This had a bigger impact than I expected…

You guys made my last work-in-progress shot my most successful post on tumblr :O And that was just the basic outlines. Thanks a lot for that.

Anyways, I’m happy that this drawing of Bubblebath Crustybuns is so well received. I’ll keep you updated with the progress of it.

Inktober - Day 23

“Slow” … Like… How slowly Slowpoke can eat an icecream cone before it melts! :O … The answer is… One bite.

I was trying to shift the color scheme for this one and ended up with blue instead of pink… and while I was totally going for a mint chocolate chip flavored icecream, It totally looks like vomit…. x3x;;

I started an animation based on this, so we will see if I finish it. xD;

Markers and colored pencils. <3

inktober day 1 (more sketches on twitter) ~ semishira! after these two were requested so often, i really came to like this pair (//ω//) besides all the sass and banter, i picture semi to be frustratingly crushing on him