Child be strange, dark, true, impure, and dissonant. Cherish our flame. Our dawn shall come.
—  Penda’s Fen, 1974 BBC Play for Today, written by David Rudkin and directed by Alan Clarke.

Architecture firm Penda and engineering firm Arup have teamed up to undertake the ambitious goal of redesigning the suspension bridge, with their newly commissioned project to build the San Shan Bridge in China. The bridge will be completed in time for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and will span across the Gui River connecting Beijing’s city center to Zhangjiakou.

The film is a passionate deconstruction of conservative myths about nationhood. At a critical point, the formerly hidebound Stephen cries out: “No, no! I am nothing pure! My race is mixed. My sex is mixed. I am woman and man, light with darkness, nothing pure! I am mud and flame!” Rather than hewing to a belief in tradition, continuity or stability, Rudkin champions hybridity and what Salman Rushdie would later term cultural “mongrelisation”. A while before it became fashionable for historians to talk about the inseparability of “nation and narration” or “the invention of tradition”, Rudkin was arguing that English Christianity was a violently imposed ideology. The family, heterosexuality, militarised manhood: all these pillars of patriotism take a tumble. 

What makes Penda’s Fen particularly prescient is that it locates these hybrid transformations in the English countryside. The 1970s saw a number of artists offering new versions of pastoral – Philip Trevelyan’s The Moon and the Sledgehammer (1971) was a creepy documentary about a family living without electricity in a wood; Richard Mabey’s The Unofficial Countryside (1973) introduced readers to what would later be known as edgelands; Jeremy Sandford’s Tomorrow’s People (1974) portrayed the Dionysian longings of free-festival revellers. Rudkin shows rural England to be a place of struggles and heresies, of antagonisms and anguish. The film even turns to etymology, arguing that “pagan”, which originally meant “belonging to the village”, referred to the politics of local governance as much as it did to theological doctrine.

Stephen, the film’s unsteady centre, is told: “Be secret. Child be strange, dark, true, impure, and dissonant. Cherish our flame.” For Rob Young, author of Electric Eden (2010), Penda’s Fen is part psychogeography, part toolkit for imaginative unshackling: “The pattern under the plough, the occult history of Albion – the British Dreamtime – lies waiting to be discovered by anyone with the right mental equipment.”

Sukhdev Sandhu

from Penda’s Fen: a lasting vision of heresy and pastoral horror

17.000 bottles recycled for our ‘Cola Bow’ by @chrisprecht_penda

die Acrylfarbe (Acrylfarben) - acrylic paint
die Aquarellfarbe (Aquarellfarben) - watercolour paint
das Aquarellpapier - watercolour paper
der Aquarellstift (Aquarellstifte) - watercolour pencil
das Bild (Bilder) - picture
der Bildhauer - sculptor
die Bildhauerin (Bildhauerinnen) - sculptress
der Bleistift (Bleistifte) - lead pencil
der Buntstift (Buntstifte) - coloured pencil/crayon
der Cutter - craft knife
das Ölpastell (Ölpastelle) - oil pastel
die Ölfarbe (Ölfarben) - oil paint
die Farbe (Farben) - colour/paint/[stamping] ink
der Farbstift (Farbstifte) - coloured pencil/pen
der Filzstift (Filzstifte) - felt-tip pen
der Fineliner - fineliner
das Foto (Fotos) - photo
der Fotograf - photographer
die Fotografie - photography
der Füller - fountain pen
das Gekritzel - scribble
das Gemälde - painting
das Gold - gold
die Gouache (Gouachen) - gouache paint
der Grafit - graphite
die Kalligrafie (Kalligrafien) - calligraphy
die Keramik - ceramics/pottery
das Klebeband (Klebebänder) - sticky tape
der Klebestift (Klebestifte) - glue stick
der Klebstoff - glue
das Knetgummi - kneadable eraser
die Kreide (Kreiden) - chalk
der Kugelschreiber - ballpoint pen
die Kunst (Künste) - art
die Kunstausstellung (Kunstausstellungen) - art exhibition
der Kunstfreund (Kunstfreunde) - art lover [male]
die Kunstfreundin (Kunstfreundinnen) - art lover [female]
die Kunstgalerie (Kunstgalerien) - art gallery
der Künstler - artist [male]
die Künstlerin (Künstlerinnen) - artist [female]
das Kunstwerk (Kunstwerke) - artwork/work of art
das Landschaftsbild (Landschaftsbilder) - landscape
das Lineal (Lineale) - ruler
der Maler - painter [male]
die Malerin (Malerinnen) - painter [female]
die Malerleinwand (Malerleinwände) - canvas
das Malmesser - palette knife
der Marker - marker
der Marmor - marble
das Meisterwerk (Meisterwerke) - masterpiece
das Origami - origami
die Palette (Paletten) - pallet
das Papier (Papiere) - paper
die Pappe (Pappen) - cardboard
das Pastell (Pastelle) - pastel
die Pastellkreide (Pastellkreiden) - chalk pastel
der Pinsel - paintbrush
der Pinselstrich (Pinselstriche) - brushstroke
das Porträt (Porträts) - portrait
das Radiergummi - rubber/eraser
der Rahmen - frame
die Schere (Scheren) - scissors
das Silber - silver
die Skulptur (Skulpturen) - sculpture
die Spitze (Spitzen) - point/tip
der Spitzer - pencil sharpener
die Staffelei (Staffeleien) - easel
der Stein - stone/rock
der Stempel - stamp
der Stift (Stifte) - pen/pencil
der Tesafilm - Scotch Tape
die Tusche (Tuschen) - [drawing] ink
der Wachsmalstift (Wachsmalstifte) - wax crayon
der Wasserpinsel - water brush
der Zeichenblock (Zeichenblöcke) - sketch pad
die Zeichnung (Zeichnungen) - drawing

