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DIY Stim Toy Master Post, Part 3

Please see Parts One and Two for even more DIYs and tutorials!

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Glitter Bottles, Sand Bottles and Orbeez

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Lights and Lamps

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Fidget Jewellery and Wearables

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Plush and Weighted

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I made my own besom! All materials came from my house or my overgrown backyard.

The stick is from my cypress tree and the leaves are from my yucca plant. Desert witchcraft ftw!

Bound with red yarn for passion and creativity and adorned with a stylized triple moon pendant.

Tutorial here:

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm going to a renaissance fair this weekend and I was wondering if you have any costume/accessories DIYs. Thank you!

Hope I got back to you fast enough!!!

This was a really fun one to compile! I hope these help you in some way!

DIY Lace Princess Crowns

The easiest one on the list; if you don’t have fabric stiffener, try Mod Podge or just plain white school glue.

DIY Snow Jar Necklace

From the apothecary.

DIY Princess Tiara

A tutorial for an elegant wire tiara for fair lady or lad.

DIY Crystal Ball Jewelry

For the more magically-inclined.

DIY Leather Journal

If you have the time or have prior experience, make this leather journal to jot down the happenings of the renaissance fair.

DIY Fresh Flower Crown

Fresh Flowers + Crown Braid = Flower Crown

DIY Spring Floral Headpiece

Or if you’d like a unique variant of the flower crown, this headpiece ought to do it.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is weird but do you know any stores (Walmart, target, meijer etc.) that sell things that can count as stim toys ( parents won't let me go to any stim websites )

Anon, offline stores sell a surprising amount of toys that work just fine as stim toys. These sorts of toys are at least two thirds of my own stim kit/collection. The increasing availability of fidget cubes and spinners only makes this even easier!

All of the stores you mentioned will stock stimmy things, so I’ll approach this ask on a general rather than specific basis by listing the sorts of things I’ve found in dollar and department stores and where I’ve found it. You can check the tags for each store (Walmart | Target | Meijer) to see what has been posted previously on this blog. You can also check out this ask on household stim toys and this ask on classroom stim toys for some good ideas. Aussie/NZ department store K-Mart has a really fabulous range of stimmy toys, so you might like to check out our tag for toy ideas.

This list will be prefaced by the fact that I am Australian and my knowledge is based on the toys I’ve found locally (regional Victoria and Melbourne) and the content I’ve seen in other dollar, discount, department and gift shops on my travels around Australia. However, I suspect that, in Western countries at least, the content of one’s discount shop isn’t like to be that wildly different.

I’ve included components for DIY toys as well, in case you want to explore making your own toys.

Counter displays: Spinners, fidget cubes

Party Goods: Bouncy balls, jointed snakes, mini plastic slinkies, mini stress balls/sports balls, bubble blowers, hedge balls, hedge creatures.

Toys: Bouncy balls, Play-Doh (real or imitation), Kinetic Sand (real or imitation), plush/soft toy animals (as they are or turned into weighted plush), stress balls, slime, floam, bubbles, slinkies, Rubix Cubes (imitation), dice, puppets, dough cutters and moulds, marbles (for marble mazes and loops, but also for fidgeting), snake puzzles, water snakes.

Baby: Teethers, bath toys, plush animals, facewashers.

Sports: Prickle balls, inflatable sports balls, stretch bands, roller massagers.

Haircare and Makeup: Blending sponges, telephone cord bracelets, makeup brushes, makeup sponges in general.

Jewellery and Accessories: Plush/fluffy keychains, silicone necklaces and bangles, silicone wristbands, silicone keychains, beaded keychains, glitter bracelets, tassel keychains.

Stationery: Packets of keychain/split rings (for beaded pendant necklaces, tutorial forthcoming), puzzle erasers, dice.

Pets: Prickle balls, prickle rings, braided rope, rubber balls.

Cleaning: Dusters, hand mitts (weighted plush), chenille broom covers (weighted plush).

Kitchen: Jars (for glitter jars), cookie cutters (for dough and kinetic sand), textured silicone placemats/pot holders, trays (for dough and kinetic sand), bowls, spatulas, (for storage or making of dough or slime), containers (storage).

Crafts: Glitter (for glitter jars, dough and slime), glue (for glitter jars and slime), fabric (homemade marble mazes and bean bags), pom poms, plastic tub jars (for glitter jars), thread (marble mazes, bean bags and weighed plush), beads (all the fidgets and jewellery with beads).

Homewares: Essential or fragrance oils (weighted plush and bean bags), potpourri and dried lavender heads (weighted plush and bean bags), glass counters (weighted plush, fidgeting).

Groceries: Rice, beans, soup mix (all for weighted plush and bean bags).

I hope this gives you some indication, anon. There will be things I’ve forgotten. The short answer, though, is that there’s plenty of stim toys in department stores. Just take the time to wander through the aisles, if you can, because you’ll be surprised at what you might find!

- Mod K.A.


I make a heart pendant from a ROCK! (tutorial) also sneak peek and I show you my pet dinosaur - YouTube


Learn to make Jareth’s pendant in this tutorial!

Don’t want to make it yourself? Enter to win the pendant I made in this video! Details about the contest are in the video.

Bass key pendant tutorial

Click here if you want to learn how to make it:

You will get 24 pages of detailed instructions - over 70 photos and sketches in 58 steps. 
All photos are high resolution and I tried to keep them as light as possible to make the tutorial printer friendly if you decide to print it :)

Skill level: i’m gonna go with advanced but you might find it to be less difficult, it all depends on what you are used to making :)

This is from the tutorial:

Prior knowledge needed (not taught in this tutorial):
• Intermediate soldering
• Stone setting (stepped bezel) 
• Hammering
• Filing

Tools needed:
- Soldering equipment
- Chain nose pliers (the ones with a narrow tip) 
- Round nose pliers
- Whichever cutting tool you like
- Hammer and anvil (or 1 big and 1 smaller hammer)
- Whichever stone setting tools you prefer - burnisher or a pair of larger nail clippers 
- Flex shaft or a nail polisher with a rough, conical tip/bur (for the stepped bezel)
- Various jewelers files
- Polishing tabs and/or cloths
- A printer or paper+pencil (for printing or drawing the bass key shape)
- A sharpie or permanent marker

- 28cm (11.2“) of 16ga (1.3mm) half hard round sterling silver wire
- 260cm (104“) of 25ga (0,45mm) dead soft round sterling silver wire
- 3x28mm of 1/4x28ga fine silver bezel strip
- 4x25mm of 2x1mm rectangle sterling silver wire
- 5+3cm (2“+1.2“) of 18ga (1mm) half hard round sterling silver wire
- 3 oval faceted gemstones, I used 8x6mm amethysts
- Solder or solders and adequate chemicals (if needed for your solder of choice), pickle – bought or home made
- Optional: oxidizing agent (liver of sulphur or something similar)

You can use 26ga wire instead of the 25ga wire for wrapping but you will need a bit more, probably about 5“ depending on your wrapping skills and wire pliability.

The quantities noted here are approximate because the length of wire you will need to wrap this pendant depends on: pliability of the wire, how tightly/neatly you wrap, how thick are the wires used. 

If you are a beginner or if your wire is half hard you will probably need more of it. I have also noticed a difference in sterling and fine silver – I need less fine silver wire to wrap the same thing (the fine silver wire was a lot softer and I was able to use less of it by wrapping it completely tight). If you are not sure better cut a much longer piece of wire than noted here – it is very difficult to seamlesly add more wire in this design. 

The gemstones do not have to be oval or faceted or the same size as noted here but if you do use different stones you will need to adjust the material quantities accordingly. You will also need to know how to set them - alternative stone settings will not be explained in this tutorial.

You can use any kind of solder you prefer and clean the soldering residue however you see fit (pickle, sanding, etc. ). I used Rio Grande paste solder and cleaned the residue manually, without chemicals.

Buy or DIY: Lego Heart Jewelry. For more LEGO DIYs go here: