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As promised, here is my series of wearable spell bottles! 

Featured is my love spell bottle, which contains dried lavender, dried thyme, dried rosemary, rose quartz gem chips, and a few drops of rose water concentrate. 

Also available:

  • Prosperity Spell Bottle - basil, cinnamon, nutmeg, aventurine gem chips, and jasmine essential oil
  • Peace & Relaxation Spell Bottle - lavender, oregano, basil, amethyst gem chips, and a few drops of jasmine essential oil and rose water concentrate
  • Success Spell Bottle - garlic salt, basil, crushed bay leaves, tiger’s eye gem chips, and a few drops of orange essential oil
  • Happiness Spell Bottle - oregano, marjoram, lavender, citrine gem chips, and a few drops of orange essential oil

Each bottle will be cleansed and charged under the light of the full moon on July 9th, and will be shipped out the following week. These spell bottles come with a cord that is long enough to just slip over your head for easy wearing, and are not meant to be opened once sealed. 

The price of each bottle is $12, with shipping costs included. Please message me via Tumblr instant messenger with your email address if you’re interested! US residents only, please.

The Importance of Iron in Witchcraft

So, I got a lot of really positive feedback about my post about salt in witchcraft, so here’s another one just for you about iron!

Iron, like salt, has been used for many thousands of years as a potent tool in the practices of witchcraft. Iron is one of the most abundant metals in our planet, and is also a really great metal for making into tools. It’s tough, hard, ductile and with a high melting point that makes it ideal for situations in which you might need a tool to work under extremely hot conditions. It’s also one of only three ferromagnetic metals (along with nickel and cobalt), making it an essential part of most magnets and compasses.

In astrophysics, iron is extremely important in the life cycle of stars. Iron is one of the most atomically stable substances in the universe, and it’s also unique because it’s the first element in the periodic table to require more energy to MAKE it than it gives out from atomic fusion. This is important, because when a star gets older and fuses hydrogen to make helium, helium to make beryllium and all the rest, once it starts fusing atoms to make iron, the star begins to die. So, iron is an element that signals the death of stars, and any element that weighs MORE than iron (atomically speaking) can only be made in supernovas - that is, the explosion that takes place when a really BIG star dies.

In biology, iron is one of the most important elements in mammalian, reptilian and avian blood, because it’s the element that we use in the chemical haemoglobin. This is the chemical in our blood cells that binds to oxygen and keeps us alive. Crustaceans like lobsters don’t use iron - they use copper, and instead make haemocyanin, which makes their blood blue! However, just like in stars, iron can mean death for humans as well. If we overdose on iron, we suffer from iron heavy metal poisoning; when we get crushed by a heavy object we can suffer a disease called traumatic rhabdomyolysis or Crush Syndrome, caused by vast amounts of myoglobin (another iron-based compound, found in muscles, which gives them extra oxygen to use) entering our kidneys and killing them, and as a result killing us.

Iron in science is an element of life, death, and of many points in between. But what about its uses in witchcraft?

Witchy Facts about Iron!

  1. Iron is stable. Iron’s stability, both atomically and magickally, makes it a fantastic magickal conductor, and also means that magick doesn’t seem to affect iron very much. Enchantments on iron are never as strong as on other metals, and even the best witches will have difficulty making an enchantment or other spell anchor properly. However, this has the advantage that iron doesn’t pick up negative magick from background sources, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be issues with ritual or altar tools made from iron. Keeping your magickal supplies inside an iron or steel box, or a box that’s been nailed together with iron nails, will prevent them from leaking out and attracting spirits that might cause harm.

  2. Iron is protective. Along with silver and a few other little bits and bobs, negative spirits and fae folk cannot touch iron lest it burn them and cause them pain. Additionally, negative magicks targetted at someone wearing an iron pendant will be attracted into the pendant and then dispelled. This makes it an ideal protective charm for everyday carry or everyday wear.

    This is why horseshoes are considered lucky
    - back in Medieval times, when protection against negative spirits and magick was much more widely practiced, poor families would often be unable to afford much iron. However, a horseshoe is made of iron, and comes with holes already cast into it, which allow you to nail one over your door easily, which keeps out harmful spirits, magick, and fae, who might seek to hurt you or your family.

  3. Iron is inconspicuous. Anyone can carry an iron nail after all, and a little piece of iron wrought and twisted into a small pendant is far from a traditional witch’s item. Those secret witches who perhaps do not live with accepting families or within an accepting community or country can find great solace in the use of iron as a protective charm.

