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Break A Leg

First Part: Brave
Second Part: Breathing Space                                                          
Third Part: Plotting                                                                      
Fourth Part: New Arrangement                                                      
Fifth Part: Spinning                                                                                
Sixth Part: Distraction                                                                            
Seventh Part: Interlude                                                                            Eight Part: Duet                                                                                             Ninth Part: Pep Talk

Part 10 in my developing Roman/Virgil University!AU <3

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They arrive at the theatre far too early to take their seats, but Virgil doesn’t mind. At the very least, it’s giving him a chance to actually look around in the foyer, while Logan and Patton queue to get the reserved tickets. He finds a cabinet displaying photos and cut outs of reviews- and he notes with pride that Roman’s name pops up frequently. There’s a lovely candid behind the scenes photo of Rachel and Roman mid-high-five, and Virgil finds himself drawn to it. He can’t help but smile at Roman looking so radiantly happy in the moment. He catches the eye of his own reflection in the glass, and his cheeks warm a little. Sometimes, he thinks he’s so obvious, it’s a wonder the whole campus doesn’t know…

“He is rather adept at professional make-believe, I must admit.”

Virgil glances sideways to see Logan leaning casually against the cabinet. He smirks.

“Thank God Roman can’t hear you. ‘Professional make-believe’? Pretty sure he’d murder you on the spot.”

Logan shrugs. “Worth the risk.”

“It’s not just that,” Virgil says conversationally. “Have you read Roman’s thesis yet? It’s so cool, it’s like, the power of storytelling and different choices you can make and-” He cuts himself off, realising he’s gushing, and stands up properly.

But, it’s quite obvious that Logan hasn’t been listening to him at all. He’s still leaning against the cabinet, and his eyes have glazed over a little behind his glasses. Virgil follows his gaze, and spies Patton, chatting with the guy behind the box office as he collects the tickets.

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Tag yourself je suis Valli qui fait semblant de ne pas écouter les insanités que murmure Microbe sur la troisième photo


Lambert & Fils’s Globe Pendants

Canadian design studio Lambert & Fils has produced glass globes within folded metal frames for its Laurent lighting collection, designed as a reinterpretation of classic pendant lighting. Founded in 2010, the Montreal based studio is mainly inspired by the Industrial Age with a minimalistic keynote. The Laurent collection is a series of extraordinary lamps combining the classic Bauhaus milk globe incorporated with sculptural forms moving between line, surface and volume. Different models assimilate any space with delicacy and calmness. The range features glinting glass spheres arranged in duos, held in powder-coated aluminium, chrome, acrylic or brass panels. The collection includes various compilations with globes placed adjacent to one another on top of a half moon-shaped support, or held at the end of a horizontal piece. The metal sections are made of solid panels, which reflect the two spheres, or a slatted piece which creates a striped lighting effect.

  • All images © Lambert & Fils

“Bough of the Eternals (World of Warcraft)”

This pendant was inspired by the Night Elf capital in World of Warcraft, known as Darnassus. In the middle of Darnassus is the Bough of the Eternals (commonly known as the Darnassian bank), where a tree has grown into the shape of a bear with a bird on its back - the two of the basic druid animal forms. I’ve incorporated the bird part of this theme, using amethysts for the tree leaves and blue Swarovski crystals for the glowing lanterns that hang down from the bird’s wings/branches. I’ve also placed the bird on top of a crescent moon to show off one of the Night Elves’ main symbols: the moon.

You can buy this on etsy here!:


Overwatch Junkrat inspired Steel Trap Necklace

Now Available on my Etsy! $25 ea.

The perfect necklace to show off your Junker Pride! Whether you’re a Junkrat main, or just love Overwatch, this Steel Trap inspired fanart pendant is also a great gift for the explosives expert in your life!

Pendant: 2" x 1.75"
Chain: 18"

Cast resin, available in silver or gold powder finish, with adjustable chain to complete your look! A nice compliment for your cosplay, or casual wear.

Since these items are hand-made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. TA!


You can get it here!: