Bygones of the Sun | 03 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 7.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03

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Harry was manipulative. Everyone knew it, but no one dared to say it because, well, he was Harry Styles! The innocent little pop star with a heart of gold, that’s who he was. One flutter of his eyelids and you’d be cast under his spell almost immediately. You had been with him for about two years and a bit, and you liked to say you were immune to his manipulative powers, but that just wasn’t true whatsoever. 

“Harry, no.” You muttered sternly, scribbling a sentence down in your notebook before glancing back at the tiny words on your textbook. “We can go out another time. Plus, today’s my day off, so I’m going to take advantage of that by catching up on schoolwork.” 


“No but’s.” You cut Harry off, keeping yourself from looking at him. You knew that the moment you looked up at him, he’d have those puppy eyes out along with an adorable little pout - And you weren’t going to fall into that trap today. 

“Y/N, baby…” And so it began. You let out a heavy sigh before finally turning to look at him, already feeling yourself melt under his intense gaze. His hands were planted on the table, the corner of his lip twitching as he tried to fight a smile at your irritated expression. 

“Don’t baby me, Harry.” You scoffed, reaching over and poking his nose lightly. “The brunch place isn’t going to disappear next week! I promise we’ll go next week, okay?” 

“But I already made reservations for today!” He whined, pushing his bottom lip out in a pitiful little pout. “And we have to get there in thirty minutes or they’ll give our table away! Plus I hear they’re already all booked for next weekend.” 

“It’s not my fault you didn’t ask me about my schedule for today before booking a table for us.” You shrugged, turning back to focus on your papers. “I guess you’ll just have to forgo brunch for now. If you want, I’ll make you a cheese toastie and that can be your brunch.” 

“C’mon, love.” He purred gently, leaning on the table once again. You hated that you let Harry tilt your head towards him with his finger, a charming grin plastered on his face before he was leaning in to give you a sweet kiss. “Two hours max. And then we’ll be back before you know it.” 

“Two hours of time I could spend studying.” You pointed out, twirling your pencil around between your fingers and giggling lightly when Harry buried his face in the crook of your neck to plant kisses to your skin. (See, you didn’t even realize you were being manipulated. That’s how good Harry was!) 

“Two hours you could spend with your lovely boyfriend who’s going on an international tour very, very soon and won’t be here t’ take yeh out for brunch…” Well, he had a point. You weren’t going to see him for a while so it would be best to spend as much time with him as- Y/N, you live with him! He’s literally around you 24/7! And he’s not leaving for like, three more months! Self-control, girl!  

“I really need to get my work done…” You trailed off, twitching when you felt Harry bite down gently. 

“You can do it later.” Harry pulled away, his lips swollen and as red as cherries. He reached up to cup your face, his thumb dusting over the apples of your cheek. “Don’t you love me?” And… That was your breaking point. 

“…I’ll go put my shoes on.” You huffed out, Harry’s grinning widely before he was smearing your lips together once again. 

“Yay! You’re going t’ love this place. They have the best cheese toasties.” Yep. Harry was manipulative. 


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Truth or Dare - Jughead Jones x Reader (w/ a lil’Bughead)

REQUEST: Hi could you write a jughead x reader where they play never have i ever/ truth or dare and she has to confess her feelings for jughead? hope that makes sense

Hi! I love your writing, and I was wondering if I can make a request. Could you write an imagine where there is kind of a love triangle between Betty, Jughead, and the reader? Thank you!

Betty x Jughead + Jughead x Reader + Jughead x Reader (platonic) + Veronica being bae

Words: 3,014 (not proofread <3)

Warnings: Cheeky bit of swearing :3

“Are you sure you’re okay (Y/N)?” Veronica was watching you carefully, wary of you pointedly glaring at your former best friend down the hall. You’d always been close to Betty Cooper, until she started dating your long-term crush, (which she knew about) Jughead Jones. You didn’t blame her, he was a great guy, beautiful and intelligent. She even asked if you were okay with her making a move on him and you had let him slip between your fingers. You had nobody to blame but yourself, but that hadn’t stopped the strain on your relationship.

Veronica was just as disappointed and distraught as you were. She’d been planning to finally let Betty know about her feelings. You’d noticed that fake enthusiasm she adorned when Betty and Jughead walked into Pop’s hand in hand. You would recognise that fake enthusiasm anywhere, as it was constantly reflected in your own eyes.

“I’m fine Ronnie,” You turned back to your locker and slammed it shut, causing some people to turn and give you funny looks. “What?!” You snapped, as you took Ronnie’s hand and dragged her through the crowds of staring students, getting away from any attention. You refused to make eye contact with the happy couple when you passed them. 

You sat in Chemistry, twirling your pencil as you failed to get anywhere with the equations on the worksheet in front of you. The chair beside you screeched as someone pulled it back to sit down. You looked up to see Archie Andrews, staring at you knowingly. He looked like he had something to say, and you weren’t going to be the one to start conversation.

“You look… tense. Like, something is troubling you?” Archie pried, searching your face.

“What are you now, my therapist?” You scoffed, turning your eyes back to your work but you could still feel his eyes on you. He let out a heavy sigh.

“Ronnie told me to remind you that tonight is the annual group sleepover, and if you’re not there, she’ll skin you alive and turn you into a designer handbag,” His tone sounded amused and you couldn’t help but grin.

“She would, wouldn’t she. You can tell her I’m not coming, I don’t feel like it,” You were hoping Archie would leave you alone, but he looked even more concerned than before.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You were excited about it up until a few weeks ago.”

Yeah well that’s because a few weeks ago, Jughead didn’t have his arm around the perfect girl next door. The girl who was everything you weren’t

You suddenly felt ashamed. That was uncalled for, Betty Cooper wasn’t perfect and she wasn’t the girl next door. She had confided in you about how she hated those words, how nobody knew what was really on the inside. Maybe Jughead was a good match for her, they could really help each other out.

“Earth to (Y/N)?!” Archie waved a hand in front of your face and you turned your head to him sharply. He sighed again.

“Look, please (Y/N)? She won’t just shoot you, she’ll shoot the messenger… and that’s me! You could do with some time off from whatever the hell has got you so moody,” He pleaded. He clasped his hands together in the traditional begging position, and you were almost expecting him to get on his knees.

What you don’t understand is that Ronnie’s sleepover is the closest to my problems that I could get right now.

You shook your head. It would be selfish to bail out on your friends. Putting all of your grudges behind you, you reluctantly agreed, causing Archie to skip back to his seat with joy.

This was going to be a mistake and you knew it.

“I’ll be honest (Y/N), I was worried that you weren’t coming,” Veronica grinned at you as you helped her sort out bowls of snacks. You had came home from school and gone straight to her house, to help her set up. Nobody else would be arriving for another hour or so.

“I didn’t exactly want to at first,” You admitted, trying not to sound rude. Veronica put the stack of plates she was carrying down and turned to you, gripping you by the shoulders.

“If you don’t want to be here, then go home. I’d rather you weren’t uncomfortable sweetie,” Veronica pulled you in for a gentle hug, which happened often thanks to her affectionate nature. Before you could object to what she was saying, your phone vibrated loudly in your pocket, causing the two of you to pull apart. 

“Sorry,” You smiled sheepishly at her and she shook her head dismissively, gesturing for you to check whoever was texting you.

You walked off to the living room and pulled out your phone, only to notice a stream of texts from… Jughead.

Jug 💖: r u going to be at ronnies?

Jug💖: pls (Y/N)

Jug💖: should i bother going?

You sighed, but couldn’t help smiling at the thought that he came to you.

Me: already there, setting up. hbu?

It didn’t take him long to respond.

Jug💖: i’ll go i guess, for the food

Me: typical jones

Jug💖: :) what are we even having food wise?

Me: Pop’s order, i have to go and get it, wdyw?

