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Hello, Gentle Reader. This is Fan Fiction.

Recently, I’ve seen some rumblings across my dashboard about fan fiction again.  

I don’t want to dive into a debate because all the information that I have to go on are second hand sources and there’s always going to be a bit of bias there, because one person can see it in one way and another person can perceive it in another way.  

I’d rather explain to you, New and Gentle Reader, what fan fiction is, if this is the first time you’ve heard about it.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you walk out of the theater, turn off the TV, the radio, close that book or whatnot for the first time and ask yourself  “What happens next?"  Or:  "What if it happened THIS way instead?"  Fan fiction is what happens when you are six or seven years old and you take your dolls, your action figures, your stuffed toys and various household items as props and send them all onto adventure.  Maybe Barbie rescues G.I. Joe from Cobra or Optimus Prime fights the Evil Transforming Kitchen Thingy that Mom uses for making meatloaf but should really be the Evil Transforming Dark Lord of the Sith.  

Fan fiction is what happens when you are ten and you’re discovering how to really write for the first time and you put words on the page, in your math and English notebooks, one sentence after another, style be damned, painstakingly bringing forth to life the images in your head of your cartoon and movie and book heroes.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your teens and you want to be the hero or the heroine of the story and you want to fight alongside Captain America and the Avengers and go on the Quest to Erebor or save Frodo from the effects of the Ring.  

Fan fiction happens when you are in your twenties or your thirties or beyond that and you are still writing because you just enjoy and love telling stories.  There’s a new maturity to your writing and that happens because you’re a bit older, though maybe not wiser, but you still love telling the stories anyway.  People tell you that you should write for money and sometimes you think, hey I could try that and you dream.  And sometimes you just smile and say, "I just like telling stories” and that is more than enough for you.  

And sometimes people fall in love in your stories, regardless of sex or gender.  Sometimes they fight.  Sometimes they laugh.  They cry.  They hate.  They die.  Sometimes they kiss.  Sometimes they make love.  Sometime it’s just sex.  You keep writing.  You can’t help it.  You get that idea and you just need to write it down.  Word for word.  One sentence after another.  Just like when you were a kid and you’d wear your pencils to stubs and let your pens run out of ink as you shape the letters.  

That’s fan fiction.  Sometimes, the best stories in the world start because they were fan fiction.  Ask Shakespeare.  Ask Jules Verne.  Ask Neil Gaiman.  

Gentle Reader, if this is your first time in here, then I hope you might find the time to read my stories.  I humbly ask, because a fan fiction writer’s currency is in the feedback of his or her readers and we’re happy to hear from them when it’s good and devastated when we get hate from those who don’t even have the courage to sign their names.  If it’s not for you, then I understand.  It’s all right.  Move on, that’s okay.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.  Maybe there’s something else you’d like.  It’s fine.  

And this is what I hope for if you do decide to venture in.

I hope you smile.  I hope you laugh.  I hope that you ended up snorting coffee out your nose in the middle of Starbucks.  (Here’s a napkin.  Sorry that I’m not sorry?)  I hope that I made you giggle in the middle of the subway or the bus stop and you get weird looks from folks passing by.  

I hope you cry, because sometimes I write sad things and that makes me cry too.  Here’s a tissue.  It’s okay.  Sometimes there are no happy endings.

I hope you are frightened, but only in a way that a good, scary story can make you feel frightened.  Sometimes there are dark and terrible things out there and they’re part of the Story too.  Hold my hand.  It’s all right.  I’ve got you.

I hope you blush and maybe smile a little later when love and romance and sweet things are told.  Love is a gift and true love is meant to endure.  And sometimes there’s hurt and pain and grief in there too, but you already know that.  You’ve lived that.  Sometimes we do have happy endings after all.  There’s always hope.  

Are you ready?

It doesn’t always start with “once upon a time” or “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” but every story starts somewhere.  

Turn the page.  Click the button.

Here we go.    


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Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: You work at the Shelby office as a secretary and all of the brothers ogle at you during meetings in tommys office through the windows and always talk about how hot/pretty you are. One day, John asks you out and you turn him down and when Finn makes fun of him John bets that Finn won’t ask you out. Finn nervously asks you out and you accept bc he is super sweet and closer in age. The brothers give john a hard time that finns got more game than him.

“She’s just playing hard to get. She’ll come ‘round sooner or later,”

“Yeah, more like never,” Finn cackled.

“Yeah, keep it in your trousers, John, and let the poor girl work,” Arthur laughed. All of the brothers were in Tommy’s office, just finishing up a meeting.

“I don’t need you harassing the only good secretary I’ve got,” Tommy said without looking up from his paperwork.

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Sleepy Drawings

summary: Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

word count: 5.1k idek i thought this would be a lot shorter oops im not sorry

tw: i think none, unless you count voyeurism as one

genre: fluff and a lot of friggin smut

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steve sneaking into tony’s workshop while he’s totally caught up in the middle of something and doesn’t notice that steve’s there. and steve watches him being adorable and geeky and brilliant, and talking away to himself like the dork he is, and he catches himself with this little besotted smile on his face.

anyway he kinda wouldn’t mind just sitting there and watching but he feels a little bit like a creep cause tony is spectacularly oblivious and still doesn’t seem to have noticed steve there. so he takes out his notebook and a little pencil stub he always keeps in his pocket. (tony teases him endlessly about carrying an actual pencil around bcs apparently only senior citizens do that these days.)

and he starts drawing tony, hair wild and sticking up everywhere, eyes big and sparkling and bright with ideas, hands flailing as he pulls up six holograms on top of each other. tony in an ancient soft t-shirt with a kitten on it. tony’s body drawn in soft penciled lines.

then tony turns round and steve shifts a little and tony gets the fright of his goddamn life. he makes an undignified squeaky noise and flails and falls off the bench he’s standing on and lands in a twitchy pile on the floor.

and steve comes rushing over and he’s all like god, he’s so sorry! he should have said something! god, is tony okay?

tony makes a pathetic little moan from his heap and steve’s all over him with a worry wrinkle in his forehead, hands running over tony everywhere to check he’s okay. he can feel tony’s heart going thud-thud-thud in his chest. tony’s so warm and compact and steve doesn’t want to let go.

and then tony looks up at him with big brown eyes and steve’s basically got his arms round him and tony’s holding his breath. and it just seems like the easiest thing in the world for steve to lean forward and kiss him softly on his parted lips.

tony’s whole body shivers and he kisses back, sort of desperate and longing, making tiny little sounds into the kiss. when they come apart, tony’s eyes stay shut for a few long moments, his lips parted, breath shaky. steve watches his face, loving him so much he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

then tony’s eyes open slowly, heavy-lidded, and he says, ‘did - did that really happen, did i hit my head, i - am i awake?’

and steve laughs softly and presses their foreheads together. ‘yeah, you’re awake, sweetheart,’ he murmurs, and kisses tony’s nose. then he remembers that tony just fell off a table, and he freezes and says in a horrified voice, ‘GOD are you okay, tony?’

and tony looks at him and starts cracking up because seriously, who else would this happen to. and he’s like ‘yeah, i’m fine, like so much more than fine, but hey, steve, next time just ASK if you want a kiss, you don’t hafta make me fall off a table.’

and steve groans and presses his forehead into tony’s shoulder bcs he knows that tony’s literally never going to let him live this down.

