{ I was trying to distract myself and here came my spirit of Scarlett and said: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DRAW ME LIKE THAT and I was just OKAY DARLING; actually since I’ve learned about “Monster High” I wished to see my OC Scarlett Skellington in such creepy fabulous style, I dunno.
She isn’t a kind of a character I connect with my Jack, but he treats to her with warmth like to a real daughter. That’s a long story. But she’s a kind of a character I didn’t have great plans for, I mean, she was like: OH I WANT TO MAKE A SKELLINGTON KID TOO and that’s what I got. But no, she became something much more. A spirit I love and really like. So, I plan to color this… SOMEDAY, because OH WELL I AM SUCH A LAZY ASS. Anyway, I am a horrible designed and I don’t know if this is the only version or will I try to do something better, lol, oh my… }