Jug💖: idk, depends on ma mood

You bit your lip. This was your chance. You’d felt so awkward around him that you’d been avoiding him, but now was the perfect chance to actually see if you could make a friendship work out of this.

Me: how about i meet you there and you can decide in the moment? c;

You crossed your fingers, hoping he would say yes

Jug💖: See you in 10 ;)

You let out a small squeal of happiness, before putting your phone back in your pocket and rushing to get your coat off of one of Veronica’s hangers. Suddenly you froze. This was a terrible idea, you wouldn’t know what to say. The feelings that you felt weren’t just going to disappear out of thin air, even if you tried to respect their relationship, that’s not how it works. You buried your head in Ronnie’s sea of fur coats and groaned. 

“Okay, what are you doing?” Veronica laughed, pulling you out of her clothes and giving you a funny look.

“I have to go get food,” You whispered, before finally taking your coat, and rushing out the door. Veronica stood there, bewildered, before shrugging and heading back to her room to edit the “Squad Spotify Playlist”.

“Ronnie will want water with that,” You smiled at Pop, who was working diligently. The diner was pretty busy that night, and you felt self conscious with a queue behind you whilst you ordered for 5 people. Annoyingly, Jughead was taking his time, scanning over the menu for awhile despite practically knowing it off by heart.

“What about you Jughead?” Pop gestured to his most loyal customer. 

“Hmm.” Was his response, which caused you to roll your eyes. He always did this, classic Juggie. 

“Hurry up, or I’ll order for you,” You threatened and he snapped out of his absentminded thought session immediately.

“I’ll take a cheeseburger with fries and a coke please.”

You heard people in the queue behind you sigh in relief and you scoffed.

“Really? “It depends on the mood” you say. That’s your order every single damn time we come here Jug.” 

He shook his head. “Actually, sometimes I get Dr Pepper,” He shoved you playfully and you giggled, shoving him back. 

“And lastly, what about Betty?” Pop knew about your meet ups, so of course he expected Betty to need an order as well.

Suddenly, the play fighting and friendly messing around with Jughead meant nothing, and you were back to feeling uncomfortable. Pop noticed the sudden change in mood, but didn’t question it and instead turned to Jughead.

“Uh, she’ll probably have a hot dog with fries, a small salad and a coke,” He also noticed you looking sheepish and was about to say something when you interrupted him.

“Fanta.” You mumbled, which caused both Pop and Jughead to look at you.


“Betty would want Fanta,” You smiled sadly. 

“Is something going on between you and Bets?” He whispered in your ear, discretely, as Pop looked down to change the order but you decided to ignore him.

“Anything else?” Pop grinned at the two of you. 

“You know what, some onion rings and garlic bread would be nice too, I’m starving,” You tried to ease the slight tension that had formed. Jughead left your side to sit down in his usual booth, waiting for the food to be cooked. Once you paid Pop in advance, you made your way over to the booth and sat across from him. Jughead looked distracted, his mind elsewhere as he stared out the diner window. You decided you wouldn’t bother trying to make conversation, so instead, the two of you waited in silence.

There wasn’t even much banter on the way back to Veronica’s.

The layout was simple, two long parallel couches in Veronica’s living room. On one couch, Archie and Veronica who were currently discussing Archie’s music. On the other couch, Betty and Jughead. His right leg was lazily strewn over her lap, and she was tracing circles on his feet. You were watching over everyone from the kitchen. It would be too awkward to ask Betty or Jughead to move from their spaced out position so you could sit down, and it would be awkward watching them head on from the other couch. So you sat alone, eating to your hearts desire.

“Hey (Y/N),” You looked up from your food stash to see Jughead. He was sat casually on the counter but you’d been so distracted you hadn’t noticed him come over. He was looking at you with concern, searching your face for any signs of illness or something unusual. 

“Hi,” You reached for the onion ring bowl, but he took it from you and began to devour them fast. You let out a frustrated grunt before shoving him off the counter and jumping on him.

“You should know not to mess with someone’s food!” You laughed, whacking him repeatedly with his beanie. He was laughing too, trying to shove you off of him as you mercilessly hit him with his hat. Suddenly you noticed his eyes go wide, staring at the ceiling above you.

You followed his gaze, your whole posture relaxing and that’s when you realised you made a mistake. Your weakest spot was exposed and vulnerable. Before you could do anything, Jughead had lurched forward, relentlessly tickling your sides. You burst into a fit of giggles, trying to roll away from him but failing.

“Ju-Juggg-Jug stop. Stop I can’t breathe,” You continued to giggle, trying to swat your hands at him. He stopped when you realised you did actually look like you needed some air and got off of you. You stared at each other, panting before bursting out into another round of laughter. His hair was messy from your teasing and your cheeks were flushed pink.

“Hey guys,” a voice came from behind the two of you and you turned around. Betty was standing there, her hands clasped together and an awkward smile fixed on her face. You realised how this must look awful, although you were sure that Betty had seen that you were only tickling one another. Jughead got up, stuttering as if trying to explain himself, before lending a hand out to you to help you up. You dusted yourself off before attempting to walk past the two. Betty stuck a hand out though, stopping you in your path. “(Y/N), can we talk?” She looked at you pleadingly. You didn’t have the heart to reject her.

“Sure Bets,” You nodded and she smiled up at you. That was the first time you had called her by her nickname over the past few weeks. Betty made eye contact with Jughead, signalling that she wanted to speak to you alone.

“(Y/N), I need you to be honest with me. We’ve known each other for so long that I can always tell when you’re lying so don’t you even try that with me. I keep trying to talk to you and you’ve either avoided me or you’ve been blowing me off,” She looked upset and you felt a pang of guilt. You pulled her in for a short-lived but sweet hug.

“I’m sorry Betty, I’ve been a bitch,” You sighed with regret but Betty looked distant, as if she was trying to figure something out. 

She hesitated before saying, “(Y/N), be honest, do yo-” 

“Get over here people! We’re gonna play a little game. And I mean right now!” Veronica’s voice called from the other room. You knew she would drag you in by the ear if you didn’t get there fast enough. The girl knows what she wants.

“I’m sorry Betty, I promise we’ll talk later okay,” You patted her on the shoulder before walking into the living room to sit next to Jughead on one of the couches. Betty followed reluctantly, giving Veronica an annoyed look that she willingly ignored.

“We’re going classic folks, how about a little game of Truth or Dare?” She clapped her hands excitedly. You would bother objecting, but it really wasn’t going to do much.

“Seriously Veronica?” Jughead looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, but as expected, Veronica didn’t give two shits.

“Yup!” She seemed to be enjoying everyone else’s despair. Archie tried to lighten up and seem enthusiastic, but even he was a bit scared.

After a couple of stiff rounds, the game actually got pretty fun. Everyone let loose a bit and just enjoyed themselves, which is exactly what you needed.

You’d learnt that Veronica had trophies from professional ballroom dancing competitions as a child, Archie could do 97 pushups in a minute, Jughead could walk like an orangutang, Betty ran away from home once and you had a lot of double joints. It was interesting to learn all these quirky, dumb things about each other which could be used as conversation starters in the future.

As the game went on though, Betty kept trying to pull you aside. Somehow though, you would always get interrupted by someone else or the happenings of the game, and you couldn’t find the time to sit down and have a proper chat with her like she wanted. Betty was obviously growing frustrated and impatient, as demonstrated by her increasingly stubborn mood.

After Betty had ran around, touching every single wall in the Lodge apartment, it was her turn to ask. 

“(Y/N), truth or dare,” She looked determined and you actually felt quite intimidated.

“Uhm, truth I guess,” You picked with the sleeves of your sweater nervously.

“Remember I can tell when you’re lying so don’t even try to pull one on me. Do you or do you not still have feelings for Jughead?” 

The flat fell silent, your face drained of all colour and you swore you could see stars.

“Betty, I don’t th-” Veronica began, attempting to defend you but Betty silenced her with a glare.

