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I just had an odd thought. Us white guys are always going around saying "the definition of the N-Word has changed!!!" but then when you start talking about how racism isn't what it says in the dictionary, we start coming at you with hundred year old definitions. Uh?

Don’t apply logic to it. You’ll only give yourself a headache.

pencilscrap replied to your post: Just because some people who called themselves feminists said and did some stupid shit doesn’t mean you can’t call yourself a feminist now. Being a feminist doesn’t make you a part of a specific organization, it’s just a label. If you stand up for women’s rights, that makes you a feminist, even if you don’t call yourself that.

“It’s just a label…” If it’s only a label, why waste time worrying about people wearing it or not? You have bigger fish to fry than making people into cans, like pushing the actual ideals that label is suppose to represent.

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It's like you need to write some kind of list of people who "aren't" racist before you're allowed to describe your experiences or something. "Before I describe my oppression at the hands of racist white people, here's a list of white people I'm definitely not talking about, just in case they assumed for some reason that I was talking about them, personally."

Shit, even then I’d probably get white people pissed off because I didn’t add their name to it. lmao!