New Name And Renewed Art Blogging!

Ahoy! It’s finally that time! After a long hiatus, I’m making an active return to keeping online art galleries, something I haven’t actually done for about two years. And with a happily decided direction for this blog, it will continue on as a “sketchbook” centred on sketches, doodles, works in progress, and concepts, while a separate blog will be put together soon for complete or more refined drawings (from which I will also reblog onto here). The other blog will serve more as a gallery, while this one will be a more personal/casual platform. I believe it works best to keep my process and pencil work (that I love to share!) from overcrowding other pieces, and to have a spot where I more freely respond to asks etc.

As for the different name, I’ve been going by this new alias for some time, just that I had been waiting to update my account(s) when I would be ready to. The name change is a result of a long story of personal progress, and a very happy story that I hope reflects in my actions and artwork now.

Thank you kindly for staying with me, and I hope you enjoy!


For donnagers who requested Hux holding Rens Lightsaber, and the anon who wanted to see them scuffed up and in danger. So I drew things going a bit wrong on Starkiller base. Maybe they didn’t plan on a Wampa like beastie being there when perusing their plans.

I didn’t mean to go this detailed, especially on Hux, but god I just wanted to draw bearded Hux.


The Force Awakens I

(First) Series of posters that features the main movie characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

These are pencil/charcoal drawings —promotional photos used as reference— scanned, assembled, enhanced (levels and curves adjustment) and textured in Photoshop.

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