“Please (Y/N), I have to know,” She turned to you, a pleading look in her eyes.

“Still?” Jughead was staring at the floor, his eyes wide and mind racing. He looked up at you and you hurriedly looked away. You hated the feel of his eyes burning into you, searching for answers. It made your skin crawl and shiver.

“Yes,” You mumbled inaudibly. Veronica and Archie’s faces displayed awkwardness and pity as they tried to blend into the background of the conversation.

“Wha-” Betty didn’t even get to finish.

“YES BETTY! Yes I do, is that the answer you wanted to hear? Does it satisfy you to know that you’ve made me feel so useless and doubtful of myself? Is that what you wanted? I’m sorry that I’m not the perfect fucking girl next door, I’m sorry I can’t live up to anyone’s standards. I-i…I’m done,” You snapped at her. Jughead’s mouth was opening and closing, his tongue trying to form words as he stuttered, trying to comprehend everything. Betty shrunk back into her seat, her eyes brimmed with tears and cheeks flaming pink, perhaps with guilt or embarrassment.

You weren’t sticking around to find out. You stood up so fast you felt dizzy, and stumbled around a bit before finally picking up your bags and racing out the door. Your vision was clouded with tears as you tried to make your way down the hall to the elevator. Suddenly you were pressed against the wall and caged between someone’s arms. Wiping away the tears, you saw Jughead, staring at you with an expression that you couldn’t describe. 

“(Y/N) lo-,” he began but you pushed him off and stopped him before he even began.

“No Jughead. P-please don’t. I said some horrible, unnecessary things to your girlfriend back there and you’ve made it worse by following me out here. I’m sorry for what I said, I need to tell her that personally though. Right now, you need to get your ass back in there and take care of her. She loves you and you love her. And I love you too, and I’ll never stop loving you, probably more than I’ll ever love anyone else. But I love my friends too, and I’ve already trashed one of them. Go be with Betty and be the boyfriend she deserves, okay?” You felt a surge of power and confidence through your words, and you refused to break eye contact with the boy ahead of you. He just nodded wordlessly.

Suddenly he stepped forwards, he seemed to be contemplating something. You were frozen to the spot.

“I love her (Y/N), and I too, will always love you, don’t forget that,” His voice broke through his words and you nodded in response. He began to walk back to the door before he stopped, turned around and ran up to you, grabbing your cheeks and pulling you into a tender but salty kiss. You felt stiff at first, before reaching up to gently place your palms over the cold hands that so delicately framed your cheeks. It was passionate and soft and your lips interlocked with one another’s like puzzle pieces. It didn’t feel right though, not at the root. As you pulled away, you both felt yourself come to an closure with your eyes. No words needed to be exchanged.

Never again. He walked off, back to the flat, back to his girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with a lil’ game of Truth or Dare.

I like this one more than I like the last one :) There most likely will not be a part2 and the reader + juggie do not mostly likely end up together. The ending was not supposed to be a “OMG I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH YOU ALL THIS TIME,” it was more of a, ‘what could have been’ if you get me?

I mean I could make an alternate ending using the classic “Betty will understand” ( @betty-coopers-number-one-stan @kingpendleton @satanwithstardust @jugheadjns @pendletonthethird )

oh and I’ve been forced to tag @mrsjugheadjonesthethird

Baby it's all a Game

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Taehyung x reader

High school au/Angst/slight smut

Mentions of marijuana and drinking

based on a real life story

Word count: 8.2k

Part 1/?

There is only one person you had your eyes on ever since you started high school, and he will never be yours. Not now, not ever. Your feet are grounded to the floor, just as the game ended as you watched his girl wearing jersey running up to him for a hug, and slowly you felt your heart begin to shatter.

You could see him smiling as his hands were wrapped around her waist, securely and filled up to joy as she screamed happily for the final football game. Your school won by a landslide, by him running toward the end goal in victory, pandemonium breaking out from the bleachers as the other team lost. But you’re here, not having the enjoyment of the win  or any of the excitement as you watch the couple. He’s swinging her around in his arms, laughing with his honey sweet voice and kissing her from her forehead and her cheeks, her lips, her nose, from the ecstasy he’s experiencing. That was when your first heartbreak destroyed you, ruining your weak heart, and the first time you felt like crushed diamonds and broken into pieces.

Kim Taehyung will never be yours.

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Tongue Tied || Peter Parker x Reader

I was supposed to write a drabble for Tsukishima for my DeviantArt page, but lost the muse to do so. here, have another peter parker x reader that no one asked for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m writing this in celebration of finally reaching 400 followers!!! ;w; this means so much to me ahhhh and I’m super excited!!

so to celebrate, I’m writing this story, which was inspired by ranma ½ where the doctor character loses his shit whenever the girl he’s in love with is close to him.

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

warnings: none, just a really clumsy Peter Parker.

word count: 3,300+

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. Reblogs are fine!


Little did Peter know, just about everyone in his class was out to get him.

Now, it came as no surprise that Peter Parker wasn’t too poised even on his best days, but his clumsiness seemed to enhance by a tenfold whenever she was around.

[Full Name], a girl who seemed to blend in with just about any clique because of how kind and easy she was to talk to. The girl was not too popular nor much of a loner, she was just there.

But her presence was enough to turn Peter into a bumbling and tongue tied idiot. Many of the students who attended Midtown High could not find (or see) a reason why this Parker kid was so smitten with [Name]. All they knew was that watching Peter trying to communicate with the girl was hilarious.

Because of how his brain seemed to turn to mush around her, everyone who shared a class with both Peter and [Name] had conspired together to force the two of them together for the remainder of the year. They had no idea of the consequences, and was honestly just looking for a good laugh.

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Paper Hearts (Part 15)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8 9 ♡10 ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15 ♡Finale

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Language of Love | Xu Minghao

anon requested:  Yay it’s open!! may I request a drabble where Minghao discovers you, his foreign gf, teaching herself Chinese so that way she can meet his parents/make him feel more at home?? Thank you ily!!

Word Count: 699
Genre: Fluff
A/N:  I hope you like this as much as i liked writing it!! :)
nǐ shēntǐ hǎo ma - are you okay?
Shì - yes
Wǒ wèi nǐ zuòle shíwù - i made food for you (not 100% sure on this one)

Originally posted by luhan-bee

You twirled the pencil around your fingers, before placing the end of the pencil on the end of your lips. Your brows were furrowed in concentration, trying to focus on the basic Chinese symbols in front of you. You sighed, rubbing your temples as you dropped the pencil onto the page and stood up, stretching out your cramped limbs.

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The girl he once knew ∾ r.m

Originally posted by mazikeenhart

posted 4/9/17

request? yes
   “ YOO i love your writing, could i request a reggie x reader where the two were like frenemies in middle school but reader moved away and then moves back for sophomore year but she’s changed from who reggie remembers her? like she’s cut her hair short and has tattoos and has rlly toughened up??

warnings: none

a/n: thank you for the request! requests are open and you can request here + i’m thinking about making a part two for this imagine. yes? no?

words; 1,326

[not my gif]

4 years.

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yourevilmaster  asked:

Can I suggest a yuta smut where he is a tutor and ended up sleeping with the *reader*?

A/N: This plot looks so rushed- oh well, it’s fiction, enjoy [y is yuta with glasses not a thing yet]

A pencil flicked your forehead sharply, causing you to wince. You straightened in your chair abruptly, clearing your throat.
His expression seemed dull, his fingers twirling the pencil absent-minded. 

“How do you do that?”

Yuta let out a small sigh as you ignored the essay before you, instead focusing your attention on his fingers.
Your gaze dropped to the table in dismay as he sighed, your shoulders deflating slowly.

A warm hand reached out to your own, his pencil falling into the palm of your hand.
Slowly, he maneuvered your fingers, the rough pads of his fingertips brushing your soft skin gently.
Your cheeks flushed as your gaze trailed from his masculine hands to the glasses that sat upon the bridge of his nose.

