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Can I suggest a yuta smut where he is a tutor and ended up sleeping with the *reader*?

A/N: This plot looks so rushed- oh well, it’s fiction, enjoy [y is yuta with glasses not a thing yet]

A pencil flicked your forehead sharply, causing you to wince. You straightened in your chair abruptly, clearing your throat.
His expression seemed dull, his fingers twirling the pencil absent-minded. 

“How do you do that?”

Yuta let out a small sigh as you ignored the essay before you, instead focusing your attention on his fingers.
Your gaze dropped to the table in dismay as he sighed, your shoulders deflating slowly.

A warm hand reached out to your own, his pencil falling into the palm of your hand.
Slowly, he maneuvered your fingers, the rough pads of his fingertips brushing your soft skin gently.
Your cheeks flushed as your gaze trailed from his masculine hands to the glasses that sat upon the bridge of his nose.

“Why are your hands wet?” he questioned suddenly, glancing toward you.

He wore a small grin, leaning in slowly.

“Do I make you nervous?”

Your mind raced with raunchy responses, your lips parting in fright as he leant nearer.

“Y-You’re just really good with your fingers,” you remarked dumbly.

His grin grew into a wicked smirk.

“Let me show you-”

You fumbled for words, dropping the pencil carelessly as he stood from his seat opposite you, slowly making his way around the small table.
Your shoulders tensed as his broad hands landed upon them, gently massaging them.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“A bit,” you admitted.

You were unsure of him, his sporadic actions always catching you off guard- unsure whether he was toying with you or not.
A hand drifted from your shoulder to the inside of your thigh, his breath suddenly by your ear.


“Tell me to stop.”

You grew bewildered by his demand, unsure what to answer. You never knew what to answer, that’s why he was your tutor in the first place.
His lips brushed your ear in a tantalizing manner, his hand squeezing the soft flesh of your thigh gently.

“You don’t want me to stop?”


Your heart pounded in your chest, your thighs squeezing together as his lips brushed the shell of your ear once again.

“K-Keep going.”

His hand left your thigh, instead trailing up to your chest, drawing you back. His fingers grazed the column of your neck, tilting your head back slowly.
His lips met your own hastily as a sigh of content left him.


The desk creaked, a whine leaving you as his digits roughly thrust into you once again. You buried your face in his shirt, gripping the fabric tightly as his thrusts grew vigorous. Eagerly, he leant down, nuzzling into the crook of your neck, his lips sloppily sucking on the fragile skin.
Your voice rose an octave, unable to be silenced as his palm roughly ground into your sensitive bud.
His muffled words encouraged you, murmuring into your skin quietly.

“I’m going to-!”

Your face contorted, a silent scream leaving you as his thick fingers plunged into you with force.
Your walls constricted around him, your muscles spasming in ecstasy.

“You sound so sweet,” he murmured, withdrawing his fingers slowly.

He brought his fingers to his lips, the erotic sight making your heart burst with anticipation.

“You really are sweet,” he remarked, melding his lips with your own once again.

Trolls- Toss and Keep

Wrote this for @ickaimp as a birthday fic.  Also, it was only a matter of time before I wrote a Trolls fic.

Title: Toss and Keep

Series: Dreamworks Trolls

Rating: G

Characters: Poppy and Branch

Summary: Poppy is trying to help Branch sort through his belongings and she stumbled upon something she didn’t expect to find.

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Anon: “Imagine being bored at school and the Joker (Jared Leto) and Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ) appear to “ rescue ’ ’ you from boredom and everyone ( teachers, colleagues and friends ) are surprised by you go with them..”

Warning: Kinda Violent :\

Pairing: Joker X Teen!Reader X Harley

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Control - Chapter One

Starting Line 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku pinched his lip in thought, nervously twirling his pencil in his other hand. His attention not on his finished quiz lying on his desk but on the classroom door.

All Might…

Four days and Izuku hadn’t been able to visit him once. School work, training, and Aizawa-sensei’s cautionary warning to not bring undue attention to Recovery Girl’s infirmary prevented him.

“All Might needs his rest, and you need to focus on your studies,” the erasing hero stated, keeping Izuku after class on Monday, “All Might will bounce back just fine without students’ hovering.”

Despite Aizawa’s own brand of reassurance, Izuku could not help worrying.

His gaze slid from the door to Bakugou’s back in front of him. Izuku furrowed his brows thoughtfully.

Hands in his pockets, Bakugou leaned back in his seat. His shoulders were stiff, irritation and unspoken frustration boiling under the surface. He knew, of course…

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THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SHOT DONT JUDGE ME IF IT SUCKS OKAY. anyways, hope ya like it! And ofc feel free to request something or not request something idk. check out my main blog for some funny (apparently) “Realistic 5SOS” posts! :-)


Pairing: Calum x female reader

Word Count: 682

Warnings: Cursing (5sos swear so much I don’t even know if this is necessary)

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I run my hand through my hair and let out a sigh. It was hard to stay concentrated when my mind was so clouded. I squint and twirl the pencil a couple times before setting it down and pushing myself away from the table. Fuck this shit, nothing has happened in the 2 hours I’ve been sitting here and I’m pretty sure nothing will happen now. I stand up and grab my jacket as I head for the door. “I’m gonna get coffee.” I announce. “Latte please!” I hear Luke holler as I shut the door.
LA traffic doesn’t make my slow day feel any better, and neither does the fact that I forgot my AUX cable. It sucks, but honestly the shitty drive is worth it the moment I open the door of the shop. It’s small and kind of unassuming, but they definitely have the best coffee in town. I open the door and take a second to take in the place like I always do before heading to the counter to greet my favorite barista. “Hi Jerry, can I-” I stop mid-sentence. I had expected to see the normal barista, but instead of Jerry I find myself staring at a girl. She has to be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her beauty is seemingly effortless, and her ability to make the plain black shirt and a dark blue apron look appealing is beyond me. “You’re not Jerry.” I mumble. “Well, no. Want me to grab him?” she asks. “What? No, uh, that’s fine you’re fine this is fine.” I reply a little too quickly, and based on her expression I know now that she was just messing with me. “So, coffee?” she asks, pursing her lips. God, she’s beautiful. I blink and realize I’m supposed to tell her what I want. “Oh, right. Sorry. Uh, large coffee, uh, with room, and uh…” I pause, trying to recall what Luke had asked for. “Small latte? No, medium. Medium latte.” I breathe deeply, amazed at my inability to make coherent sentences. “Okay, your total is $7.25.” I nod and hand her a card from my wallet. She looks at it and laughs. “What?” I ask. “Well your driver’s license is cute but you can’t pay with it.” she says, and I feel my entire face heat up. “Shit, sorry.” I take back my license stupidly and hand her my debit card. She giggles and I try to smile, but it’s more of a grimace. She hands me my coffee and I give myself a second to remember how to English. “What’s your name?” I ask. She smiles and taps her name tag with her nail. I stare at the tag dumbly. Of course she’s wearing a fucking name tag. “Y/N. Right, of course. Well, thanks Y/N.” I head for the door, wishing I had headphones to drown out my stupidity. “Hey, Calum?” I turn and see Y/N looking at me with a smirk on her face. “Yeah?” She bites her lip to hold back her laugh and holds up a cup. “You forgot the latte.” I groan and walk back towards the counter to grab Luke’s drink. I pause for a second before taking the cup from her. “Wait, how did you know my name?” I ask her. “It was on your driver’s license.” She laughs and hands me the cup. “Right. Obviously. Okay.” Now would be a fantastic time for the ground to swallow me up. “Okay. Well bye then.” I say, and I leave the shop. I find myself waiting for something else shitty to happen, because today clearly isn’t my day. “Calum, wait up!” I turn and see Y/N jogging towards me. “Shit! Did I forget something else?” I groan. "Well, kinda.” she takes my coffee cup from me and scribbles something on it with a Sharpie. “Maybe next time you won’t ask for Jerry.” she jokes. “I swear I’m usually a lot less awkward and a hell of a lot smoother.” I tell her. She nods and raises an eyebrow. “Sure you are, hot shot.”

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"Wait, let me get this straight: Max, Kim, and Nathaniel are /all/ Chat Noir?"

Adrien gave a small laugh. 

Alya scowled in his direction and leaned over her desk, “I’m still investigating, but Chat Noir is definitely one of them!”

“Why on Earth would you think that?” Marinette chimed in, absently twirling a pencil in her hand. 

