On February 6th 1996, pokemon #150 was born!
This means that Mewtwo is 20 years old today!

Here are some Mewtwo-themed pendants in honor of the psychic legendary!

Pendants available at Trinket Geek


Stunning Glass Bottle Encapsulated Rose Pendants

Romanian artist “Julia” and owner of Resity creates unique and colorful resin jewelry, composed from real plants and rosebuds that were formulated to never wither. Carefully crafted, each piece resembles a romantic and vintage token from a fairytale novel. Constructed from real dried roses, clear resin, antiqued brass chains, and silver plated chains, each pendant expresses a variety of message, according to the meaning of each flower and its color. 

In the hopes of making jewelry making her full-time job, “Julia’s” dream is supported by her loving family and art studies. 

The daily creations simulate the elegance and beauty of Victorian memorabilia. Since no plant or manual process is alike, each pendant is a unique piece of art. The presence of the encapsulated flowers in glass bottles resemble the human concept of memory. They are sacred keepsakes with profound meanings. You can find other creations, including, resin ring and bangles in her Etsy shop.

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Modern & Elegant Druzy & Crytal Jewelry by Lisa Brodzinski

Hawaii-based designer Lisa Brodzinski takes direct inspiration from her unique upbringing. Growing up as a first generation Korean-American, to a humbly brilliant father, and wicked-smart, entrepreneurial mother, Brodzinski found herself in the midst of individuality. Inspired by nature, life and the spirt of “aloha,” her jewelry reflects the a zest for life, color and beauty.

Composed of multi-colored druzy options, each piece is covered in a unique gold plating by a professional electroplater. The colorful choices reflect a romantic ideal of beauty and variety. Playing with highly saturated and quirky colors, such as fuchsia, aquamarine, and violet,  Brodzinski’s creations are an elegant and contemporary expression of jewelry design. The juxtaposition between a delicate gold chain and the natural and dyed druzy gemstones create a bohemian sensibility, which is irresistible at first sight. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop