Like many dark skin girls i used to wish that i had lighter skin, because light skinned girls were the one’s always being praised for their beauty meanwhile we were being shamed for ours. But black Tumblr taught me self love and helped me to see the beauty in dark skin and it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.✊✊


The Future: A City Made From Bamboos

Based in Vienna and Beijing, architectural firm Penda’s latest installation called Rising Canes explores the possibility of finding a solution to minimize the congestion in urban landscapes. Built from large bamboo structures, the project is an environmentally friendly and sustainable effort to eliminate the concept of the concrete jungle. Their main motive is to create a social organic impact.

Честита Баба Марта!

The 1st of March- “Baba Marta” is a Bulgarian holiday that celebrates the coming of Spring. On this day we wear and give each other “martenitsas”, which are small red and white woollen adornments, usually worn as bracelets or with pins. Pizho and Penda are the names of two martenitsa dolls.


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- This feeling of leaving city-life behind and getting connected to nature and experiencing our natural environment is the driving idea of our proposal. With a flexible structural system and connected it with comfortable spaces, we have the opportunity to create a variety of buildings of different sizes. depending on the needs, the size and amount can grow: from single rooms to a family structure, to a size of a clubhouse or even up to larger scales, which fombine more functions of a typical hotel like a lobby or restaurant within one structure. All is depending on the needs and on the demands, but each building connects in a very responsible diaglog to our natural environment.