“Look at them!” Alya exclaimed, “They’re the only three boys that didn’t dress up as Chat Noir for Halloween!”

Send me a sentence and I’ll continue it with 5 more

title: writing fool in a writing mood
summary: lucy hits the writer’s block headfirst, and she’s not having any lucky getting out. (canonverse nalu)
a/n: happy belated birthday @thefourteenthdarkone!!! i’m sorry this is so late. this is the fic giveaway oneshot as well ^_^

Lucy tapped on her desk, twirling her pencil around with her finger. She eyed the last sentence she had written, trying to picture what she should write next. When the words wouldn’t come, she dropped her pencil onto the paper and doodled in the margins.

She sighed, resting her head against her hand. It had been too long since she had worked on her novel, and though she had so many adventures to write about, it was as if they had never even happened.

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Title: Peter Parker’s Day Off (daughter of Clint! x Peter)

Summary: Peter Parker and Clint’s daughter ‘sneak out’ to go to a high school party, with Natasha covering, of course.

Word Count: 2032

A/N: I’m back with another Peter Parker imagine! guysss I love Peter Parker and THIS so much. The title is totally inspired by Ferris Bueller. Okay, enough chit chat. This one’s a bit long…Enjoy! 

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Requested by bandsareprettycooliguess. I’m pushing through all of my requests. I have one Hamilton Imagine after this, so, send in your requests my little speedsters. I loved writing this. The Death Parade theme song is sooooo fun to dance too. And this was just a really cute scenario. 

I grinned, throwing one of my hands in the air as I heard the familiar guitar riff and ‘woah’ erupt from my speakers.

‘Ah Death Parade. Such a good anime opening. Such a good anime in general.’

I twirled a pencil in my hand, finding it hard to stay still with the infectious beat of Flyers by BRADIO blasting through my speakers. 

“It wouldn’t hurt to dance, I am by myself.” I said softly, standing to my feet. I dropped my pencil onto the stacks of papers on my desk, covering the equation I was using.

“Everybody! Put your hands up!”

As soon those words were sung, I was jumping across the room, a wide grin spread across my cheeks. I yelled along with the Japanese lyrics, swinging my head from side to side. With each beat, my body moved the same, as I let the music take control of me.

My steps became faster, sliding across the room in a fit of pure happiness. All the stress of the work for S.T.A.R. Labs was gone. The worries of Zoom were gone. Powers, breaches, murders, Metas, they didn’t concern me anymore. All that was of importance was my footing, and this song. 

My feet started to move in a similar manner as The Black Haired Woman, my smile never ceasing to leave my face. My mind was clear, and my heart was happy. 

What I didn’t see, was a blushing, smiling Cisco standing outside my office door, watching me.

“Barry you should have seen her! She just looked so happy!” Cisco squealed, sitting across from his best friend in the engineers section of S.T.A.R. Labs the next day. 

“Okay Cisco, calm down. You are getting so worked up.” Barry said, a laugh escaping his lips at his best friends enthusiasm. 

“She just, seemed so at peace. Like not even Zoom could touch her. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Cisco said, sneaking a glance back at his door. Just in case you decided to walk in.

“Well, I am positive (Y/N) would love to hear you say that.” Barry grinned, chuckling as Cisco’s face went red with blush.

“I would tell her she is the cutest person ever, every day if she shared my feelings. But that’s highly unlikely.” Cisco hung his head, but snapped it back up as Barry made a comment and started laughing.

“You might want to get on that Cisco!”

Cisco whipped his head back to see (Y/N) at the door, her cheeks red, but a grin on her face none the less. She crossed his room quickly, Cisco’s shock evident on his face.

In a swift motion, she had the man on his feet, staring directly into her eyes. An emotion he couldn’t pin point flashed through her gaze.

“How much did you hear-”

Cisco was suddenly cut off by the woman with (H/C) hair grabbing his collar and smashing her lips against his. Seconds later, she pulled back, grin still prominent. 

“Every word.” 

It wasn’t a complex magic spell… it was very simple… She just had to twirl the pencil round and round… and softly rub her foot along him… he would do anything for Her… he had no choices anymore… as the magic made him Her little submissive slave… She knew She would get the highest marks this term

okay so my add-ridden ass couldn’t stop thinking about add tim drake so here are some add tim headcanons:

  • boy is constantly in motion. leg jiggling, thumb twiddling, spinning around in chairs, twirling pens/pencils in his fingers, rocking back and forth, you name it. he can also make a stim toy out of pretty much anything. you name: batarangs (many bandaged fingers for that one), handscuffs, PENS, loose threads, his own cape. he’s the poster boy of stimming okay
  • the green day lyric, “on a steady diet of/sodapop and ritalin” is pratically his anthem
  • he’s a classic case of an add-er who goes undiagnosed for a long time just because they’re good in school. he’s really smart but he can’t focus for shit honestly god knows how he made it this far in school
  • has MASTERED the art of looking like he’s really hardcore focusing when really he’s just daydreaming. like dick will go to ask him something and bruce’ll be like “no, he’s really into right now” when honestly tim is probably thinking some wild shit like “if cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, how come it fell off??”
  • his meds take away his apeptite, which is a huge problem because he already forgets to eat regularly
  • can’t read analog clocks for shit. honestly idek if this is an add thing at all but i have trouble with it so i’m putting it
  • borderline dyslexic too. loooots of directional differentiation problems; once almost brained himself on the side of a building because nightwing said he was on a rooftop to tim’s right and tim grappled to the left instead.

feel free to add on; i’ll come back and add more as i think of them.


Request: i love this account! and i was wondering if you could write some teacher/student with like. mikey at first being uncertain but then it turns into making out/smut and then fluff? c:

I twirled a pencil in between my fingers as students entered the room one by one. I glanced over at the clock, it seemed slower than usual. Normally, I would be dreading this class. English always sucked for me because i’m not the type to look for a deeper meaning in “the curtains were blue” other than, “the curtains are fucking blue”. But, a boring class can be entertaining with a good teacher. Mr. Way made this class perfect. He was far too young and god like to be a teacher. In fact, there’s a rumor that he’s a nark. Despite his teen heart throb looks, we all knew he was a teacher because of how great he was at it. Mr. Way stumbled in behind a student, almost spilling coffee on his suit. “Good afternoon everyone, how’s your day been?” He called out as he waded through the buzzing class to his desk. Everyone muttered a unenthusiastic reply, it was 7th period and everyone just wanted to go home already. “Good! Okay, let’s review the reading for last night…”

I scribbled down notes as Mr. Way lectured on and on. “He can’t be a day over 25,” I thought, biting my lip. I zoned out, my eyes trailing down his body, noticing how nicely the suit clung onto him. I looked up to find his eyes pouring into mine, looking impatient. I blinked a few times and sat up, noticing everyone was staring at me. “Wait what?” I mumbled.

“Do you know the answer?” Mr. Way said slowly, biting the inside of his cheek.

“Can you repeat the question?”

“See me after class,” he sighed, moving on to someone else. A few kids snickered behind me. I rolled my eyes and chuckled, as if spending some alone time with Mr. Way was a bad thing.

Everyone practically bolted out the door at the sound of the ear piercing bell, signalling school was over. I stayed put, leaning back as Mr. Way waved bye and shouted a reminder to do he homework pages at the fleeing kids. It got very quiet all of the sudden. I shifted in my seat as Mr. Way sat down at his desk. “Come here y/n,” He said coolly, gesturing for me to come forward. I smiled and leaned over his desk, resting my elbows on the hard wood.

“Yes, Mr. Way?”

“I’ve noticed you’ve been very…distant lately. Not taking part in class, day dreaming, turning in late class work, is everything alright? Anything you need to tell me?” he said sympathetically.

“I’m fine, just a little distracted lately,” I smiled, running my hand through my hair. He smiled and nodded in response.

“Okay, just know that if somethings going on you can tell me.”

“Actually, there is something you should know.”

“And what’s that?”

“You’re the reason I’ve been distracted.”


“I can’t focus because of you, you’re very distracting Mr. Way,” I purred, boldly leaning farther over the desk and gliding a hand down his chest.

“Y/n don’t-”

“It’s hard to focus when you give you lectures. You look so hot when you roll you sleeves up. All I can think about is how bad I want you.” He grunted under his breath. My confidence floored, knowing that he was equally turned on.

“Y/n…we can’t do this,” he looked up in panic.

