget about Yuuri for a moment, THIS IS VIKTOR NIKIFOROV WE ARE TAKING ABOUT!!! And he was having the dance of a life time with the one skater who came last, got heavy drunk and dance half naked! Oh!!! People around the world would be thrill to see this pictures (and if you are like Pichit you would post it)

So I’m just saying that someone took care on not letting them go around the world. Be it for Yuuri’s sake… Or Viktor’s. Who knows. In my perfect Viktuuri world, it could have been Viktor and Chris to protect the shy Japanese skater who is not as public as them. In a more realistic world, it could have been the coaches. Only god knows how much Yakov and Chris coach have to cover for them. Although that is the assumption the entire world have in the anime… I think.

( -w-)/

summary: kagura shares her snack and gin is not okay with this

the brats eventually settle down between their vicious attacks and although shinpachi already confiscated their hammers, gin knows better than to turn his back on them. he sips his drink and understands that the moment no one is supervising these actual five-year-olds, one of them is going to hit the other and start an all out brawl like the one they had at last year’s cherry blossom viewing.

he feels a moment of paternal pride when it seems that kagura will be the one to throw the first punch. instead of giving sougo a bloody nose though, she holds out her packet of pocky and asks if he’d like some over the two sticking out of her mouth.

and, much to gin’s growing horror, sougo accepts. 

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Il Inferno - Ajaxthegreat - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

dedicated to the anon whose family was dying/crops were withering, chapter 2 is posted in its entirety. featuring the second circle of hell, Lust. also featuring kylo still somehow dressed as a priest, despite all the …. happenings. also also featuring The Robe, and some underwear. 

Grimmy Appreciation Fest: Week Two Masterlist

Thank you to everyone that created for the Grimmy Appreciation Fest 2017 and to everyone supporting the fest by reading, commenting, leaving kudos and comments, notes and reblogs. The fest has now finished posting and the author reveals will post to this blog tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can catch up with the Week One Masterlist HERE or the Week Two Masterlist below the cut.

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Look what a beautiful aesthetic my fantastic friend @jackwhitesgirl made for my first Dramione story! I’m still in total awe and so happy about it! ❤

Thank you so much, luv! You rock! ❤❤❤

Excerpt from the first chapter:

He eyed the little, slightly trembling knobs in the ornate cheval glass he’d conjured.  Twisting left and right, he saw them lined up in a soft curve from his shoulders down to his hips. How convenient for his father to have received the Kiss shortly after the Final Battle instead of having to explain this.

I hope to publish the first chapter soon (maybe even tonight, yay!), so keep an eye out for it on AO3 and ffn :).

summary: kagura visits sougo after accidentally injuring him

he regards her with cold eyes and kagura bows her head and thinks that she deserves this. he’d been hospitalized for a few weeks before being moved back to the shinsengumi compound for the rest of his recovery, last she heard. that was over a month ago, and despite his grievous injuries being her fault, kagura hasn’t visited him once. 

he must think she’s a monster. 

the truth is simple: she’s ashamed. she did this. she hurt him, someone she cared about deeply despite all pretences. yes, they bickered and they battled, but kagura has always considered those things fondly. it was their own form of communication. but then one day kagura’s weakening control on her heritage made itself known and she did more damage than she ever could have intended. he sustained several broken bones and plenty of internal damage. nothing life-threatening per se, but enough to remind them both that kagura is, in the end, a yato.

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Puppy Love (F)

Part of the BTS Roadtrip series

Pairing: Taehyung and Gender Neutral Reader

Genre: slight angst, fluff

Summary: Your typical best friends pining for each other fic, but with way more puppies.

Content Warnings: hella slight suggested sexual content, a bunch of the reader not picking up on clues because they’re dumb, a dalmation, happy ending

You had no idea why you were doing this to yourself.  You let your best friend convince you to go on a road trip for an entire week.  Just you two.  This would never be a problem if you weren’t head over heels in love with him.  It would never be a problem if your heart didn’t skip a beat and your stomach didn’t threaten to abandon ship when he smiled.  You heard a car honk outside and you began shuffling faster to throw clothes in your bag.  You shook your head as you sprinted around your room.  You had about 45 seconds until…

Knock Knock.