“Why are your hands wet?” he questioned suddenly, glancing toward you.

He wore a small grin, leaning in slowly.

“Do I make you nervous?”

Your mind raced with raunchy responses, your lips parting in fright as he leant nearer.

“Y-You’re just really good with your fingers,” you remarked dumbly.

His grin grew into a wicked smirk.

“Let me show you-”

You fumbled for words, dropping the pencil carelessly as he stood from his seat opposite you, slowly making his way around the small table.
Your shoulders tensed as his broad hands landed upon them, gently massaging them.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“A bit,” you admitted.

You were unsure of him, his sporadic actions always catching you off guard- unsure whether he was toying with you or not.
A hand drifted from your shoulder to the inside of your thigh, his breath suddenly by your ear.


“Tell me to stop.”

You grew bewildered by his demand, unsure what to answer. You never knew what to answer, that’s why he was your tutor in the first place.
His lips brushed your ear in a tantalizing manner, his hand squeezing the soft flesh of your thigh gently.

“You don’t want me to stop?”


Your heart pounded in your chest, your thighs squeezing together as his lips brushed the shell of your ear once again.

“K-Keep going.”

His hand left your thigh, instead trailing up to your chest, drawing you back. His fingers grazed the column of your neck, tilting your head back slowly.
His lips met your own hastily as a sigh of content left him.


The desk creaked, a whine leaving you as his digits roughly thrust into you once again. You buried your face in his shirt, gripping the fabric tightly as his thrusts grew vigorous. Eagerly, he leant down, nuzzling into the crook of your neck, his lips sloppily sucking on the fragile skin.
Your voice rose an octave, unable to be silenced as his palm roughly ground into your sensitive bud.
His muffled words encouraged you, murmuring into your skin quietly.

“I’m going to-!”

Your face contorted, a silent scream leaving you as his thick fingers plunged into you with force.
Your walls constricted around him, your muscles spasming in ecstasy.

“You sound so sweet,” he murmured, withdrawing his fingers slowly.

He brought his fingers to his lips, the erotic sight making your heart burst with anticipation.

“You really are sweet,” he remarked, melding his lips with your own once again.


Happy Birthday @coop-writes!!! My attempt at supercorp for you came out a bit of a mess, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway <3


“Ten more minutes,” Alex pressed, trying to grab Kara’s arm as she walked towards the DEO landing-pad, but Kara shrugged her off easily, too intent on her aim. “Kara, please!”

“I’m fine, Alex. I just need some air.” It was only half true. Physically she hadn’t taken any damage in that last fight, but her emotions were still spinning and ‘air’ wasn’t what she was after.

The alien himself hadn’t been anything special, just another remnant of Fort Rozz with a grudge against her mother, but he had clearly spent enough time with Kryptonians to perfect the language. His taunts in her native tongue had been painful, cutting in a way that his claws and teeth could not, and when he had spoken the name of her house, Kara’s control had cracked. Technically, there was nothing wrong with his pronunciation, but the disdain that had colored his words had been all his own, and it had been unacceptable.

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A Question (Mulligan x Reader)

Words: 4300+

Warnings: Cursing

Request: jealousy then fluff? @pictorch-art

A/N: I hope you enjoy! As always, I get carried away 

Hercules Mulligan has known you for most of his remembered life. The two of you met when you were in kindergarten, he was the bully and you were the victim. It was an awkward time for the two of you, since you weren’t as popular as him. Of course, the verbal and physical abuse was short-lived, since you became friends during your high school years.

He was the jock, you were the nerd. He didn’t like to conform to those terms, but it was high school, teenagers were that way.

May 23 20XX 11:02am

He was walking through the hallways, his sports bag slung over his shoulder. His school was overcrowded, a flow of students pouring in every day. He noticed you walking by yourself, holding your book close to your chest. You were looking around frantically, seeming to be in distress.

He wasn’t the type to ignore someone who looked to be in trouble, so he walked over. You looked up at him when he appeared in front of you. You face turned into a look of disgust, glaring at him. He was confused. No one ever looked at him in such a way. He tried to be nice to everyone, including the students who weren’t as popular as him.

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Only You

Title: Only You

Pairing: FP Jones x Reader

Warnings: Implied/Smut, some slight cursing, underage sex, underage drinking.

Request:  Can I request some FP Jones smut? I love your blog and I think you’re literally the only person who writes for FP.

Can I please request fp x reader where readers friends with Juggy but like she likes FP alot and he likes her too but he tries to resist her and he tells her to like find someone her age n she goes and gets drunk n kisses this guy but fp swoops in takes her home and he can no longer resist her?

can you please write a FP Jones x reader where you are friends with jughead and the gang but its jughead’s birthday and FP is there and after loads of people arrive some smut happens between FP and reader ?

Can I have fp x reader where (don’t shoot me) juggy likes the reader but she likes fp and he likes her(but he hides his feelings ar first) and one day the reader comes to their house to find juggy to tell him like nicely she doesnt like him in that way (just friends) and fp is like you should go out with jug n FP is like we can never be together and she kisses him and he gives in for a bit then pulls back n she runs off and in the mornin he sees her with archie n gets jealous n pins her n smut?

A/N: There were a lot of requests for FP and I felt like I could fit them all in one fic because they kind of go together? Hopefully.
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! (Also the reader is eighteen in this fic for obvious reasons).

Tag List;
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Getting Out of Detention (TG/AP)

Matt had been sitting in 5th grade detention for nearly 30 minutes. It was his first detention ever, and he only got it because he was late to class. He was the only one in the classroom aside from the teacher, Mr. Jacobs, who had been tasked with overseeing detention that day. After tiring of flicking his pencil around his fingers, Matt pulled out the strange notebook he had found in the hall earlier that day. The notebook had a plain black cover and was completely empty inside, save for the words “Make a Wish” written elegantly on the inside cover. Matt sighed and continued to twirl his pencil, daydreaming about being at home and playing video games with his friends. Eventually, Matt scribbled the words “I wish I could get out of detention” onto the top line of the notebook. To his surprise, the words quickly began to vanish as if they were sinking into the notebook. Intrigued, Matt looked at the notebook then suddenly felt a wave of energy pass through him that made his spine shiver.

Matt looked around and noticed as the world around him suddenly seemed to be growing smaller. He quickly realized, however, that he was in fact growing at an exponential rate. Soon he was at least 5'6, though his clothes had not changed with him. He struggled to move against the tightening clothes, though some relief came when he felt his pants beginning to retreat up his legs. He looked down to see that his blue jeans had transformed into a surprisingly comfortable red skirt. He watched as his newly exposed legs began to change, thickening at the thighs while his calves grew toned and smooth. His butt began to tingle as his asscheeks inflated, lifting him slightly higher in the desk.

“Unf…” he grunted as a pleasure began to build behind his crotch. He was a bit embarrassed at the feeling as he only knew the sensation as one he got while looking at older girls he thought were cute. He wanted to reach for his groin, but didn’t want Mr. Jacobs to notice what was happening. He gripped the desk tighter and let out a few more soft moans as his penis was sucked upwards into in abdomen, leaving behind a tight, moist fold. He began to breath more heavily as his underwear tightened against his new sex, transforming into a scanty silk thong. The changed moved up his torso, reshaping his body to a more feminine form. His exposed midriff became smooth and toned enough to make man go crazy. He tried to pull his shirt down to cover the exposed skin, and to his surprise his shirt extended down to his shorts. He let go of the bottom of his shirt as he watched it turn from a blue Star Wars t-shirt into a tight, button-down shirt.

As his changing nipples rubbed against the new material, Matt reached up and tried to press his pecs into his chest. As he groped his chest, he felt his hands fill with his rapidly growing breasts. He moaned and massaged them with curiosity as a silk bra to match his thong formed between his breasts and the shirt. As his panting continued, he felt his vocal chords tighten in his throat. He coughed a bit, noticing how high-pitched and feminine he now sounded. As lip gloss applied itself to his softening mouth, he felt his facial structure reform itself into that of an 18 year old upperclassmen. He held his hands out in front of him as he watched the final parts of his transformation, cringing a bit as his nails grew long and manicured. He reached up to brush the growing brown hair behind her ears, and as her hand brushed her ear she felt an alien weight pull down on her ears. Jade earrings had materialized into his newly pierced ears. As the sensations of the transformation finally began to subside, Matt was finally able to catch his breath and look himself over. Still utterly confused as to why he had just transformed into a sexy upperclassmen, Matt reached for the notebook in a search for answers and a way to transform back, though to his surprise the notebook had disappeared. He looked down at his backpack, but soon realized that his backpack had changed too. He began frantically searching through the new pink backpack, but to no avail.

“Shit!” he exclaimed in his new voice. Mr. Jacobs looked up from his desk and stared curiously at the girl.

“Is there something wrong, Mary?” Mr. Jacobs asked. “Can’t find the homework you wanted to study with me today?”

Matt was taken aback a little at being called Mary. The name had caused something to change in Matt’s head, though he couldn’t figure out exactly what yet. “Mr. Jacobs, I’m here for detention, remember? It’s me, Matt.”

“Matt? Who’s Matt, Mary? And why would a girl like you ever be in detention?”

Hearing the name again made it harder for Matt to think. He could feel new emotions beginning to spread into his thoughts. “Mary, are you okay?” the teacher asked. Matt grabbed his head as feelings of hormonal lust began to course through his mind. He suddenly had memories of fucking jocks in the locker room and making out with guys in front of his locker. He tried to focus on the location of his locker, only to realize that his new memories placed his locker in a completely different part of the school. Everything was changing and he was trying his damnedest to resist. Then, he remembered the wish he made in the notebook and realized how it was being granted.

“No…please…not like this…” he mumbled under his breath. Mr. Jacobs got up from behind his desk and the first thing Matt noticed was the bulge in his teacher’s pants. Matt felt his new clit moisten against his will as Mr. Jacobs approached.

“Mary, you can drop the act. We both know why you’re really here.” Mr. Jacobs said in a domineering tone. Matt continued to fight his new urges, but as Mr. Jacobs unzipped his pants and let his dick poke through, Matt grew uncontrollably aroused. He stood up and was about to make a run for the door in a final attempt to retain his personality, but as soon as he got out of his desk Mr. Jacobs grabbed him and began to rip his button down shirt open, popping buttons off and revealing his sizable breasts. As Matt felt his teacher teasing his sensitive new nipples with his fingers, the allure of being Mary grew too powerful. With a loud moan, Matt’s desires to get out of detention and play video games with his friends became Mary’s desires to fuck her way to good grades and wrap the boys of the school around her finger.

“Oh, Mr. Jacobs…” she cooed sensually, “you really know exactly where to touch me.” She reached behind her and braced herself against the desk as orgasmic feelings began to course through her body. She smiled as she watched her teacher continue to remove his clothing, ogling the throbbing cock that was mere inches away from her. As Mr. Jacobs turned her around and prepared to thrust his cock into her, she moaned, “Come on, honey. Hurry up and fuck me before this period is over. I’m not getting any younger…”

request: the8 badboy!AU, highschool!AU ; insp. by the 6th prompt here!

pairing: minghao/you

a/n: *sweats* after 6 months of not writing a scenario, i am back!!! honestly i got a bit carried away so it’s a bit lengthier than usual, so i hope this makes up for it since this is my first minghao fic :’) 

2,684 w.

The sound of hurried footsteps and hushed voices outside your bedroom window is what pulls you away from your hour-long studying session. It’s five minutes past midnight and you’re reviewing your notes in preparation for your chemistry test in the morning, but now that your attention is elsewhere, you realize that further cramming will do you no good. You sigh and shut your notebook, stretching your arms behind your back as you get up to see who (or what) could be making such a ruckus outside your house this late.

When you peer outside your window, you barely make out the outlines of three hooded figures running straight for your backyard door. Your eyes widen as you watch them shove it open and run deeper in until they’re out of sight. You freeze in place as panic washes over you because oh my god they’re going to break in and murder me why do I have to be alone tonight out of all nights?

You grab your phone and rush into the master’s bedroom where a window gives the perfect view of your backyard. Creeping closer to the window and peaking through the blinds, you see that the three of them are standing in the middle of your backyard, two of their backs turned to you. The other figure is facing you, but you can’t quite make out their face.

“Did we lose him?”

“I don’t know. But it’s best to hide here until we’re sure.”

You sigh in relief. So their intention isn’t to break in.

“Minghao? What do you think?”

Minghao? You squint your eyes as the figure takes off his hood. Even in the darkness, his fiery red hair is visible and your jaw goes slack. Minghao’s in several of your classes, though he hardly shows up for it to feel that way.

“Yeah, let’s just wait here.” He cards a hand through his hair and looks around as if sensing your gaze.

You’re about to step back from the window just in case he sees you, but something in the corner of your eye makes you stop mid-way. Now that your eyes have adjusted to the dark, you can see that your garden—or what was your garden—has been trampled on. You’ve been tending to that garden for months now, and anger builds within you when you see some of your peonies limp in the soil.

You spin on your heel and down the stairs, clutching your phone in your fist. You make your way over to the living room where the backyard door is, flicking the backyard light on in the process.

You yank the door open and step out, pointing an accusatory finger at the three boys, “Hey!”

The three of them look at you in alarm, but before they can say anything you continue, “Look, I was going to let you guys off for trespassing after you leave and all, but how are you going to repay me for my garden? I’ve been working on it for months! And you,” you point to Minghao, “there’s a chemistry test tomorrow! Did you even know that? Actually, do any of you know how expensive it is to maintain a garden like this? Why my garden? You guys are so careless!”

By now you’re heaving from your mini-rant as the three boys stare at you in shock. You cross your arms. “Well?”

Much to your dismay, one of them has the audacity to laugh“Come on,” he nudges the one standing next to him. “Let’s get out of here.” He shoves his fists in the pocket of his hoodie and brushes past you like it’s nothing. “Nice pajamas, by the way.”

You blink a few times before looking down at your current attire: a Hello Kitty pajama set you got for Christmas two years ago with fuzzy slide slippers to match. Feeling your face warm, you glare as Offender #2 joins Offender #1′s side.

“Let’s go, Minghao. You have a test to study for, remember?” he snickers.

And then they’re off, leaving the way they entered, not even sparing you a glance. Minghao watches as you sulk over to your garden. You can feel his eyes on you as you kneel down to pick up a crushed peony. “Just go,” you murmur, standing up to walk past him. “Jerks…”

“Hey,” he calls out right before you close the door behind you. “I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

“How?” you frown. Even though Minghao’s always had the reputation as the school’s “bad boy”, you never paid attention to such labels. But now that you have a reason to dislike him, you’re starting to believe the rumors. Maybe he truly is just a delinquent who causes needless trouble. “I’ve been growing this garden for mo—”

“For months. Yeah, yeah. You’ve said that already.”

Your glare deepens.

“I’ll find a way. But for now, I have to go.” He pulls his hood over his head and for the first time, looks you in the eye. “It’s ______, right?”

“Huh?” you ask, surprised that he knows your name. He looks at you expectantly and you clear your throat. “I mean, yeah. How’d you know?”

He smirks. “It’s pretty hard not to know the name of teacher’s pet, don’t you think?”

_ _ _

Unsurprisingly, Minghao misses the chemistry test the next day and doesn’t show up to class for the days that follow. You twirl your pencil between your fingers, chin resting on the palm of your other hand. “He’ll make it up to me my ass,” you mutter, remembering the amount of peonies that died at the hands (well, feet, technically) of those three impudent boys.