“Why not? Are you married?”


“How old are you?”


“I’m 18, you’re not that much older than me.”

“I’m your teacher y/n, I could get fired!”

“No one has to know, just between you and me.” I ran my hands lower and lower, pressing my thumb down on his hard on. He groaned and tightened his grip on the edge of the desk. “Come on Mr. Way, I want you so bad.” He didn’t respond, just bit down on his lip as I pressed my whole palm on his clothed erection. I wrapped his tie around my hand, pulling his face forward. He stiffened as I kissed him, not moving or pulling away. He suddenly cracked, pushing back with more force and running his hands down my body. I moaned lightly as he pushed his tongue in my mouth, deepening the kiss. 

“Get up,” he commanded as he pulled away. I smirked and walked around the desk and stood in front of him. He unzipped his pants, tugging the jeans down to his knees. I dropped down to my knees, not wasting anytime and pumping his length. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, swirling it around his tip. He growled and weaved his fingers through my hair, lightly pushing me down. I gladly complied, taking in as much as I could. “Oh god,” he groaned as I bobbed my head. I sped up, stroking his base. “Stop stop stop,” Mr. Way squealed suddenly, pulling me off. “I wasn’t gonna last much longer,” he chuckled, pulling me up to my feet and propping me up on the edge of his desk. He dug through his book bag before pulling out a condom out of his wallet. I suddenly felt nervous at the sight of the square packet, we were really gonna do it. He kissed me sweetly as he pulled my underwear down, positioning himself in between my legs. “Ready?”

“Yes, please.” He reattached our lips as he thrusted into me. I cried out and dug my nails into his shoulders. “Oh shit Mr. Way.”

“Call me Mikey,” he grunted as he pushed in and out.

“Ohhh Mikey, don’t stop.” His thrusts became harder and harder, seat beading down his forehead. My legs tightened around his waist as I grew closer and closer to my release. “I’m close.”

“Me too, let go baby.” I moaned his name and s string of profanities the hot pleasure raked through my body. His thrusts grew sloppy as he released, grunting and moaning my name. I rested my forehead against his, completely spent and out of breath. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks, so are you.” He chuckled lightly and pulled out of me. He suddenly became very bashful, shyly handing me my panties and turning around to pull up his pants. “I’ll see you tomorrow Mikey,” I said awkwardly, turning towards the door.

“Wait,” he half shouted, reaching for my hand. “Can you stay behind tomorrow? We need to discuss a few things,” he smiled nervously, scratching the back of his head. I grinned and scribbled down 7 digits on his answer key.

“Here’s my number.”

“I’ll call you later. Maybe we can have dinner sometime? My house of course.”


War (Sodapop//part 6)

‘It was a story Shakespeare would have written’  Ponyboy would tell to his class. Sodapop would be proud of him, an English teacher who taught about true love and tragedy.

“Our unit is Shakespeare. Our first story, you all might have heard of, Romeo and Juliet. I want you guys to tell me what you think true love is, maybe it was something you had witnessed, felt, or saw in a film.” he would pause, looking around at his students. “Mercy, what is love to you?”

“Well, love is perfect. When you fall in love, the person you love doesn’t have any flaws anymore.” she smiled, daydreaming of her future love. Ponyboy nodded, going on to the next.

“Jason, what is love to you?”

“Sex, happiness that last for a long time.” he answered, twirling his pencil.

“I think love is more than sex, Jason,” another student, Mary, spoke up. “It’s balance, giving and taking. Something you’ll never know.” she huffed, causing him to roll his eyes. “What do you think love is, Mr. Curtis?”

“Love,” he sighed, smiling down at his paper. “I would like to say love is perfect, that my mom and dad was the perfect love story but I can’t. I’ve-I’ve seen true love. It’s messy, impulsive, undefinable,” he glanced over at the picture of Sodapop and (Y/N) for a moment, remembering the day he took it. They were in the park, the whole gang. Dallas, Johnny, Two-bit, and Steve played football while Pony sat with Darry, Sodapop, and (Y/N) under a tree. Ponyboy could resist the picture perfect moment of the two. She was playing with his hands, not paying attention to anything else, as he stared at her with a smile that said ‘I Love You’. “Love is a lot like hope, it can be crippling. The love I’ve seen, it could-Love like that could light the whole world. Love isn’t perfect, it’s not finding a perfect person. It’s loving someone with their flaws, and god, if you see it-” he paused, picking up the photograph. “You’ll feel it radiate off that person, and it won’t fade, not even after they are gone. I want you to pass this around,” he handed the first student the frame. “These people in the photograph, they were truly in love.”