You looked over at your window and sure enough, you saw the sun shining through your window.  The sun smiled at you before mouthing “open the door”.  You smiled back and walked off, rolling your eyes to the sound of rapid doorbell sounds tinkling through your home.  You flung open the door and were immediately fell into sun-kissed arms, possibly tanned from the UV Rays emitting from this man’s face.  He bent his head down, nuzzling into you like a puppy.

“God, I missed you so much,” he said, his voice rumbling next to your ear sending shivers down your spine.  Unintentionally, you shoved him off of you, stumbling backward.  He looked back out you with hurt flashing across his face.  He pouted and made grabby hands at you.

“Baby, hug me~” he whined.  You had to squash down the pain in your chest when he called you that.  It always hurt when he said things like that to you because it’s all just friendly affection to him.  Recently, you felt like he’d upped his game with ways to hurt you, but you knew it wasn’t on purpose.  He’d never intentionally hurt you that way.  

“No, Tae, I still have to finish packing!”  At that, Taehyung’s face morphed into shock.  "We’re going to miss the puppy stampede!“  

“Wha- puppy stampede?” you questioned.  Taehyung grabbed your shoulders turned you around and pushed you back towards your room.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!  I don’t want to miss it!” He shoved you into your room and began walking in circles around it with his hands flailing everywhere.  "Last time I missed the puppy stampede because Jiminnie couldn’t find his rings and Jungkook said there was polka dot puppy!“

You shook your head as you continued to grab random clothes and threw them in the bag.

Taehyung sighed loudly, reaching his hands up to pull at his hair.

"Oh my god, you’re so slow, lemme help!”  Taehyung bent down to pick up an item. “Here take this,” he said holding it in front of him.  You turned around to find him holding up a thin blue lacy cloth.  Your eyes almost fell out of your head as you tripped over your own feet and face first into his chest.  Taehyung’s chest was hard and your nose smacked right into it.  You groaned and stood up, holding your sore nose.  Taehyung only stumbled slightly backward and wiggled his eyebrows at you.  "You know if you wanted to touch me all you need to do is ask.“

You reached forward, snatched the thong from his hand and stormed back to your luggage.  You could feel your cheeks heating up as you continued to grab clothes and throw them in your bag.  The room around you was heating up and you only figured out why when Taehyung wrapped his large hands around your waist and nosed your neck.  Your shoulders sagged and your knees almost buckled underneath you.  You were so so weak for this man, and a part of you loved it but the other part wanted to be mad about the fact that even on your worse day on nights with restless sleep, you still preferred to be woken up by the sun.  Sighing dejectedly, you sidestepped out of Taehyung’s grip. You heard Taehyung huff behind you and you tried not to be swayed by it.  Grabbing more clothes you began to put them into your bag until you were sure you had everything.  Turning around, you looked up at Taehyung.

“Ready,” you said, giving a little nod as well.  Taehyung still had a frown painted on his face. “Why don’t you let me-” Taehyung started but his eyes flickered to the clock above your bed on the wall. “WE’RE GONNA BE LATE! GRAB YOUR STUFF LET’S GO!”  Taehyung swirled around and raced out the door.  In a whirlwind, you grabbed all of your things and ran behind him.  Taehyung hopped in the car and cranked up the engine.  The car horn began blaring through the neighborhood.  You were out of breath and tripping over your own feet racing to the car.

“Tae-” You paused trying to talk in order to get your breathing under control. “Taehyung help!”  The car horn immediately stopped and you heard the driver side door slam.

“Sorry, sorry, my bad,” he said, grabbing the bags off your shoulders and slinging them in the back seat.  He shut the door, opened the passenger door, shoved you in and ran around the car.  “Buckle up, we’re going to be late!”  Taehyung shut his door, revved up the engine and sped off.  Immediately, your hand shot up to hold the handle on the ceiling of the car as Taehyung weaved through the twists and turns of the roads.