aufnehmen - to take [photo]
ausradieren - to rub out/to erase
ausschneiden - to cut out
basteln - to make [with one’s hands]
bemalen - to paint onto
falten - to fold
formen - to sculpt/to form
fotografieren - to photograph
kleben - to glue/to stick
kritzeln - to scribble
malen - to paint
mischen - to mix/to blend
nachzeichnen - to trace/to copy
neu anfangen - to start again
pinseln - to paint/to brush
rahmen - to frame
schneiden - to cut
skizzieren - to sketch
stempeln - to stamp
streichen - to stroke
tuschen - to paint in ink
verwischen - to smudge
zeichnen - to draw
zusammenkleben - to stick together

abstrakt - abstract
bunt - bright [colour]
detailliert - detailed
dunkel - dark
fein - fine
grob - rough/course
hell - light/bright
klebrig - sticky
kreativ - creative
künstlerisch - artistic
metallisch - metallic
monochrom - monochromatic
nass - wet
realistisch - realistic
schwarzweiß - greyscale
trocken - dry
wasservermalbar - water soluble

So Am decided

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Elmer, Ape, Sells fruit - @fruitsoftheape100
Horace, Boar, Sells ice - @boarofthenorth100
Aaron, Sheep, Sells toothbrushes - @toothbrushsheep100
Raymond, Red penda, Sells chairs - @chairsales100
Roberta, Lizard, Sells vests and warm clothing - @vestlizard100
Nigel, Newt, Sells goods off the black market - @nefariousnewt100
Gimmy, Caiman, Sells oranges - @orangemonger100
Patrick, Cockatoo, Sells gongs - @lordofgongs100
Alfonse, Owl - @owlwisdoms100
Gordon Ramsey??? - @gordonramsay100
Barb, Snail, Sells baked goods - @bakersnail100
Lisa, Ostrich, Sells soup - @soupvendor100
Rick, Alligator, Sells moss - @mossvendor100
Isaac, Gorilla, Sells rocks - @rockdistributor100
Frederick, Bear, Sells limes - @purveyoroflimes100
Hobbes, Hermit Crab, Sells ancient bones and small pebbles - @hermitofthesands100
Sybil, Cougar. Sells potions - @potionpeddler100
Nameless child, Hagfish, Sells slime - @slimetime100
???, Thorny Dragon, Sells beef (and ant? i think) - @antbeef100
Harold, Okapi, STEALS THINGS, WARNING - @thiefofwares100
Baron and Carol, Crows, Sells Jars and Buckets - @jarsandbuckets100
Frederik (and Dorian), Honey Badger, Sells honey - @richhoneytrader100
Douglas, Fredrico and Sons, humans??, Sells dads and garden weeds - @dadstosell100
Taco, Cat - @smolcat100
Jones Bones, Skeleton, Sells Milk - @milkforyourbones666
Gok, Peacock, Sells cosmetics - @powderpeacock100
Acacia, Pigeon, Buys wares - @pigeonbuythething100
Name cannot be revealed, call him Steve, doesnt reveal species, sells lies and deception - @deceit100
Georgia, Squirrel, Sells cake - @cakevendor100
Space Marine guy - @spacemarines100
Edmond, Degu, Sells lettuce - @leafsofourlabor100
Scott, Dik-dik, does real-estate - @realestateagent100
Bote, Cockatiel, Will deliver messanges and mail - @messagedelivery100