Commission time!

I’m going to start this little project of a budget for future expensive plans, and some help would be really appreciated ` v ´ )/

As you can see, the prices are under every type of commission. I love to draw monsters and object-heads apart from humanoids, so go ahead and ask! I might try with furries as well. I don’t do NSFW. 

To commission me, send a mail to my address: The payment would be via PayPal, after I give you a confirmation through a mail, and before I start drawing (sorry about the last point, but I got some trust issues after a payment incident in deviantART).

If you got any questions, feel free to send me an ask. Thank you very, very much!! <3


Went to life drawing this morning. Started out doing some pencil work but wasn’t feeeeeling it because the model wasn’t a fat old lady which is what I’d been hoping for. Got some funky colour schemes going on and started looking for patterns within the shadows and shapes of the body (…started with the nipples on every one.) Ended up having loads of FUN n making some images that I actually like.


So, finally here is my part of the collaboration with Cpnblowfish

Actually, I want it to look a bit like as someone has put two completely different pieces – like Sherlock and John are as persons – together. Forced them to be one, to be united as one and… well, in the end this someone – or Sherlock and John –  realize, that they are really perfect together, because they complete themselves in such a wonderful way.

I hope this sounds not too odd. I just don’t know how to write my thoughts down in good English and without be too abstract and lost the point with start to write about the lil story-idea I’ve got while I worked on it. 

I’m not satisfied and I still have the feeling that something is missing. But I’ve already stare at this work the whole night and day and.. it’s enough. I dunno. 

It was really fun to do this collaboration with cpnblowfish and to see how different our works look in the end, although we worked with the same references and basic motive :)

If you haven’t seen her work already, take a look at it here. It’s breathtaking!