Hellooo ! I’m back for a little diy that can decorate your room or that you can give to your friends , that’s cute and very simple !
You need
- watercolor pencils (here is used faber-castell ones )
- paper
- black pens
So as you can see it’s very easy , you fill in the page with the color pencils and then you put water on it (with a brush) , it creates some pretty shades and it looks like real watercolor !!! Then, when it’s dry, you write a cute quote for you or your friend !
That’s it !
Hope you’ll like it


i’d like to imagine lucy finding those fortune teller papers in her pocket after the empty grave and thinking the prophecy was false cos lockwood is alive.. and then realising, the skulls been quiet for a while now…

Star What?

Summary: You and Peter soon become friends after you help him out a bit in English. (part 1 of an unfinished series) Part Two

Word Count: 2332

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader

A/N: Hey! So this is my first time ever writing Peter Parker and my first time publishing a part of a fic so I hope you all like it! (I hope it’s at least somewhat decent) I don’t know where this story is going but I’m just kinda writing with the flow. 

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It was that time again. That dreadful, highly anticipated time again when the leaves started to change, routines began to fall in place and the streets and sidewalks that paralleled them grew thicker with rushed people. It wasn’t the weather that brought a downer, it was what was already beginning again. Halfway through September marked the second week of school for Peter Parker, a sophomore at Midtown High in Queens. He wasn’t the most popular teen, being in the robotics club and on the academic decathlon team, and Flash Thompson, the school bully, tried to pick on him as much as possible.

Aunt May opened the door to Peter’s room to find him still nestled under the blankets, a bare foot sticking out with a ray of sunshine pooling over his back. “You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day.” She chided, dropping off a basket of laundry next to his cluttered desk, homework and notes from the day before scattered on top. She’d come in five minutes earlier to see if he was awake; he wasn’t. “Come on, you. School” Aunt May shook his shoulder, placing her hands on her narrow hips afterwards.

“Mmpfh,” was Peter’s response, turning away from her.

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One Line Prompts

  1. “Did you just murder that person with a pencil?
  2. "How come I never get invited?
  3. "I was on the road.”
  4. “You’re giving me a lamp? It’s the middle of the day!”
  5. “Just because I am a horrendous human being doesn’t mean I hate dogs. I am not a monster.”
  6. “Do your ears ever get itchy?”
  7. “How many times have you listened to that song?”
  8. “Well then why don’t you come over here and make me!”
  9. “Those aren’t real!”
  10. “Oh shit son- you fucked up.”
  11. “Me and you? But how?”
  12. “The forest is speaking, let us listen.”
  13. “You know how to shoot a gun? You were knitting a minute ago!”
  14. “I’m not that old!”
  15. “Are you drunk?”
  16. “Technology is so cool.”
  17. “A Lamborghini? Where the FUCK did YOU get a LAMBORGHINI?”
  18. “I’m not against the law- you are.”
  19. “What are you gonna do?”
  20. “I smile because I’m dead.”
  21. “Where was I? Burning the bodies. You?”
  22. “Step your game up.”
  23. “I’m sad cause the sky is sad, look at it, it’s crying.”
  24. “Listen to me you litte-.”
  25. “I am a boss.”