(more stevetony ficlets on my blog)

uni!fem!sherlock’s hair is always messy. not like, sexy messy, but literally messy. one time she found a pencil stub in there from math class two days ago. her curls are all over the place, and she can barely keep them pinned up all nice and in place. sometimes the intensity of them even breaks the pins. when she can manage it, of course, it falls in sweet, glossy ringlets down around her head, stopping at her mid back. she’s thought of cutting it off, but she sort of likes the grown-in look, and is really waiting for it to get warmer to cut it off. now, in winter, she’ll braid it and put it in a beanie. one day, she’s in the library, and she takes off her beanie. somehow, the static of the fabric has her head fluffing up, frizzing up, and she hears a chuckle from the other table. she looks over, and there’s a pretty heart-faced girl with smooth, managed blonde hair that falls to her collarbone in two smooth sheets beside her head. and she’s blushing and smiling. and sherlock gets the dopiest look on her face, staring at her, hair sticking up everywhere. she tries to be cool and stick a pencil behind her ear, but she jabs her eye with the eraser and squeaks. the girl laughs, and its the prettiest and sweetest sound sherlock has ever heard. she’s blushing, eye watering, when the girl picks up her medical books and moves to sit at her table. then they fall in love

Who would pay me for the last flicker of youth
Relentlessly wasted in the library
As if in a prison, between bookshelves?
Sometimes I find that
I act under an impression
That I am deathless
That’s what justifies anyway
A meticulous savouring of dust,
A goalless crawling
In an invisible glass jar
While in the sky a nonexisting shepherd
Or better yet a cowboy
Lashes clouds sheepishly drifting from the West to the East
With a twisted whip of the wind.

Who would pay me for all the time wasted,
And in what currency?
If only with glass beads,
If only with empty shells and rotten apples,
If only with stubs of pencils
Chewed while reading.
If only with all the precious stones in the universe–
And I will think
If I can accept it.

A parallelogram of the table
Covered with a white fabric;
A branch of pale purple lilac
Sits in a vase,
The glass is magnifying bubbles on the stems;
In the crystal-clear water, a beam is playing as a gold fish
And projects a dispersed rainbow spectrum onto the gray wall.

On the table there is a thin porcelain cup
With a tea trembling catching a reverberation of steps
Of a poet, a balding dandy;

A woman in a white dress, with a high hairdo,
Hugs her knees sitting on a low sofa,
And smokes a long-gone long cigarette,
Turning it slowly into ash;

The picture darkens on the edges and starts burning;
The movie ends; the tape abruptly tears;
The nineteenth century reaches its destination;
Trains are in the tracks; the rail road
Smells like iron, blood, and saliva,
And, as I leave the library,
The clouds are different.



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Finn Shelby x Reader

“She’s just playing hard to get. She’ll come ‘round sooner or later,”

“Yeah, more like never,” Finn cackled.

“Yeah, keep it in your trousers, John, and let the poor girl work,” Arthur laughed. All of the brothers were in Tommy’s office, just finishing up a meeting.

“I don’t need you harassing the only good secretary I’ve got,” Tommy said without looking up from his paperwork.

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apocalypse-musings-deactivated2  asked:

My birthday is June 8. Anything everlark would be nice. Thanks.

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Happy Birthday @apocalypse-musings! This wonderful birthday fic was written for you by the amazing @burkygirl (thank you SO MUCH for your submission, it’s wow!)


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20 Candles

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Well, I’m still practising in drawing this little shit. May be someday I’ll be satisfied with what I get, but for now… I think I should try to draw Honey or Gogo in the next time.   This time I tried to make a concept art for my dark version of Hiro. Probably I should kill myself with a pencil sometime *weeps*    I need lots of practise, ugh

“JESUS, his dick was like, a pencil stub,” landon huffed as he took his glass of champagne and took a seat on some stranger’s lap as if it was an open chair. like hell he was going to sit on some hard seat. he really didn’t care if it was a woman or a man he was sitting on as long it was armani or alexander mcqueen under his ass. he downed the entire flute of champagne and handed it to his seat to hold while he nonchalantly fixed his tousled hair and ruffled suit. “like, you should’ve seen him. the lower half of his face was fucking gorgeous. like, we’re talking christian bale gorgeous, and the dude takes his mask off, and he’s like–danny devito,” he rambled as he finally took his glass back. “this is like the party to catfish people. i’m a victim.” 」

my lover, she is an architect–
she builds me a house warm as summer
   with yellowed pillows for bricks 
   and kitchen chairs for supports 
   and a blanket as her foundation.

my lover, she is an architect–
she builds me a house tall as the sky
   with pretty words for bricks 
   and pencil stubs for supports 
   and worn paper as her foundation.

my lover, she is an architect–
she builds me a house eternal as life
     with gravestones for bricks
     and skeletons for supports
     and catacombs as her foundation.

my lover, she is an architect–
she builds me a house sacred as cathedrals
   with old photographs for bricks
   and historied legends for supports
   and forgotten prayers as her foundation.

—  my lover, she builds me a home ( j.p. ) || Part 1
a beautiful start (to a lifelong love letter)

Summary: It’s Christmas, and all Lauren wants to do is see Camila and give her girlfriend her presents. The only thing preventing her from doing so is the freak snowstorm passing over Miami. Lauren never backs down from a challenge though, and she is 100% determined to beat Mother Nature (as well as her actual mother) if it means that she gets to be with her favourite girl on her favourite holiday.

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He woke up like this (seriously)

TLDR: In which Javert is a super skeptical art professor, Grantaire has no chill, and Enjolras’ existence is doubted because he is literally too flawless to be real.

(Based on this post.)

So the thing was this: saying Enjolras is sort of good-looking is the same thing as saying he’s sort of amazing, which is patently wrong. Correct answer: Enjolras is beautiful. That’s the best way to describe him. “Attractive” is too vague, “gorgeous” is too corny, and “cool” is a gigantic lie because Enjolras is a nerd. An intensely passionate, terrifyingly brilliant nerd. But still a nerd.

Bottomline and absolute truth: Enjolras is beautiful. And he was Grantaire’s boyfriend. And when Grantaire tentatively asked him to be his model for a couple (a lot) of his pieces, Enjolras said yes. So like, Grantaire shouldn’t be blamed at all for drawing him. Or painting him. Or sculpting him.

He dares anyone with half an ability to produce any kind of art to not be inspired when they look at Enjolras’ face. Or hands. Or thighs. Or everything.

Grantaire always knew that Enjolras would bleed into other aspects of his life, and for the most part it was expected, because they’ve known each other for a long time. Their lives were already intertwined way before they got together.

He just never thought that its effects would be something like this.

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Okay guys so I know there are a lot of people who are in middle and high school on Tumblr, and most people have school starting this or next month. Tumblr is full of helpful things for school, but when I started middle school, then high school, there were no reliable sources for what I should buy or how to study. I also like making lists, and adding commentary, so here I go (warning, it’s very long):

If I mention one item in a previous list, the same commentary applies to that.
A lot of these are reusable for the following years. If you believe you don’t need some of these things, don’t waste your money on getting them.

First, a tip about studying: some people don’t really study and they do fine in school, good on them, but no matter what, don’t do what you think is “cool” or “impressive”, do what you need to do in order to succeed. Elementary/ (sometimes) middle school is often very study-free and coming into middle school, people often expect to just be able to retain their information immediately just like before, but if you find that you can’t remember everything or you’re not getting the grades you’d like, start studying. It’s SUPER helpful to take your notes in class as messy as you want, then go home and type it up or rewrite it neatly.


6-8th Grade:
This is often the first time going from teacher to teacher/ class to class and most people are basically clueless when it comes to middle school, studying, having lockers, etc; but look no further.

  • Notebooks:
    • I recommend college ruled, but if you have sensitive or weak eyes, go for wide ruled so you can write bigger and still be able to read it. I made the mistake of writing way too small because I thought it would look more “clean” but that’s not true and it’s not fun trying to study with ants on your page.
      • Comp notebooks are fun and small, but some teachers require the standard lined-paper size, so have a pack of plain paper too.
      • A one-subject notebook for every academic class and two-subject notebooks for honors academic classes.
      • One or two five subject notebooks for all of your classes.
  • Planners:
    • If you can, use your phone’s reminders app if you have an iPhone, and you can download similar apps on Androids/Windows phones and even your iPhone if you don’t like the look.
  • Notecards. 
    • You can choose to study and you can choose to not study. If you’re very attentive in class and if you remember what you’re taught, skip this, but it’s your call. However, you should be honest with yourself and understand that although studying is boring and time consuming, it’ll help you out a lot in the long run.
  • Backpacks:
    • Very important. Most schools charge money to rent a locker, and if you can’t get a locker or don’t wanna go to a locker between classes, get a bigger backpack. You can get an over the shoulder satchel, or a back backpack, or even a purse if you can manage with it. If your school allows it, try to get a rolling backpack regardless of whether or not you have a locker. If you have a laptop you want to take to school for notes (IF your school allows it) get one that has a laptop compartment. If it doesn’t, I can almost guarantee that you will damage your laptop one way or another. Mostly, though, it’s not too bad on your back if you don’t over fill it, although this was around when my back problems started.
  • Writing Utensils:
    • Pencils: If you’re prone to losing things, get a 15 pack of those cheap mechanical pencils, or a few packs of wooden ones. They’re not very sturdy but since there’s a lot, you always have a replacement. If you’re organized, get 3-5 really good quality ones. Have at least one pack of replacement lead. 
    • Pens: Same goes for pens. Try to look for reds, blues, and greens.
    • Highlighters: It may seem excessive but get 2 of each color and try to get at least 3 colors. They dry out really fast and you will always lose them.
  • Erasers:
    • If you’re anything like me, you’d use an eraser, then lose it or just end up using your pencil erasers to the stub. 
    • If you’re nothing like me, you’re lucky and you should get a 100% polymer eraser. They’re perfect.
  • Pencil case:
    • Get a pencil pouch. Most people get those hard pencil boxes but do not do this. It will not fit in your backpack properly and it’s big and bulky. Get a pencil pouch. I recommend ninja turtles cloth zipper pouches because they are cool and exciting.
  • Organization:
    • Get a binder or accordion filing folder if you’re the type of person who likes being organized. If you’re not into that or need to do things more quickly, get a folder for each of your academic classes.
  • General tools:
    • calculators are pretty important. If you make it to geometry level (some people somehow do, not sure how) go for a scientific calculator.
    • Rulers, compasses (not the N/S//E/W kind, but the circle drawing kind), and a protractor.
  • Art tools:
    • A pack of colored pencils. That’s it. They’ll last a very long time and even if you don’t use them this year, you can keep them to use them again the next year. It may not seem important but trust me, you’ll have projects, and whether you are artistically talented or not, there’s no getting out of it and a black and white poster won’t get a good presentation score.
  • Locker/optional stuff:
    • If you have a locker, you can either just put your books in there, or you can get a locker rack to make your locker fit more books and stuff. 
    • You should also get a pencil rack to hold your extra pens and pencils if you got them.
    • Locker lights are always fun but they’re sometimes pricey and often pretty unnecessary. Don’t make your parents buy you things if you don’t really need them.
    • If you wear makeup, it’s sometimes good to put makeup or a mirror in your locker. Touchups are good.


9-12th Grade
We were all always so excited about going into high school and we were so pumped to start driving and getting a job, but guys, it’s nothing like the movies and it’s not great at all and you will soon come to realize that even though you may have done well before, it might not be how you like. High school is a lot more lenient and you have more freedom to do or not do what can help you succeed. These are the years where your classes have people in different grades, and you make friends that can either be good or bad influences on you, and this is where things can easily go downhill. If your goal is to go to a college/university after high school, be careful who you become friends with. It’s your call, and you should trust your instincts.