“Tae, we can go the speed limit!”  You yelled over the sound of wind whipping through the windows.  He shook his head with a wide smile covering his face.

“Puppies don’t know the speed limit!” he answered back.  You just huffed and held on tighter to the bar.  Of all the people in the world you had to fall for the guy who would risk getting pulled over for a “puppy stampede”.  Luck must have been on Taehyung’s side because you hadn’t seen a red light dare to cross his path since you started the drive.  You look over at Taehyung’s face and see that he’s smiling brightly and bopping his head along to the music playing on the radio.  His hands tap gently on the steering wheel to the beat and you can’t help but smile, too.  You sigh and release the bar, somehow feeling eased by the smile gracing his face.  

The car begins to slow down and you peer out the window to see a sign that says “Pups and Paws: A Puppy Punderland”.  You turn back to Taehyung.  “I can’t believe you were serious.” You said in awe.  Taehyung turned back to you with deadly seriousness.

“Why would I ever joke about puppies?”  Your eyebrow rose as you reassess the man.  You probably shouldn’t find the fact that his voice lowered and the fact that his gaze is piercing your soul sexy since he’s talking about puppies yet here you are.  He pulled into a parking spot and the smile is once again sitting on his face.  “Come on, get out, we’re late!” Taehyung opened the door and barreled out the car, slamming the door shut behind him.  You tried to keep up, squirming to get out of the car and follow suit but he’s sprinting and honestly, he’s faster than you thought he’d be.  You followed him around to the side of the building and keeps on sprinting until he reaches a gate.  He burst through that gate and rounds another corner before you hear him shriek happily.  When you round the corner, you see him watching as at least thirty puppies come running his way.  You watched as Taehyung fell back and plopped on the floor, awaiting the tsunami of wet noses and soft paws headed his way.  

In no time at all, the puppies were bomb rushing him and yipping excitedly as they gathered around him.  An employee walked up and stands next to you.

“Every Friday, he does this.  I think the dogs are more sad to leave the pound and be adopted than they are being here.”  You smiled at the employee and turn back to Taehyung except he was no longer visible, having have been swept up in the tide of puppies.

“Aha!”  A few of the dogs jumped slightly at the sound and an arm shot towards the sky holding a small spotted puppy.  Taehyung sat up and the hoard of pups slid off his body as he stood up.  You chuckled to yourself because Taehyung is now covered in dog hair; you wouldn’t be surprised if the pups thought he was a dog as well.  He bounded over to you, not unlike the puppies falling behind his every move.  

“This is my love,” Taehyung said, maneuvering the dog closer to your face and you laugh feeling it’s wet nose press into your cheek before giving you a swift lick.  Taehyung’s eyes twinkle watching the interaction and he stepped closer with the dog, too.  “He likes you.”  He’s smiling so brightly that you find yourself averting your eyes again.  If he’s going to be like this the entire trip you really should have brought sunglasses.  “I think we should name him Comet.  He’s got all these spots on him.  He’ll be like Air Bud but a lot cooler.”  Taehyung’s eyes look so genuine and full of love that you can’t help but find yourself nodding along.  At this time the worker spoke up, breaking the trance you had been in.

“I’m sorry, but you can only name puppies once they’ve been adopted.  Did you guys want to adopt this puppy together?  We have a lot of couples who do that.”  Taehyung’s face lit up probably at the prospect at the thought of adopting the cute pup.

“Oh! We aren’t a couple,” you said to the worker nonchalantly even though you could feel the heat coursing through your face.  At this point, even your ears were warm.  The worker’s eyes flicker in between you two.

“Okay… well, it’s time for the pups to go back inside,” the worker shuffled away awkwardly and attempted to round up the puppies.  You watched for a little, amused and Taehyung sat the puppy back onto the ground before breaking the silence.

“We can go.”  You looked over at him and his atmosphere had changed.  He was no longer smiling, there was no more twinkle in his eye, and his shoulders had fallen.  His head was hanging low and he kicked his foot at the grass.  You wondered what could have changed his demeanor so quickly.  The air heavy as you both trudged back to the car.

You rode in silence for a while, just listening to the car hum along the road.  Being this tense around someone you usually had no awkwardness with was becoming exhausting, so you took a deep breath and turned to him.

“You know, I-”

“If you didn’t want to date me, you could’ve just said so,” Taehyung interrupted you, his voice strained.  One large hand quickly reached up to swipe across his face.  His fingers came away wet and glistening, setting off alarms in your head.

“Taehyung, pull the car over,” you said sternly.  Taehyung sniffled and shook his head.

“N-no I have to get to the butterfly parade on time,”. Taehyung’s voice was shaking and you sighed and rubbed your hand down your face.

“Pull it over, please, Taehyung,” you stated again just as firmly.  He nodded and slowly brought the car over to the shoulder of the road.  You waited until the car was stopped fully before you turned in your seat to fully look at him.  His eyes are squeezed shut and his hands are gripping the steering wheel.  He looked to be trying to stop the flow of tears silently cascading down his cheeks.  A sob burst forward from his mouth and he immediately covered his face in shame. You reached out to rest your hand on his shoulder in comfort and he shrugged it off.

“Don’t do that, p-please,”.  He was struggling to breathe through the cries that were constricting his throat.  You could feel your own eyes begin to water watching him being torn down from the inside out and you didn’t know what to do to help.  

“Tae-Tae, why are you crying?” You pleaded with him to tell you.  Your hand mimicking his movements as you brought it up to swipe it across your eyes to catch the tears before they began their trek.  

“I don’t want to have to find it again!” He wailed.

“Find what? What’s going on?” You cried out, the tears free falling into your lap.

“You said you’d date me and then you took it back and I don’t want to have to find love again.  I don’t even know what I did wrong!  I could fix it but you just dropped me so easily!  Falling in love isn’t easy, I only wanted to do it one time!  I don’t want to have to find love and trust someone with me all over again!”  His loud sobs were wracking his body and he smacked the steering wheel with so much force you jumped in your seat.

“Tae,” you said softly, trying to get his attention. “Taehyung, look at me.”  The boy slowly lifted his head to make eye contact with you. “You never asked me out, I’d remember that I swear.” His face contorted in confusion and he just blinked at you, wiping his face to rid it of the tears.  His sobs were beginning to subside and he started to catch his breath again.  Taehyung opened his mouth to speak and you shook your head.  “I would never in a million years treat you like that.  Think about it,” you continued.  His mouth opened and closed, much like that of a goldfish.

“But…I sent you that text message…” he whined, fishing his phone out of the cup holder where it was still telling the car to ‘proceed to the route’.  You cocked your head to the side and rose your eyebrow.

“A text message, Kim Taehyung?” He slowly hunched his shoulders up and leaned away from you, making himself look more like a child.

“I was nervous…” his voice was small.  He returned his attention back to his phone to find the messages. He thrust his phone screen into your face. “See! I asked!”

You: Hey…

I’ve been thinking…

We should talk?

Oh boy! That sounds scary lolol

Um so….

I always have a lot of fun with you!! So I was wondering

[unsent] Will you go out with me?

We could go on a road trip and eat nice food!!

It’ll be the best!!


But you’re buying the food right..??

You: Anything for you babe XD

My VIP <3: Bless your soul, Tae

I look up from his phone and stare at him.

“See!  I totally asked!!” He yelled.

“Kim Taehyung!  It says unsent right there!!”  He snatched the phone from your hand and stares blankly at the screen.

“Oh my god… I never asked…” he murmured to himself.  A grin splits your face in half and you end up laughing so hard your body collapses across the middle console.  “I’m such an idiot!”  Taehyung slaps his forehead with the palm of his hand.  “Don’t laugh at me!  This isn’t funny!  It explains so much!”  He rested his forehead on the steering wheel, still muttering to himself.  You finally gathered yourself enough to breathe properly and you sit there waiting expectantly.  “Um, I guess you want me to take you home,” Taehyung finally said after enough awkward silence passes.

