RF4 things I found while browsing Noppin (basically an English interface for Yahoo Japan auctions)

First, RF4 mousepad which I think came with the limited edition of RF4 (jp). Current bid Y2500 ($23), 15 hours left.

Then I think a bunch of pencilboards or cards(?) of the bachelors and Lest.  I’m not sure how official these things are. Y2900 ($27), 5 days left.

There’s also a Doug cosplay outfit starting at ~$100 but who has that money to burn? Not me.

Although they’re kinda nice I don’t feel the need to buy them at this price. Should you be interested, though, there is a guide on how to use Noppin  to bid on Yahoo Japan (edit: the other guide was how to use Noppin as a general shopping service). Note that there are additional shipping charges for Noppin to ship these things to countries outside Japan.