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Hey, what would you think a Page of Space with a pencilkind strife specibus have for final weapon?

My immediate thought is: a pencil that can sketch objects in the air and create them. However, it’s only a ghost imprint of the object itself. But with this, you can sketch an object, and captchalogue it to alchemize it later, (it really helps with the conception,) or use it to fool your enemies into thinking you have a rocket launcher. You’re also pretty sure there is a way to make those objects actually real, and no longer just ghost images. Perhaps you should ask your Hope player?

To make this a thing, you need a HB pencil, an alchemiter, (good luck with that one,) and an encyclopedia of all objects.

-Mod Ev

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How does the weapon figuring out process go? I'm not even sure where to start trying to figure that out, haha, and I wanted to know how you do it! :)

well, on a cel-only basis, the god tier, and characters with the same aspect holds a lot in what the weapon is gonna do/be! a void player would have either nothing as a weapon, so their fists like equius & horuss, and heck even ro xy. depending on the class, too, the weapon is influenced. a sylph’d have a weapon with the ability to heal, such as knitting needles, since they’d need to heal things. blood players would have an item that draws a lot of blood (just based on sickles- those things. v damaging.), so for example, i have pencilkind, so with a vertical slash the enemy would be…. c ut. half of the ideas for these weapons are just ideas that pop up in my head and the other half is inspiration from other posts (shhhh dont tell anyone)

mod k, wanna add anything?

-Mod Cel