When class ends, you’re out the door, ready to go home and take a nice nap. With both of your earbuds in, you scroll through the music in your phone until you find a song you like and press play. You walk for five minutes until you feel a tap on your shoulder.

When you turn around, Minghao’s staring down at you. This time, his hair’s dyed a whitish grey that contrasts against his black hoodie.

You pull out your left earbud. “What do you want?”

“Here,” he holds out a mini succulent plant. “We’re even now, right?”

Frowning, you take the succulent from him and eye it. “This is your idea of making it up to me?” You narrow your eyes at him as he shrugs. The succulent is admittedly cute, and as you inspect it more, you notice black ink written on the bottom of the vase. Curious, you tilt it backwards until the words becomes readable.

Seokmin Lee :^)

Pausing, you look up at Minghao, to the succulent, and back at him. “Wait,” you say slowly, realization hitting you. “You stole this?”

You shove it back in his hands and glare, angry at yourself for actually thinking he could be true to his word.

“I got it for you,” he says simply, not understanding why you’re so upset. “You don’t like it?”

You look at him like he’s crazy, but his unwavering stare makes you pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration. “Forget it,” you say. “Just put it back where you took it from.” You shove your earbud back in your ear and continue your walk home.

When you open your backpack to do homework later that day, you find the succulent sitting inside the space between your notebooks. 

_ _ _

Minghao, for reasons unknown, has become increasingly adamant on compensating you for the garden he and his friends ruined. Last week, he tried giving you a rose before you pointed out that it was clearly plucked from the school’s garden. You figure that it’s a pride thing that drives him to do these things; otherwise, a rebel like him and a straight-A student like you would never have crossed paths again following the incident last month.

Today, it’s a pack of sunflower seeds.

“You know these are for eating, not for growing, right?” you deadpan, looking up at him. “I can see you’re really trying. But what’s done is done, so you can stop feeling indebted to me or whatever.”

Minghao opens his mouth to speak, but you continue before he can, voice much softer this time. “You’re nicer than your other friends. I appreciate it.”

“Nice?” he frowns. “I’m not nice.”

“Then why do you keep doing this?” You purse your lips, clutching the pack of sunflower seeds embarrassedly. “People think you like me. Someone saw you give me the rose last week. You know how fast rumors spread in this school.”

“Let them think what they want,” he counters, expression unreadable. You’ve never felt so vulnerable under someone’s gaze. “Plus, some rumors turn out to be true.”

You feel a blush creep up your neck. “What do you mean?”

Minghao shrugs, feigning cluelessness. “Dunno.”

The words come out before you know it: “Do you like me?” You bite your lip immediately after the words slip out, mentally cursing yourself for asking such a forward and ridiculuous question.

Minghao, however, seems unfazed. “Wanna date?”

You definitely weren’t expecting that. At a loss for words, you can only pray that your face isn’t as red as it feels. Minghao looks amused as your mouth opens and closes as you struggle for a response.

“I don’t date,” you say lamely. “I’m focusing on my studying.”

Minghao quirks a brow. “So no?”

You feel as if your heart rate’s increased tenfold and your mind’s gone blank, and all you can see is Minghao watching you grapple with words like you suddenly forgot how to speak and why in the world isn’t there a class on Dealing With A Minghao 101?

You and Minghao are polar opposites. You study diligently and get good grades, never skip class, and are well-liked among teachers. Minghao’s known for his cold indifference and causing all sorts of mischief outside of school. You’re not very popular, either, so you can’t find any plausible reason as to why Minghao would want to date you.

“I… I don’t know,” you manage to choke out after what feels like an eternity. “I barely even know you.”

“Isn’t that what dating’s for?” For someone so relaxed, he’s strangely persistent.

“I mean,” you start. “We could maybe… study for the upcoming chemistry test together?”

Minghao scoffs and you look away sheepishly.

“What was I expecting,” he mutters. “Fine.”

_ _ _

You’ve never felt so many eyes on you before. It’s a rare sight, so you can’t be too mad at the staring students. Had it not been for your suggestion, Minghao would likely never be seen in the library, let alone with you of all people. There are papers splayed over your shared table, but so far you’re the only doing the actual studying. He’s been staring at you for, you glance at the clock hanging above a shelf of books, the past thirty minutes.

“Minghao,” you sigh, looking up from your notebook. “What’s the difference between molarity and molality?”

“Your nose twitches when you study,” he says plainly.

You give him a pointed look but before you can retort, a smirking figure grabs your attention.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” The pretentious Jihoon has his fists in his khaki slacks and his chin up like usual. “______ sharing her smarts with someone? Who would’ve known,” he muses. “Tutoring will only slow you down. We’ll see who lands the highest score this time.“

“Actually, tutoring shows you’ve mastered the material well enough to teach it,” you roll your eyes. “And I’m not even tutoring him. We’re studying together.”

Jihoon scoffs, grumbling a “whatever” before stalking off.

“Who is that punk?” Minghao asks, eyes still on his retreating figure.

You shake your head, brushing your hair out of your face. “I guess you could call him my rival. He’s been like that since we were in the fifth grade.”

“The competitiveness or the rich kid look?”

“Both,” you reply sadly.

Minghao adjusts his baseball cap so that his bangs flatten above his eyes. “Want me to beat him up?”

Your eyes widen as you look up at him. You can’t decide what’s scarier, his threat or the fact that he’s actually serious. “No, don’t do that,” you frantic. “I don’t want you beating anyone up.”

Minghao doesn’t look satisfied with your answer but doesn’t say anything. The next ten minutes are spent in silence, you reading over your notes and doing practice problems while Minghao idly scrolls through his phone. He gets up, sliding his phone into the pocket of his bomber jacket, and tells you that he’s going to the bathroom. You nod without looking up, letting him know you heard him.

"Finally, he left,” you hear someone a few tables away breathe out in relief the moment he’s out of sight. “I was going to leave myself if he didn’t.”

“Dude, same.” His friend shudders. “He’s so scary.”

You try to pay them no mind as you train your attention on your studying, but as they continue their Minghao-slandering you realize that you’ve been reading the same sentence over and over.

“What was he doing here, anyways? He should just go back to his shady business with his gang or something.”

“Tell me about it. And why was ______ with him? He probably threatened her into it.”

You slam your pen on the table. All eyes darting to you, you turn to the two gossipers. “Excuse me, but I’m trying to study,” you force a smile. “So if you could please—”

And what they ask next is all it takes for you to snap.

“______, is everything okay? You’re not feeling ill, are you?”

Feeling the anger coursing through your veins, you stand from your seat, palms laying flat on the table. “What do you two know about Minghao? Have you ever even talked to him?” You don’t care if you’re drawing more attention to yourself as you press on, “You have no right to judge him. He has feelings too, you know. What makes you think that I’d have to be feeling sick to want to be with him? You guys are so judgmental! You guys are such…” you remember what Minghao said earlier, “…punks! You guys are nothing but—”

“______, that’s enough.”

Alarmed, you turn around to see Minghao standing there with his usual expressionless face. You turn back around consciously and shut your eyes tightly; just how much did he hear? Would he be proud that you stood up for him? Angry that you caused a scene?

Minghao tugs on your wrist, “Come on.”

Wordlessly, you pack up your things, head laying low in shame though you ironically don’t regret a thing. Swinging your backpack over your shoulder, you exit the library after Minghao.

“Um,” you cough, trying to catch up to him, “how much did you hear?”

“All of it,” he says casually, looking down at you. “You like me, don’t you?”

You stop walking and blink up at him. Minghao peers at you over his shoulder and you swear you see stars.

You suck in a breath and, feeling brave, say, “Well, we’re dating, aren’t we?” You rejoin his side and feel proud when you see him looking shocked this time.

But the surprise is quickly replaced by a smirk as he throws his arm over your shoulder.

