Done is done. At least I declare it so for now - there’s nothing more I could do with it at the moment. And even if there is (for sure!) - it’s beyond my skills. The hair is as it is since it’s not physically possible to reproduce every single hair of this mess with a pencil (at least I couldn’t;p).

All yours;) And thank you so much for support and lots of nice words<3<3

Tools of trade: acid free 120g/m2 paper, automatic HB pencil, 4B and 5B pencils, 9B graphite, pencil shaped eraser for hair highlights.


Achievement Hunter + Legend of Zelda art dump Ryan as Link Geoff as Shiek Gavin as Zelda Ray as Navi Lindsay as the Great Fairy Michael as Ganondorf Jack as the King of Hyrule Yeah yeah, “but Shiek is Zelda in disguise!” But I liked the idea of Geoff’s ‘stache poking out of Shiek’s mask so I kept it And yeah yeah, King of Hyrule isn’t in Ocarina of Time but it was too perfect to pass up