“No.”  Taehyung looked at you quizzically and you roll your eyes.  “Ask me again, dummy,” You laughed.  He just stared at you, his mouth pressed in a tight line.  “Come on, ask me again.”  He lifted up his phone and tapped on the screen.  This made you slightly annoyed until your phone dinged.

TaeBae: Will you do me the honor of dating me, please?

When you look up from your phone he had his bottom lip between his teeth.  Your smile, if possible, widened.

“Kim Taehyung, I’d love to date the hell out of you.”  His eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of his head.

“Really?  I’m your boyfriend now?”

“You’re my boyfriend now.” You replied.

“Can I please kiss you now?” He said, almost whining as if he’s been waiting all day.  You nodded in response and Taehyung flew across the seat to connect his lips with yours.  His hand snaked up to hold the back of your neck as if making sure you were definitely real.  The kiss was over so quick and you both were left with your foreheads leaning together smiling.  Something in your mind wanted to tell you that you were flying too close to the sun but you couldn’t be bothered.  You sat there reveling in happiness until Taehyung gasped loudly.  You leaned back and looked at him wondering what had gotten into him.  He was frantically struggling to put his seatbelt back on.

“We gotta go back!”  Used to his antics, you put your seatbelt on and waited on him to explain.  When he peeled off the shoulder and whipped the fiercest U-Turn you had ever seen, you finally asked.

“Um, what are we going back for?”

“We’re a couple now!  We gotta go get Comet!”  You settled in your seat and just smiled at him.

“Well, you better speed up, puppies don’t know the speed limit!”



“Sir, I’m so sorry, but we cannot allow your dog in the butterfly exhibit.”

Studded Snap back/ WHy don’t you like me?/ Independent

Originally posted by yoonmin

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word count: 1,171

Summary: Your stubborn independence makes Yoongi question whether your feelings for him are genuine…

You looked in the mirror, a concentrated pout settling on your face. You contemplated the outfit you had chosen. It wasn’t like it wasn’t like it was your first date with Yoongi; but that didn’t mean you were any less nervous. The flannel hung off your body in a flattering aesthetic, The first couple buttons were undone creating a ‘V’ neck feeling, the flannel was half tucked into a worn pair of black skinny jeans that covered your legs. You wore nice boots that classed up the outfit a bit and lazily threw on a snapback just as the doorbell chimed throughout the small space.

“Coming” You yelled only to be meet with the fact that your voice was embarrassingly hoarse from working all day without speaking much. You tried to clear it by coughing but found that it didn’t help much.

‘Oh well, fuck it’ there was nothing you could do at this point anyway.

As you creaked open the cheap door you quickly picked up your worn backpack, stepping out before producing the keys from it and locking your place. Finally turning to properly greet the subject of your stress, your face lit up in a bright smile. A quick “hey” left your mouth; accented by the wave of a hand. Yoongi’s cheeks tinted a rosy color at the sight of you, you were so kind and bright he was wondering how he had managed to get you on a date. His bitten lip seemed to hint at you that he approved at your outfit. Although there was a miniscule pout at your back pack that made you feel defensive. Quickly dismissing it as something silly, you didn’t think too much of it.

He seemed to rocket back to reality when your head tilted at his rather blatant staring. The big, innocent stare had melted your heart of any defences when he looked like a toddler about to be scolded. “Oh, H-hi”‘ he gulped, internally belaboring himself for the stuttering. You just walked casually over to his car. The rapper walked behind you and unlocked the car before getting into the driver’s seat.

Walking through the streets of Seoul the two of you talked about anything and everything. You noticed lots of girls looking flirtatiously at Yoongi; Obviously not realizing the two of you were on a date. You tried to just ignore it, it wasn’t a big deal anyway. He was with you, right? Right.