“Who are they, Mr. Curtis?” The students asked.

“The boy, he’s my older brother, and the girl,” he paused, taking a deep breath. “That girl is his fiancé. They met when he was 16, a little bit before two of our best friends died, they were together for two years. He was called for war and he never came home,” he took the photograph from the last student before continuing. “She was pregnant with his baby, a baby she named after our friends, and the day we got the M.I.A letter… I watched her beat on the chest of the army man and collapse to the ground. For the rest of her pregnancy, she laid in the bed they shared, she cried day and night. We could hear her scream ‘Why him?’ and how she wanted him to come home. How all she wanted was nothing more than to hear him at the door, see him one last time, she could be happy. Six years makes no difference, she remembers his last goodbye, and that was the day, I believe, she died inside. And from that day on, died a little more. When at her worst, she’ll lay in bed, crying all night long. They brought out the best of each other, parts of them that they didn’t know about. It was a romance novel, their love.  I think the only thing keeping her alive is that child and the hope of him coming home but she knows he won’t. Have you ever heard someone ask an empty grave,‘If you loved me, why did you leave me?’ Everyday, I see the result of true love. I think the worst part is that her son doesn’t know his father’s dead. He looked at his pictures but he doesn’t know him. He doesn’t know him because she can’t bring herself to admit he’s gone. She never got another lover, I don’t think she could have. She doesn’t look at other men. Maybe some of you thinks that’s bad for her, maybe it is but she loved, loves my brother and my brother loved her. I would give my own life, I would kill myself to bring him back for her because I can feel how broken she is,” he went on and on. “You should have seen the way their eyes lit up at the mention of each others’ name. Hers still do, until she remembers. She was the strongest of all of us until she lost him. So, to me, love is painful and I wish I could take her pain away.”

“Is she good with her son?”

“She loves her son, so much, as much as a mother could. He’s loved,” Ponyboy answered, looking at the students. Some of them having tears in their eyes before giving out the playbooks. “Love is a funny thing. Shakespeare knew that, he knew that only fools run to love, and only fools run to war.”

so last part only got 15 likes
thats not bad but if yall dont want no more of this tell me so I dont waste my time ya know. I really hope you like though, this part makes me sad but it so true

Riddle me this {26 Sptember’79}

Amelia was twirling a pencil between her fingers with magic as she sat with Alice, both of them catching up at the Longbottoms’ house for Amelia had come over to check up on the husband and wife. They’d both sustained some injuries in the latest fight at the Leaky Cauldron.

“Alice, is everything fair in love?” She asked philosophically, turning her head to look at the older woman.


Silent Love

She waited for him from across the room. Never missing a beat of the way his foot moved to a certain rhythm. She sits there, creating small yet heart fluttering scenarios in her head. A smile creeps itself upon her delicate lips. She has been thinking about him again, the thousandth time of the day. Shaking her head, she reassures herself she’s being silly, too naive of the idea of love. She sits quietly, listening to they way he would laugh at his friend’s jokes. Mentally recording those waves of laughter in her heart so they can be relayed over and over again, like her favorite song. 

He sits there across the room. Always admiring the way she twirls her pencils and taps her fingers. He smiles at her subtle hums that she occasionally made when she was lost in her thoughts. He sits there every day, staring at the back of her head, in hopes she will turn around and greet his waiting eyes. He sighs as he looks down at his paper, scribbling ineligible words that he could only make out. Suddenly, his head jolts up at the sound of her gentle voice, he looks over to her. She sits there talking to her friends, breaking into a slight smile every once and a while. He pulls out his mental camera, capturing the breathtaking moment, storing it in his heart so he can reminisce those moments later on. 

Everybody could see it in their eyes, that they were both in love, everybody except them. They both sat there, in silence as their loves linger through the room. Their love gently tip-toeing up to the two of them, whispering encouraging words, however, fear never left their sides. So, there they were, two lovers, oblivious of one another’s love for each other.