  4. Iron is cheap. Iron nails, iron rods and iron knifes are pretty easy to get hold of and relatively quite cheap. They’re versatile and not especially likely to draw attention to you - after all, nobody’s likely to question why someone has a couple of iron nails twisted into a pendant, and if they do question it, why it’s just an artistic display! And of course, easy to replace with $5 worth of string, iron and a hammer.

  5. Iron is ancient. Iron is one of the oldest protective charms out there, right up with salt and sage. It’s been used for literally thousands of years to protect people against everything from wolves to armies to poltergeists. That’s a pretty impressive history!

  6. Iron is practical! The best cookware I’ve ever used has always been my cast iron cookware set, which makes better food than I’ve ever tasted, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s also extremely hardwearing - I wholly expect to one day be able to pass on my cast iron frying pan and wok to my grandchildren, and it was already been owned by my mother and father before me. Iron knifes are sharper and cut cleaner than almost anything except obsidian, and high-carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon) is the best cutting edge known in bushcrafting circles, where all the best knives are made from it

I hope this helps all you lovely witches and magick users out there!

– Juniper

i want to live in a world that feels ancient, atmosphere thick and hazy with enchantment, mist rolling over golden hills beneath a pale sunrise, clear glittering rivers spilling over luscious moss, gentle beasts of lore roaming the forests and skies, lovely rose briars and curving thickets teeming with fireflies, dandelion seeds wandering along dirt paths between the trees

vibrant market places and peddlers of spells and flutes carved by elves and charmed pendants and tapestries woven with gold thread, coin purses emptying into the hands of eager children, the sound of metal clanging in a blacksmith’s forge and hearty eruptions of laughter from a candlelit alehouse and friendly bartering and the droning nasal tone of old instruments and horse hooves against cobblestone, innkeepers welcoming weary travelers to rest in tiny rooms with four post beds, heraldic banners fluttering in the wind

witches living peacefully on the outskirts and blessing the ill with herbal remedies, floral vines over the front doors of delightful cabins with dried flowers scattering wooden tables and wicker baskets of fresh linens in the corner and crisp brown bread on clay plates, clothing lines with lace dresses strung up over bubbling streams

kingdom walls of cracked stone and creeping moss, chapels with high ceilings and mosaic windows and reverent priests and a choir of pure angelic voices, a cluttered library of stained maps and dusty scrolls and tales inked in meticulous calligraphy, a hidden armory with intricately crafted steel weapons, a vast empty courtyard and castle rising high above villages ruled fairly by a reclusive warrior queen

Pathfinder Inspired Spell: Blur (Glamour)

A Glamour spell to aid in concealment in situations the user would like to go unnoticed due to safety and protection purposes. This especially works well at night for when walking home.

You will Need:

  • Small vial or bottle charm with cork
  • black ink
  • water
  • dropper (makes it easier)
  • Gray ribbon, string or yarn


  • Add your water to the vial, though be sure to leave room to add in your ink.
  • Add 1-4 drops of black ink into vial
  • Cork it tightly
  • Swirl bottle clockwise focusing on the ink mixing with the water inside it. Envision black shadows swirling about the bottle, concealing it from your view, leaving it in a hazy black fog of swirling shadows.
    • “Blackness please become my veil,
      keep me hidden without fail.
      Let me pass by like a shadow of the night,
      Until I return home to the safety of light.”
  • Tie gray ribbon/string around bottle so it can be worn around the neck
  • Wear it when you are in need of concealment.
  • Cleanse in the moonlight and night air; recharge via swirling the contents of bottle and visulization

Rune charm pendants and Transmutation Alchemy Ring hand carved by Moon and Serpent

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Viking Horse Pendant with Amulets, 10th-12th Century AD

An assemblage of bronze and other amulets comprising: a flat-section distributor formed as addorsed horse-heads with billet detailing, transverse bar beneath with six coiled wire chains; ovoid bronze rumbler bell; silver bear-claw pendant; bronze miniature knife in its sheath; bronze casket key; silver reliquary capsule; silver axe with lunate blade; suspended on a substantial double-link chain from a wire loop.


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Shadowgraphy Hands Silver Goat Pendant

Two hands throwing a goat shadow.

Shadows speak volumes by candlelight.

Hand carved by Moon & Serpent

IG: @moonandserpent


I have 8 “Inspired Ahsoka Necklaces” left in stock on my etsy shop, Black Flower Store 💫!

The pendant/charm is handmade from polymer clay, hand-painted in white, blue, and brown/gold paint, and designed to represent Ahsoka’s montrals and lekku from the Clone Wars series. The necklace is also adjustable in length!