You casually glanced over at the shop window, a studded beauty catching your eye easily. Your feet stopped of their own accord; your eyes settling into a half lidded stare as you licked your cushioned lips. Yoongi had only gotten a few steps ahead of you when you tapped his shoulder to draw his attention.

“I’m gonna go in here real quick, kay?”

Receiving a nod in response, you jogged into the store casually. You were surprised when you saw yoongi follow you into the store. He was looking at a couple shirts while you continued toward what had snatched your attention before.
It was a gold studded black snapback, it was simple yet beautiful in your eyes. Your date snuck a glance at you when you delved deeper into the building. A chuckle rumble through his chest when he saw you practically drool over a snapback.

A high pitched voice stole his train of thought off it’s tracks with a whine of

“Oppa, I like this one. buy it for me?” the other half of the couple nodded with a smile, showing little of the strain the bags he was already holding had on him. An amused scoff left Yoongi, ‘He’s wrapped around her finger!’ Glancing back at you he saw you struggle to reach the price tag, he was about to approach when you looked around then proceeded to put the toe of your shoe on the platform for more leverage. After succeeding in getting the hat from the unreasonably high shelf.

The corners of your lips fell into a pout. ‘Damn, why is it so expensive’ you muttered grumpily. Luckily putting the hat back was much easier than getting it down. After casually popping it back onto the shelf you walked back up to Yoongi, shooting a smile and wave his way as you made eye contact. He tilted his head but you waved him off.

“So, ya find anything you like?” you questioned easily, ignoring the strangely heavy atmosphere.

“Ah, no. You seemed to like that snap-back though? Are you getting it?” He questioned before he could stop himself; the annoyed edge coming through more than intended.   

You rocked back on your heels,your brows asked a silent question that went unanswered.

“No, I decided against it.”

Yoongi peeked over your shoulder and saw the same couple he had seen previously.

“Oppaaa, what do you think?” Stepping out of the fitting room the girl did a twirl in an expensive looking dress. The boy she was referring to looked at her like she was his world. Yoongi wanted to treat you like that, he wanted to give you gifts, to buy you expensive gifts and have you cling off of him and call him ‘oppa’. Okay so maybe not all the time, but every once in awhile would be nice. Did you not like him as much as he liked you? Were you sending signals he wasn’t catching? Were you not happy with him?

The thoughts bolted around in his brain, not stopping until you gently poked his cheek.

“You okay? You seem a little spacey… Are you feeling okay? If you want we could do this another time, I wouldn’t want you to get sick.” You fretted over him, leaning into his face to feel his temperature.

“Well, I mean you’re a little warm. Do you feel sick?”

You being this close wasn’t just making his thoughts race but his heart as well. He was worried you’d be able to hear it by how close you were standing. Looking into your eyes it was like his thoughts combusted and calmed all at once.

“Why don’t you call me oppa? Or let me buy you things? I mean you won’t even let me buy you dinner. Why don’t you…”

The words stumbled out of lips before he could hold them back. It seemed he could hear his heart shatter as you stared at your feet brows furrowed and lip tucked tightly between your teeth. Your fingers nervously picking at each other..

Instinctually he wanted to reach out and halt your nervous habit. But he stopped himself as you seemed to be processing what he had said. The silence was deadly as you looked back up at him. Wide eyes were stressed and curious.

“Why don’t I what..?”

The words that dripped from her lips seemed soft and carefully articulated. The complete opposite of his reckless blurt of questions.

Now it was his turn to feel shy, the vulnerability creeped up his neck before he spoke.

“Why don’t you like me?”

Part two?

anonymous asked:

okay okay what about... a prompt based off of warm bodies, the zombie movie??? (if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend it.) so like nicole is a unique zombie and she rescues waverly from a zombie hoard attack because she thinks she’s super beautiful and all in her lil zombie brain. so she keeps waverly safe and hidden and she (nicole) starts falling in love with waverly and starts becoming more human bc she feels emotions (the cure)... it’s more understandable if you’ve seen the movie 😂

I’ve never seen the movie before (thank you for the recommendation!) so this may not be the best, but I tried.