  • Notebooks:
    • Same as middle school, but people usually fill up faster than they expect, so get an extra or two. 
    • Get bigger notebooks for your AP and Honors classes if you choose to take any.
      • Also, get familiar with Cornell notes or bullet notes. Have a separate notebook for you to rewrite your messy, in-class notes as ones that are easy to read and helpful to study with.
  • Writing Utensils:
    • Pencils: 15 pack of cheap ones or 3-5 pack of really good ones like usual. Extra lead. I recommend getting B or 4B ones so your hands would stop cramping from writing hard so it shows up on paper, but they are harder to erase!
    • Pens: get lots of colors. I love color coding things and it makes things very easy to look for. Red, blue, green, purple, pink, orange. Some people prefer ballpoint, but technical pens write more smoothly and tend to dry out slower and work on the first try without having to scribble to get it started. Cons are that they tend to run a few dollars more expensive. 
    • Highlighters: Yellow, blue, and pink is basically the essential, unless when if you choose to color code, you choose to write in one color and highlight with other colors. If so, get as many colors as you can.
    • Sharpies/Permanent markers: They don’t really sound that important to have but believe me. you will hear “Does anyone have a Sharpie?” almost every goddamn day. Get the regular kinds and the thin kinds.
    • If you wanna color code your planner, get a different colored pen to write with, or just use one pen to write in your planner with and highlight in each color.
  • Erasers:
    • Same deal.
  • Planners:
    • Same idea as in middle school.
      • Psst, start color coding things. 
  • Note taking materials:
    • Notecards are useful. Write a keyword on one side and elaborate on the other side
    • Notebooks. Just take notes in class.
  • Backpacks: 
    • Same deal.
    • Some people don’t even use backpacks when they have a locker or a car. It’s weird and I don’t know how they do it but if you think/know you can do it, go for it dude.
  • Pencil case:
    • Same deal.
  • Organization:
    • Same deal
    • If you have a block schedule, get one colored binder or set of folders for one day and another for the other. It’s really useful and you can easily switch out the things in your backpack so it’s not too heavy or bulky.
  • Art tools:
    • Same deal.
  • Locker/ Optional:
    • Same things.
    • Ok so this isn’t really needed for school but if you wear makeup get a setting spray. If you don’t wanna reapply throughout the day, get one. They range from $3-20, but I can confidently say that the e.l.f. setting spray works just as well as the Urban Decay’s. 
    • Laptops or tablets are useful sometimes, but they’re not needed. 

And that’s my list thank you for reading…um… make sure to like and subscribe

The Journey of Natty Gann AU (1985)
Words by @typhoidmeri - Picset by @nourgelitnius

“I’m cold,” Darcy says, tucking her hands into her armpits. The night is cold and clear, full moon bright in a field of stars. More stars than Darcy ever saw in Chicago.

“Buck up, kid, will ya?” Steve mutters. He tugs his hat down lower, ignoring the icy fog of his breath, and hunches his shoulders up.

“I’m bucking!” she says turning away from Steve and meeting the curious gaze of Pietro, the wolf. “I’m bucking, right?” Pietro blinks at her and settles his chin on his paws.

“Where ya from, kid?”

“Chicago. You?”

“Brooklyn,” Steve says. The moon lights up the car just enough that Steve’s sketching in a grubby little notebook with a stub of pencil.

She wants to ask what he’s sketching, what he’s doing riding the rails, where he’s headed. She wonders has anyone looking out for him somewhere, the same way he’s taken up watching after her these last few hours. Maybe he was just as lost in the world as she was. “Where ya headed, Steve?”

“Anywhere that isn’t where I am. What about you, kid?”

“Washington State, got a friend there might take me in. Ain’t going back to the orphanage, not ever,” she says jutting her chin out.

“Long way to get there. Dangerous.”

“I ain’t alone, Pietro’s with me, aren’tcha boy?” she says. Pietro twitches his ears, and huffs. Darcy rolls her eyes a little and reaches up to fiddle with her cap, pulling the brim tighter around her ears.

“You got guts, kid.”

“Damn straight I do,” she says flashing a bright smile. The brightest she’s felt since she bloodied that Odinson kid’s nose.