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Hey! I love your work and love comics myself. What pens and pencils do you use for your drawings and widths etc. could you post a list or a picture of all your supplies. Thank you so much

if you go through my instagram, ive done that before. ink4884  What you may find however is that what works for one artist doesn’t work for another.

Or the tools dont really matter so much as the other stuff.  Some people use a regular hb pencil work for them. So yeah feel free to look at what i use but also don’t feel pressured to use the same thing.  Just been getting the question , i went through that growing pain.

For commissions, i use copics , pitt pens and some times water color.  

h to hb lead holders for pencil

strathmore vellum 300 series.

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Hey~ Thanks for making this page, I'm loving it so far <3 may I request on Quartet Night's reaction seeing their S/O's room still lit while they were getting a midnight snack, entering the room, and seen that their S/O fallen asleep on a pile of papers the S/O were working on for work (pencil or pen still in S/O hand)? [maybe there was a better way of explaining the scene...]

|| No no! It’s really detailed~ I hope you like it! Tell me how I can improve!  ||

Reiji:- “Mmm, ara? You’re still awake _____-chan~ー” Reiji stopped midsentence as he saw you asleep. He had gone to eat some Pocky and he was surprised to find you here. He softly giggled.“Mou~ you work too hard my girl.” He said as he princess carried you to bed. He pulled the covers and made sure you were warm. He came back to the other room, arranged up your things, turned off the lights and went back to the bedroom, falling asleep next to you, whispering a sweet “I love you. Have sweet dreams” as he dozed off, an arm holding you close.

Ranmaru:- Ranmaru washes up the plate and heads back to his room. While going back he was wondering why the lights were on in the drawing room. He yawned as he walked in only to find you fast asleep on the couch, holding a sheet of paper and pen. “Composing at this hour..?” He mumbled as he walked closer to you and took the sheet. He placed a kiss on your forehead. “Really, you don’t even know when to rest. You’ll fall sick you know? But your hard work is showing in this song.”

Ai:- Ai walked out of the kitchen with a tall glass of orange juice. He looked around the place and saw something unusual. He walked in the living room and saw you sleeping on the sofa, sitting upright with one of your arms supporting your chin. He kneeled in front of you, observing you. “_____ has a cute sleeping face”, he thought as he stared at you with those cyan eyes, sipping the juice. He softly held your hand, and put you to a good position on the sofa, careful to not wake you. In the morning when you woke up, you were surprised to see Ai holding your hand, asleep next to you.

Camus:- Camus slowly took the last bite of the rich chocolate cake he was holding. He savored its taste as walked back to his room. He stopped at the door as he saw the lights on in your room. “She’s awake at this hour?” he thought as he opened your room door. He found his dear asleep on the table with papers scattered all over her desk. He sighed. He certainly did not like it when you overworked like this but you wouldn’t listen. He lifts strands of your hair and kisses them. He then decided,  “She better sleep in my room from now so I can keep a better eye on her” as he lifted you up and took you to his room.

—Nicole oxo