_ _ _

“Geez, who knew gardening could be this tiring,” Junhui, previously known to you as Offender #1, sighs, wiping away a drop of sweat from his brow.

“Don’t forget expensive,” you remind him, using your hand as a shield from the sun.

“Can we take a break?” Soonyoung (Offender #2) whines, fanning himself. “It’s hot!” He tosses the trowel on the soil and let’s out a groan.

“No stopping, punks,” Minghao scowls, and you can hear Junhui mumble “he’s turned soft” under his breath.

“Hey,” you elbow Minghao, “you should be helping them. You did this too, remember?”

“I tried making it up to you, didn’t I?” he challenges.

You end up shoving Minghao into the soil, but thankfully this time the peonies are unharmed.

College Gothic
  • When you visit the college of your choice, everyone smiles at you. You smile back. You fail to notice how taut their skin is against their perfect identical teeth. You do not see the wires jerking their limbs.
  • On move-in day your freshman year, they warned you not to lose your room key. ‘The fee’s pretty high,’ they said. It’s the day of your graduation. The key is still embedded in your palm. You don’t want to lose it. You can’t afford to lose it.
  • In the room beside yours, music always plays, the sound piercing your walls. You knock on your neighbor’s door. No one answers. Your RA informs you that no one lives there. You return to your room. The music is louder now.
  • An upperclassman advises you to take notes no matter what. You’ve filled up thirty notebooks. You’re taking note of every detail. You haven’t slept. Write it down. Record everything. Never forget.
  • You sit in your night class, twirling your pencil. Your professor keeps talking. There is a minute left in class. There has been a minute left in class for three days. Your eyes are sinking into your skull. When was the last time you blinked? You keep twirling your pencil. You can’t stop.
  • Your RA greets you when you pass her on the quad. Her face changes each time you see her, but her voice stays the same. At night, the light under her door flickers but never goes dark. You don’t ask.
  • Every Wednesday, a screeching alarm sounds, so loud it vibrates your walls, your bed, your body. It’s a test, you tell yourself as you lie in bed. It’s just a test. That’s what they told you. They wouldn’t lie. This week, there is no alarm. You open your eyes. There is only darkness.
Our Eyes Ch. 1 (Steve x reader)

Ahhhh, I’ve finally got an idea for another series and I’m super stoked. I’m going to make it cute. No angst this time. Just total cuteness. And guess what? I’ve finally gotten rid of my writer’s block and the ideas are starting to flow again. I hope I get to write a lot this week, hopefully getting a few of these chapters in. I hope your Wednesday went well, and just a reminder that you’re all awesome and I love you all. xoxo

Description: You’re a quiet girl who hangs around coffee shops, capturing what you see onto paper. You’ve always minded your own business, never getting involved with anyone in any relationship for reasons you’d rather not say out loud. He’s a super soldier who keeps to himself, never one to really talk to anybody that he doesn’t have to. He’s been through a lot, but never talked about it, always shoving it into the back of his mind. A chance encounter makes some sort of connection between you two and suddenly everything changes. Your eyes tell a story, as well as his, but will either of you find the courage to say it?

Warnings: Literally one curse word lmao


You were sitting in the corner of the lowly lit coffee shop, gazing out the window at the cherry blossom tree that was idling just outside the door. You hand was moving across a piece of paper, roughly sketching the flowers that were blossoming on the branches. The thick paper felt smooth against the side of your hand, the graphite smearing itself onto it. Once you figured you had studied the flowers enough to finish the rest of the tree, you looked down at the paper, taking a sip of your latte. It was an outline sketch, nothing was completely structured, but you figured it was a good base line. You began darkening the lines you liked, shading in the shadows, giving the tree some depth. 

The bell on the door jingled, letting everyone in the little shop that someone had come in. You glanced up at the door. The people that came in here were always interesting. You were a people watcher, you always made up life stories and agendas for them as they waited for their coffee. Sometimes you felt like their choice of caffeine said something about them too. Your eyes followed the person across the floor to the counter. It was a man, a really well built man. He was wearing dark wash jeans, a fitted black t-shirt that showed off every toned muscle on his body, and a dark blue bomber jacket. His face hid underneath a black baseball cap, shadows casting over him. He must have felt you staring at him because he turned around, scanning the room till his gaze met yours. 

His ocean blue eyes stood out against the darkness in the shop. Your lips slightly parted in a gasp. They were captivating you, and suddenly it felt like only him and you were in the room. He broke his gaze, looking at the ground. You realized that you had been gaping at him and blushed. He glanced back up at you, a small smile on his face. Embarrassed, you smiled back and dived back into your work. You cursed yourself for staring so long and focused back onto your work. You were so afraid to look back up that you didn’t notice him come up to your small table, admiring your work. 

“That’s really good.” He pointed at your sketch. “Is that alright if I join you?” He peered down at you smiling, little crinkles appearing around his eyes. 

“Uh, yeah sure. Oh, and uh, thanks.” You were fumbling on your words as the man sat down across from you. 

“I’m Steve, by the way.” He offered you his hand. 

“I’m F/N, nice to meet you.” You took it, shaking it lightly, the calluses on his palm brushing up against the back of your hand. 

“That’s a beautiful name, F/N.” You let go of his hand, your face becoming warmer as you blushed. “I really like that sketch, by the way. Are you an artist?” His face lit up, his eyes seemed to become a little brighter. 

“I guess you could say so, not much to make a living off of though.” You chuckled, suddenly feeling much more comfortable with him. 

“I used to sketch a lot too.” 

“Why’d you stop?” You blurted out as you curiously peered into his eyes, the bright blue fading to a blue-green. You could tell there was a something there, something to say that he couldn’t say out loud. 

“Well, uh… you see, hm, it’s a long story actua-” He was cut off by your insisting voice. 

“It’s okay, you don’t have to tell me.” A sympathetic and kind smile pulled at the corners of your mouth. “I totally understand.”

“Th-thank you.” He gave you a quick glance from under his hat, his fingers twiddling with his mug. Now that he was up close, you realized how good looking he actually was. His smile had made you weak in the knees, and he gave you butterflies for some odd reason. Nobody had ever made you feel that way before. You were trying to find words to begin a conversation to steer away from the awkwardness. 

“Do you live around here?” You raised you eyebrows, twirling the pencil in between your fingers. 

“Actually, I do. I live down a couple streets, more towards the city. What about you?” 

“Yeah, just around the corner. It’s small, but it’s cute.” You shrugged your shoulders, tilting your head as you flitted your eyes from the paper to him. You looked at the clock. Your eyes went wide with shock and your jaw dropped. “Oh, shit. I’m going to be late for work.” You gathered your things, quickly standing up. 

“Oh, okay. Well, it was nice talking to you. I hope I see you here again.” He stood up with you, flashing that grin, making you blush. 

“Me too.” You gave him a wink, brushing his hand with yours as you walked out of the coffee shop, swaying your hips just a little bit more than usual. He watched you disappear around the corner, a stupid, goofy smirk plastered on his face. 

He sat back down and took a sip of his coffee. He saw that you left your sketch on the table and picked it up. The tree you penciled wasn’t completely finished, but he could see that you were talented. His eyes shifted across the paper, admiring every line and shading job you had done. He glanced over the corner, passing it by and moving on to another part of the sketch. Steve took a double take and realized you had written something there. 

Call me sometime, yeah? :)

(342) 555-9736

He smiled to himself, figuring that’s why you had winked at him. Finishing his coffee, he folded the paper nicely, slipping it into his pocket. 

The bell on the door jingled as he stepped outside, the warm breeze brushing against his face. Somehow everything seemed to be different when he left that coffee shop. The sky seemed bluer, the flowers smelled sweeter, and he felt a lot more light-hearted. As he walked down the sidewalk, he patted the paper in his pocket, telling himself that he had to see you again. He wanted to see your beautiful E/C eyes looking into his again. 

I’m going to call her. I have to. 