Hope this will suffice! And thank you so much for the prompt! It was fun to write! I hope you enjoy! :D

Waverly doesn’t know exactly what’s happening. One moment she was surrounded - the smell of decaying flesh and blood thick in the air, her heart slamming in her rib cage a mile a minute, and the shotgun in her arms suddenly feeling insufficient. The next, she’s sitting on her ass, shotgun in hand and there’s a woman standing over her.

Needless to say, she’s confused.

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All Things New Again by sheron
By Organization for Transformative Works

Word count: 4,604
Fandom: Agent Carter (TV), MCU
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa & Violet
Characters: Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson, Violet
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Peggy is affected by Zero Matter, Canon Het Relationship, some brief Daniel/Violet, Friendship, Ghosts, Not spooky, Peggy is a ghost, Canon Compliant until 2x02, 
Instead of Jason Wilkes, Peggy is the one affected by the Zero Matter in the explosion at Isodyne. Being a ghost may be terribly frustrating, but you can also learn a couple of things about your friends in the process.

Notes: The idea for this story was inspired by the Spook Me 2017 challenge prompt ‘ghost’. Alas, the story is not spooky, and more of a What-If divergence from the end of 2x02 - “A View in the Dark”.
a thousand armies couldn't keep me out (this is our ungodly hour) - Chapter 1 - AllTheNamesIWantedWereUsed - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Robbie Reyes/Skye | Daisy Johnson, Robbie Reyes & Skye | Daisy Johnson, Gabe Reyes & Robbie Reyes, Gabe Reyes & Skye | Daisy Johnson
Characters: Robbie Reyes, Skye | Daisy Johnson, Gabe Reyes, Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Missing Persons, Angst, Undercover, Moral Dilemmas, Ambiguous Relationships, Agents of SHIELD Pre-Season 5 Space Speculation, another S5 AU bc why tf not, Kidnapping, Implied/Referenced Torture, Maybe - Freeform, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

Daisy’s been missing for nine months, and Robbie is willing to do a lot of things to get her back.

Hopefully, she forgives him for this one.

Title comes from Florence+The Machine’s “Seven Devils” and The Fray’s “Ungodly Hour.”

anonymous asked:

Since we're on the topic of Hanzo and you offering to write any fic, how do you feel about a Blind!Hanzo AU? Idk i just finished Avatar the last airbender and Toph's seismic sense helping with her blindness was an insp for this idea.

[Widowmaker voice]: what’s an AU

( AO3 )

Snow flurries across the abandoned temple’s courtyard. In the moonlight, it’s barely more than a whisp like a spirit scurrying down the cliff, scattering as the ground vanishes from beneath it and the wind carries the icy particles into the valley below. Genji shudders - everything here seems so different now. Distorted, somehow, now that the Shambali no longer light the fires at night.

He slides his katana out of its saya, its edge pulsing with its low neon glow against the blue of the snow gathered over the tiled ground. He tilts his head as he walks silently forwards, listening to the idle static carrying through his communications link: this far up, no one can hear him, and he can’t hear anyone.

Good. Whatever hides here, he’d rather face on his own.

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oktoberfest; down, boys.

everyone knows that one cockblocking pet…

day two of deathbyfluffweek. drenched pup is not a happy pup.

Nyx couldn’t stop laughing for a straight ten minutes as Noctis glared at him. He was soaking wet, hoodie hanging lank on his slender form and shivering as Nyx tried to quell his incessant cackles while wrapping a large towel around him.

“Thanks a lot, asshole.” The look on his face could have stripped flesh from bone, but Nyx wouldn’t stop giggling.

Nyx coughed a couple times, trying to contain himself, “Babe, what happened?”

Noctis pointed outside where a heavy downpour had grayed the world and fogged the windows of their apartment, “I got caught in that bullshit on the way home. How did you not hear that?”

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