@rabbitpietale…looks like your wish has been granted.
After my drawing of the steampunk Undyne design that @kanaking had made for me, Rabbit had expressed a desire to see me do more pencil work. Well… I just happened to make some tonight.

While working colors for page 31 (26 for you guys), I put on Kikuo’s Reincarnation Ascension and this kiddo popped into my head. So I drew this. And… despite my not being a huge fan of my pencil work, I kinda like how this turned out.

…I listen to way too much Kikuo


Bad Bunny ❤️🐰🌙

a punky usagi i worked on off and on all last year-i’m just not satisfied with my colored pencil work anymore, so i took markers to it!! i guess her silver millennium tat would be better on her chest, but… it’s fiiine! i’ll probably put this in a future sketch dump. i feel like i’m making up for the fact i never drew any SM fanart as a kid, slowly….


@steffifreder_art on instagram

First life drawing class in two years, it’s been long time time since I picked up a pencil. Quite pleased with this, the shoulder is definitely buggered, it needs to be lower, but the rest seems to be in proportion and in the right place, so happy days.
2nd February 2017

Signal boost for a precious dragon

Hey folks! I very rarely stray from anything daily cat related but I am going to make an exception for one of my friends. Her bearded dragon Draco had to make a vet visit recently (the lil’ buddy is on the mend!), and she’s trying to promote Etsy sales to cover the cost of the trip. 

Some of you may be familiar with her work, for the last two years we’ve been working Rose City Comic Con together. She does some phenomenal colored pencil work! Please if you have a moment go take a look at her shop, I’m sure she’d appreciate the patronage.

The original post

Jillian Lambert Art Etsy

 I have this print, had to get the cat one of course!

This is Draco. Ain’t he a cutie? 

Thanks again folks, now back to the daily cats!  ❤

Toon Boom Studio Shading Tutorial

So a while ago, I figured out a way to add shading to animations in Toon Boom Studio (something that I thought wasn’t possible for a really long time lmao). Since others were interested in how I went about this, I decided to put together this quick, simple tutorial on my process!

Here I have my lineart finished and I’m ready to start shading. First, make sure you select the Pencil Tool (This won’t work right if you use the Brush Tool).

Next, make a new color swatch in the Colour Palette. I usually name the color “Shading” so I can find it easier. Click on the little rainbow circle while the new swatch is selected to edit the color.

A new window will pop up that lets you change and edit the color. For this, you can pick any color, it doesn’t really matter. It just needs to be something easily visible in your drawings.

I then draw in where the shading will go~

Here I’ve drawn in the markings using the same method. This helps keep the lineart clean since we’re working on the same layer. Once you’re all set, you can start filling in the colors of the character. I’ve made new color swatches of a darker version of each of the character’s colors for the shaded areas. 

To get rid of the lines, just select the color swatch you used to draw the shading lines and marking lines with, open the Colour Picker menu again, then turn the Alpha all the way down to zero.

Ta-da! The lines are gone and you’re character is all shaded!  :D Hope this is helpful!