Hey, lovelies. I hope you had a nice afternoon and evening, because honestly my day wasn’t amazing. But, that’s okay because I got to come home and write some more and eat ice cream and cookies. Just look at this social life I have, right? Anyways, I’ll have the second chapter tomorrow evening with hopefully a one shot in the early afternoon. I love you all, remember that you’re a beautiful person who deserves the world and so much more. xoxo



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Justin’s First Love ll 13 Reasons Why Imagine

Summary: Justin Foley falls for a girl he just met.

Warning: Profanity

Request: nope, but do y’all want a part 2?

Note: This isn’t my first imagine, I have written a lot of things on Wattpad and had some writings of my own in general that I thought were pretty sucky, but anyway, nice to meet you I’m Nikki! You will learn more about me throughout this aging of the tumblr: nikkimagines. English is a language I am fluent in but every person has some mistakes so excuse them and please leave a response of the imagine if it offended you in any way or if you loved/hated it! (ahh i promise i’m not this formal just wanted to be cool XD)


Mrs Walters - made-up math teacher(i made it lol)

Y/n - Your first name

L/n - Your last name

S/c - skin color

E/c - eye color

H/c - hair color

Justin Foley, a 17-year-old jock at Liberty High School, was known for being a basketball player, and a one-fuck kind of guy. No one would imagine him ever have a true crush or just falling in love in general, it just wasn’t his thing. That wasn’t for long until he met Y/n L/n. Any person would think Justin was crazy for liking her, he likes popular, hot, don’t-give-fucks kind of girls. Y/n, was the complete opposite, she was an introvert, shy, smart, but she was athletic—that wasn’t what dragged Justin in, it was her looks, she looked goddamn gorgeous in every single way. Justin didn’t meet her until her second day, and she was already acing her classes. It all started out something like this…

“Justin, I don’t think you are getting any better in Algebra. I have given you all my best tutors! What else can I do to help you Justin?” Mrs. Walters asked as she gave Justin his test grade, it was a D, again. He hated disappointing his math teacher, especially since it was his favorite teacher in the first place.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Walters, but I don’t think they are explaining it the way I learn. They [tutors] make it more—how do you say it, er complicated?” Mrs. Walters chuckled.

“I don’t think they can confuse you more than me, these are your peers!” Mrs. Walters pointed out.

Justin sighed, knowing what she said was true. He grimaced looking at the first page of the test, covered in red marks and x’s counting them wrong. “Maybe it’s not the right tutor.” He murmured just loud enough that she picked up his words.

“Maybe so,” She whispered back. “What if Y/n tutors you? She needs some friends and you need higher grades.” He turned to look at the girl who was twirling her pencil and looked frustrated at her paper.

As he turned back around he spoke, “Are you sure that girl knows anything about math? I mean, she just got here.”

“I don’t think you know much about Ms. L/n. She got an A+ on that quiz I just handed you.” She smiled at the girl, taking a quick glance at her and looking back at him.

Justin’s mouth gaped open. “She took the test yesterday?”

“She thought she was capable, I told her it was a hard test but she took it anyway.” Mrs. Walter explained. “So, what do you say? Could you try her as a tutor?”

Justin took another glance at the girl, she caught his eyes and looked away. Justin has a light blush brushed onto his cheeks and looked back at Mrs Walters.

“I guess I’ll try her out.”

“Thank you Justin! I’ll tell her right now.” He smiled as Mrs. Walters walked away from him to tell Y/n the ‘great news’. He looked backed at his test and frowned, he still didn’t understand what x and y meant and don’t even get him started about the scatter plots. He always wondered how math would help him in life—it just never made sense to him the purpose, I mean science helped the world, English class helped them tell the world what science did, he just didn’t understand how math could ever help him in this world of technology. He was lost in his thoughts until Y/n tapped his shoulder, he turned around to see a girl with s/c and the most gorgeous set of e/c eyes he has ever seen in his entire life. He didn’t hear any of the words she had said because of him staring, she then caught on and stopped talking and looked down.

“So, Mrs. Walter said a guy named Justin needed some help with math, could you tell me where he sits, sorry again to bother you.” She spoke quietly but it was amazing how her voice was so relaxing.

“Oh, that’s me.” She gave him a light laugh and smiled.

“Sorry, I’m new and I don’t know any one’s names.” Justin smiled, then got up and lead her to the library. He first grabbed his stuff and waited for her to grab her things outside Mrs. Walters class door. As they headed to the library he tried to make small talk—keyword: tried. She just didn’t seem to like socializing of any sort.

They took a table not far from the entrance door in the library and it was near tons of books—not that anyone actually reads them. “Okay, so what do you need help on?” She took the test gently from his hands and looked at it wide-eyed. “Oh um, looks like we’re gonna be here for awhile, aren’t we?” He nodded and chuckled, and he then raised a question about the first problem.

“I don’t get how to get a solution for two equations? How is that possible?” She nodded, seeming to understand where he came from.

“So, there are 3 methods to solve these types of equations and another one that I found out myself, but okay, so there’s Elimination, Substitution, and Graphing it. I personally dislike graphing it because that’s too much work.” She kept talking about how to solve them but Justin couldn’t help to get lost at her appearance. She had gorgeous e/c eyes that glistened from the light coming from the window near them. She also has beautiful h/c hair that looked amazing in that messy bun, she looked so—astonishing. ‘No,’ Justin told himself, ‘I’m a jock, I don’t fall in love.’

“So Justin can you try out whichever seemed easy to you?” Y/n asked him.

“Sorry, I kind of got bored.” Justin lied.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll just show you how to do all the methods and then you can choose whatever you think is the easiest.” Y/n explained.

“Cool, can we do the first problem?” Justin moved over for her to sit next to him, honestly, he didn’t think he would actually listen she was just too gorgeous. She sat down next to him with a pencil and started doing the math, her handwriting was neat and really pretty just like her. Y/n kept focusing on the work and didn’t even realize Justin was staring at her the whole time, she expected a jock like him to just get bored and not listen to a nerd like her. Justin tried to focus but his mind kept going elsewhere, daydreaming about how it would be if Y/n and him were to date, first kiss at a park, first date at Crestmont, first ‘I love you’ while cuddling, and damn he didn’t think he would fall this hard for a girl he just met.

“Hopefully this will help you with the homework.” She said as she ended the lecture and explanation.

“Yeah hopefully,” Justin was gonna speak if she didn’t leave so fast.

“Hey Alex! Can I eat with you to today at lunch again?” Alex turned around and signaled with his hand to get Y/n over. “Hey sorry the bell rang so I’ll see you soon if needed okay?” She smiled and waved goodbye. He waved back and smiled too, maybe he’d purposely fail his exams to just talk to her, maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t, but he knew one thing, he wants to talk to this fucking girl again.

Stopping Time

A/N: Exc i te dh u mm i ng. Basically, they’re ridiculously close friends and Astrid’s been stressin’ but it’s okay because there’s cute conversations and jokes. I love ‘em to pieces. Modern AU. :) 

Hiccup loved Friday nights, because Friday nights were his Astrid Nights. Basically, after winter break drew to a close, they quickly became the only time of the week where Hiccup could actually spend time with his (human) best friend.

But hey, he was willing to take what he could get.

They alternated both their location and their activities weekly–some evenings were movie marathons in his living room, and others were game night at her house, but they’ve recently consisted of Astrid being too exhausted to do anything other than curl up on his bed and half-consciously mumble everything else it was that she had to do during the weekend, all with Toothless curled up at her feet as he kneaded at her legs.

And, really–with three AP classes on her plate, alongside various other extra curricular activities weighing her down, Hiccup couldn’t blame her for needing the occasional night dedicated solely to catching up on sleep that he knows she skips out on from time to time. Plus, what kind of person wasn’t there for their best friend when said friend was prone to suffering from sleep deprivation-induced hysteria? He was certainly no superhero, but that was a task even he could accomplish.

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